Part 4 Abramovic’s TENTACLES

By: Elemi Fuentes [1]

This incredibly large set of information will be separated into multiple sections. Part 4 continues with Marina Abramovic – the High Priestess of the Spirit Cooking and Elite Satanic Cults, Covens and Rituals and moves into the numerous foundations, money schemes and fundraising opportunities the High Priestess is tied into. The author has spent countless hours compiling a thorough background into Marina to form a basis for following parts in this series. The history behind many of the rituals used as well has been documented extensively by the author. As ADN publishes each part, links will be added to previous posts to make easy reference of massive material that is being presented. Grab a seat and leave the light on, as this series of GREAT AWAKENINGS is the stuff nightmares and horror films are based on………..

Continued from Part 3…


The reference here to place the paste under your nails, I think it is related to this

  & this   [2]

This one she calls ‘aphrodisiac recipe’ is linked to the next to recipes. First one here 👇,again,self explanatory. Shamans perform a similar ritual. In a circle with a tree. Getting less food every day. Minus the bath. Refer to this

 [2] for 7⃣ connection

So after 7 days of ‘cleansing’,we go on a rampage of sexual frenzy for 3 days. The practice of Tantric Buddhism sex, holds the belief that sex is “a sacred act capable of elevating its participants to a higher spiritual plane” ‘Drink each other’s nectars.’ Aren’t we kinky?

This next 2 again are self-explanatory.Within the Occult/Wiccan/New Age/other,there are 2 types of witches. Black ones & white ones. White witches are supposed to work with nature & everything they do is not for their benefit, but others. Tears, shame? Does this sound like it?


Holding a python on my lap surely is going to help my blood pressure . Snake is an archetype of a cosmogenic symbol, the creation & destruction play together in the dance of life (ouroboros). Read these 👇

Dictionary of Mythology: Folklore and Symbols
by Gertrude Jobes

Androgyny, circle, convalescence, cunning, danger, death, deceit, destruction, divine emanation, evil, false appearance fertility, guardianship, generation, grief, health, intelligence, jealousy, lasciviousness, malice, materialism, misfortune, phallus, pleasure, power, prophecy, prudence, renewal, revenge, self- creation self -indulgence, self -sustenance sensation, sensuality, sin, subtlety, temptation, treachery, the unfathomable, universe circle, vexations, vice, wiliness, wisdom worldliness. Emblem of lightning, physicians, witchcraft.

Figure used on amulets, or represented by a wavy ‘M.’ From primeval times revered as the re-embodiment of deceased mortals, most ancient of phallic totem beasts. Assigned to mother goddesses. Form of earth, river, sea, and underworld deities, and rain-withholding clouds. Appears in all tree-worshiping cultures as a weather-controller. In African tradition a dawdler, untrustworthy messenger, but life restorer.

From the legend in which God, angered by man, sent a tortoise with a message of death. Relenting, He sent a snake to overtake the tortoise. The snake loitered on the way, thus man must die first, then he may recover his eternal life.


Snake worship “Ophiolatry”

Snake worship is devotion to serpent deities. The tradition is present in several ancient cultures, particularly in religion and mythology, where snakes were seen as entities of strength and renewal. [4]

I haven’t verified the actual benefits of ingesting colloidal gold (or silver). However, Health Ranger is someone I really trust. Maybe there is something to this ‘secret knowledge’ here. 👇

Colloidal gold: The great rejuvenator of mind and body

  • Health benefits
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Enhanced moods
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Rejuvenating properties




Copper can be toxic & can cause a range of diseases. But more importantly, copper has amazing electrical conductivity & hence is used in a variety of everyday uses (computers, cables, etc) Tie this to quartz 👇

 [2] & we have more than ‘art’ going on

We reached the last recipe of Spirit Cooking 👇 Look at the technical materials 👇& link them to the posts above regarding Satanic rituals. When you look at all this as a whole, does any of this sound like ‘performance art’ to you?

Before getting to who is associated with Marina & who is funding her, you need to read carefully these 2 posts 👇 & follow the links

Comparison of Hermann Nitsch, Francis Bacon and Abramovic’s work.

By 9217


The work of Hermann Nitsch has been described as “ritualistic slaughter” -( here [9] “Two Exhibitions Showcase the Bloody Relics of Hermann Nitsch’s Rituals), with even supportive art critics using religious terms to discuss his “work.” The content is standard ritual abuse. Minus the human beings being killed/ overtly illegal acts children abused etc.

Nitsch is directly tied to pizzagate because he worked with Abramovic in 1975. [8]

[Source] ( on connection to Abramovic:

Marina_Abramović  wikipedia[10]













Abramovic pointing at a child’s privates apparently is considered artistic. Or forcing them to attend ritual events where simulations of cannibalistic acts are performed.  Is it real disguised as fiction? There is a word for it

She has also directed and perform in a few films. According to IMDB ‘A compilation of erotic films intended to illuminate the points where art meets sexuality’ I’ve seen better art in Mario Salieri’s films. View pics at your own risk 👇[16]

There is much controversy coming from her MAI institute, as she often requires qualified candidates to fill positions of UNPAID work under the guise of volunteers [17]

Marina Abramović Institute Seeks So Much Unpaid Work   [18]

Good news: the Marina Abramović Institute is hiring! Bad news: all four positions listed in this fresh New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) ad [19] are unpaid — ahem, volunteer. They’re probably great “opportunities,” though, right?

Administrative Volunteer

  • Work: “general administrative duties, planning art-based special events, and development.”
  • Skills required: “excellent writing skills, the ability to multi-task, proficiency in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and prior experience working in a fast-paced arts non-profit or other administrative position.”
  • (Nonmonetary, intangible) benefits: “the opportunity to grow within the organization and expand professional networks.”

Tech and Production Volunteer

  • Work: “development and maintenance of IMMATERIAL, MAI’s digital journal.”
  • Skills required: Unclear, but they are looking for people “who would like to expand their knowledge of Javascript / JSON / Jquery, HTML5, CSS, Video streaming via Vimeo and/or Youtube Live,” which implies that you should already have some knowledge of these things.
  • (Nonmonetary, intangible) benefits: “a unique opportunity to hone technology skills on a highly visible, emerging arts platform.”
  • Bonus job volunteer position: “We also have volunteer opportunities for assistance with video and audio production, photo editing, and print layout.” Awesome, because I was wondering about that.

Special Projects Volunteer

  • Work: “preparing and working on collaborative in-person and digital projects.”
  • Skills required: “excellent organization and communication skills, proficiency in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and basic HTML / CSS coding, familiarity with non-profit administration, comfort collaborating with partners in and outside of the arts and strong passion for the expanding the role of arts and sciences in various communities”
  • (Nonmonetary, intangible) benefits: none, but “artists are encouraged to apply”!

Research Volunteer

  • Work: “researching for the content of IMMATERIAL”
  • Skills required: “based in New York City and have a college-level background in art history, performance art, and/or performance art studies. Strong writing skills required. Additional background in at least two of the following: the sciences, research assistance, curatorial practice, performing arts, fine arts, photography / video.”
  • (Nonmonetary, intangible) benefits: none, unless you are “a critical thinker who wants to apply their skills to a large-scale collaborative project” and find that this fits the bill.

Abramović raised over $660,000 for her institute on Kickstarter in June and recently “collaborated” with Adidas. Yet somehow she cannot afford to pay people to work for MAI. (In the process she makes Jeff Koons, who boasted on Charlie Rose this week about how many people he employs, look like a saint.)

The list of donors is very impressive. Let’s look at corporate first. The first one that caught my eye is Adidas.They work together

While Adidas partnered with K.West for Yeezy, we know Kanye to be an MKUltra slave with 20+ split personalities

Agnes Gund Foundation also funds Abramovic. Agnes herself is President Emerita of MoMA & nominated by President Barack Obama! as a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Council on the Arts National Medal of Arts from President President Bill Clinton!

Aren’t we well connected? Can we take a moment to note: 1- Foundation/Charity is code word for money laundering. 2-Art is used itself as a money laundering 3-Philanthropist is code word for …? Agnes also has been presented with awards by Hillary @HillaryClinton
Basilica Hudson. Another non-profit arts center. Creative directors are Melissa Auf der Maur (musician) & Tony Stone (filmmaker). Anything from flea markets to all night raves. I haven’t found anything evil, other than too many reports of human trafficking in the area.

Caldic Collectie BV led to a museum of modern art in the netherlands (Voorlinden) [20] Even more interesting is that Caldic Collectie BV actually led me to an international distributor & manufacturer of chemicals.  Took some digging to find museum.

The Cultivist, a club so exclusive it issues only 1000 memberships a year at $2500 US. Members get VIP to museums & also are invited to private parties, dinners with artists and exhibition previews. [21] Spirit Cooking parties?

Geoffrey Cone & Sarah Cone Family Foundation also funds Abramovic Interestingly, this site [22] does not load for me. But the family, all connected to law a finance, have an unbelievable amount of charities that mainly work with children & development

Other charities from the Cone family 👇, either they own or are linked with Alamance Community [23] [24] Foundation Center [25] ywhp [26] [27] [28]

DACRA – Property development company with an interest in art in public spaces [29]  What interesting about DACRA is its list of partners [30] (charities, cancer centers, etc). The one that stands out to me is “Big Brothers Big Sisters

Don’t forget Adam Schiff was/is involved in the “Big Brothers Big Sisters of America”. A charity notorious for its links to pedophilia and human trafficking. Can we also note Mr.Schiff is also involved with a huge pedo network.


Justice Department freezes funds to Big Brothers Big Sisters following audit [32]

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the national charity that has been championed by President Obama for its work with at-risk kids, overpaid consultants, failed to track taxpayer funds it passed on to affiliates and kept such sloppy financial records that the Department of Justice has cut off millions of dollars in federal grants, officials said.

The Department of Justice has awarded Big Brothers Big Sisters some $480 million in grants since 1994, through its Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The nonprofit organization has received a total of $68.4 million in Justice Department grants since 2004, primarily for two major programs: the Tribal Youth National Mentoring program and the National Mentoring program.

I am sure it’s all a huge coincidence, right? ☝️ Davis & Gilbert LLP – law firm also funding Abramovic, why? Ekebergparken (sculpture park, Oslo).WTH,man? I’ve been there. I saw most sculptures. Lucky for me I’ve missed Marina’s The Scream [33]

FLAGCX- A network of internet marketing companies from Sao Paolo, Brasil, dedicated to ‘Disrupt the way advertising industry works” Their website will give you epileptic seizures [34] [35]

Fondation Beyeler [36]👇 Fondazione Prada [37] 👇 Galleria Lia Rumma s.r.l [38] 👇 Gary Lichtenstein Editions [39] 👇 Yep, just a bunch of art places all over the world with connections to:

Givenchy also funds Abramovic Spirit Cooking parties [40] Apparently their teen fashion is all about making them weird trans Other than buying her Soho house, Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci has a strong connection with Marina &

a weird sense of ‘art’. Here is marina co-directing Tisci’s show  D [41] Givenchy Hosts the Closing of Marina Abramovic’s “The Artist Is Present” [42] Scroll thru pics Tisci (blueberry) in bed with Marina  [43]

MSM calls Tisci a visionnaire. Among his ‘works’, there is a particular one called “visionaire 60”, a ‘religious’ photoshoot he did with Abramovic & others on a ‘limited edition’ magazine [44] Let’s photograph satanic rituals in B&W & call them art.


For other weird occult performances & general ‘arts’ see here [45] Riccardo is of course well connected 👇 being in the world of fashion & all. & who among them doesn’t look like he wants to be there & is oppenly a Trump supporter & an MKultra slave?

By the way, massive thanks to @PedophiliaAlert & this great thread PedophiliaAlert… [46] I am stealing your pictures, bro & thanks to @Shawty4Short for pointing it out.

Those of you who have vaguely researched pizzagate will find striking similarities between the images you found while digging, and these artistic ones by Riccardo Tisci. I am sure it’s all a misunderstanding. Remember, Snopes says Spiritcooking is fakenews.


Kickstarter also funds Abramovic.

[47]… Remember that she got over 2mil from a Kickstarter project. Project got cancelled & she never gave money back &yet, Kickstarter is FUNDING HER? I smell MONEY LAUNDERING! Remember QAnon said👇


Why is @tumblr, the microblogging site, funding Abramovic ? Will link link it later with Elysium, the 88000 pedophile network dismantled on the Dark Net & of course Marina herself. As of Nov 1, 2017, Tumblr hosts over 375.4 million blogs

Tumblr uses create over 31 mill. post each day. But Tumblr has a porn problem. Reported 16.45% of blogs on Tumblr exclusively contain porn. Quick maths: that is over 60 million porn sites out of the 375 million blogs hosted. How many of those 60+ mil are CP (child porn)

A bit of digging, led me to discover that Tumblr is basically a PedoHeaven full of pedophilia positivity, MAP records, plenty of childporn & user’s posts about how ‘if you’re not in touching them, you’re not hurting them.” All about normalizing pedophilia

Tumblr, just like Twitter (how are you sleeping @jack) have an age limit of 13+. This means that a lot of minors are exposed to pedophilia being normalized & prayed on regularly by sick pedos. Don’t forget teens exchange plenty of ‘nudes’ too, which Tumbrl host like Twitter.

Of course, hashtags like pedophilia, pedophile, childlover or MAP have all been hijacked by everyday users to show their contempt (to say the very least) for these sickos & advice to children on how to avoid these type of accounts.

Pedophiles in Tumblr are trying to spread the message that being child predator is akin to being homosexual 👇 It is not! Being attracted to the same sex does in NO WAY compare to wanting to have sex with little children. Same that being hetero does not make you a pedo.

So how dow MAP lovers (minor attracted person) & NOMAP (non-offending MAP) get around on Tumblr ? Attached are some of the most common used hashtags 👇 I am sure there are plenty more, but I don’t want to dig any deeper. I feel already sick as it is

Some 100% MAP lovers + archives 👇 Is it a coincidence that David Karp, founder & former CEO of Tumblr is all pro planned parenthood & that he endorsed @HillaryClinton ? If you aren’t sick yet, read these 2 articles 👇 [48] [49]

Haus of [50] this is Lady Gaga’s [51] company in charge of making all her props & weird things for her performances. Gaga & Abramovic are good friends. Gaga herself has plenty of connections to the Illuminati & SpiritCooking

her performances are full of occult symbolism. This is well document. Abramovic & Gaga both attend Spiritcooking parties where they simulate eating people covered in blood as well as tying black people to trees, covering them in white paint & … what goes on there?

Do you know who is also great friends with Lady Gaga? @HillaryClinton of course! It is rumoured Clinton donated 10k to Marina as ‘costs’,I haven’t been able to verified this yet. What is true is that Hillary often communes with the spirits of the dead [52]

Hudson Opera House, just like Basilica Hudson, also funds Abramovic’s works. I have since found that she also bought a house there, a 6-pointed shaped house for 1.25 mil. Can we note Hudson has had many cases of child trafficking?

Jane Services LLC. I haven’t been able to locate a website.Why would such a small company donate part of their income to Abramovic? Maybe is companies like this one that are responsible for sending Ubers full of children to Podesta’s et al parties?




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