The Importance of Bernie Sanders Striking the Fatal Blow to MSM and the DNC

written by Nick Reeder II

So, I wrote a post that lit a collective fire under everyone’s arses a while back about. Just posing a simple question… Is Sanders on team Trump or not?

Now, I’m going to tie that post and the original thought behind it, along with another topic to show one hell of a point. This will put both of these massive topics together. This might get lengthy as I didn’t originally intend to tie these two together, just how things went.

If you’ve enjoyed my last two pieces, they’ll love this one. I’m about to open your mind to many different possibilities…. I’m going to have many of you questioning yourself and how we all conduct ourselves with others as well. Don’t hate me, open mind is all I ask. You ready? Here we go….

I posed a simple question, is Bernie Sanders team Trump or not? I didn’t stand one way or the other… Just threw out something to think about. Answers were all over the place and most revolving around their personal opinion of whether Sanders was or wasn’t with Trump. Comments (mostly) weren’t on what actually happened and what Sanders created and caused.

Why? Opinions you can argue to the death. Facts, can’t be. The fact of what the effect on the DNC, MSM, and America Bernie Sanders had is undeniable when seriously thought about. I’ll go in to this more later. This could have been the beginning of the “Great Awakening.”

Now… All because of an OPINION based post the comment section started to turn in to a shit storm. (I’m not doing this to shit on anybody, I’m as guilty of doing this in the past as any one of you. I’m just showing you and putting it in perspective.)

To my first point… This is EXACTLY what the media does. They throw out topics that can be argued based on OPINION, not FACTS. Once you’re able to realize this, it becomes MUCH easier to see through their bullshit. Don’t believe me? Head to ANY MSM page and read the comments with this in mind. ANY ONE OF THE MSM PAGES!

Doesn’t matter who it is.

One of my favorite sayings “Facts don’t give a shit about your opinion.” Opinions are like assholes… We all have one and they all stink.

This is how MSM operates and manipulates us into thinking that our opinions matter and what will solve problems… It won’t, they just cause tension and hatred. When most of of us all want the same thing. We just may have a different way of going about doing so. They want us divided. United we stand, divided we fall. They know this… Don’t let them.
Back on point to the original reason for this post…. Bernie Sanders…. Yes, we’re going to talk about that Bernie Sanders. The sell out, crook, paid off, pussy, whatever you want to say. I believe he was just there and Trump was using him (Sanders was not intentionally involved, IMO) to move pieces around the board. That is a VERY important point. Basically Trump let the DNC (Sanders included) do their thing… Knowing the end result. Clinton winning the nomination.

Well, he was what kicked off this great awakening, or at least notched the first huge blow. Don’t believe me? Stay with me with an open mind… Once again, whether he was team Trump and this was intentional isn’t relevant. Open your mind, and let’s go for a ride.

So, let’s figure out the effect of Bernie Sanders had on the DNC and the MSM. Bernie brought together that group of supporters who were more middle left leaning and younger. They probably would have chosen Clinton over Trump (at least a good portion) Whether you agree or not… Just follow the logic and at the end, make a decision. Just hear me out.

So, Sanders took those individuals and made a big following (bigger than Clinton). Sanders would have beaten Clinton easy in a real election.

Anyways, Sanders has these followers who weren’t totally blind, Sanders talked about the 1% which leads to people questioning government leaders and corruption. Sanders appeared to be for the people (in his followers minds) He wasn’t tear down the entire establishment like Trump was. His supporters started to wake up to this idea of corruption and being fucked over. You could feel it…

Well, here comes the straight up robbery of Sanders and the nomination of the DNC to be president. This sent a ripple effect through America that will never be forgotten. May be looked over, as we all look at Trump and what he’s doing… But this can not be forgotten. This was the event that kicked it all off.

What this did to America and politics and poor old Bernie Sanders and his supporters was YUGE. (notice Trump has said similar things like that?) Really playing it up. That Bernie was the victim and so were his supporters. Trump knew what to do. Now, I don’t feel it was malicious at all by Trump. Trump was genuine about it, but also pounced at the opportunity to drive a stake into Clinton.

How many Sanders supporters came to team Trump after that happened? How many just didn’t vote at all because of Sanders being cheated?

There’s many on this path to MAGA that were once former staunch Sanders supporters. Voting out of spite against DNC and for Sanders. Now, they’re out for blood on Clinton and the establishment… There’s that boomerang effect we hear about. DNC and MSM don’t even know it yet.

This entire time is absolutely amazing to be a part of and watching it unfold. Then we go back and realize the big picture… “future proves past”

Sanders was the sledgehammer to the DNC and the MSM, put that first kink in the armor. Podesta emails were the fine intricate cuts to the establishment and any talking point they had (death by a thousand cuts). Also, that open borders question to Clinton during the one presidential debate was killer to her. When the narrator brought up the Wikileaks email about her talking about open borders. DNC and MSM couldn’t get ahead of the emails, every day was something new to crush any talking point. Control the narrative much? 😉 Comey brought it all to the mainstream with the investigations, those could not be ignored… DNC didn’t know it at the time, but Sanders kicked it all off. Sanders, Podesta emails, and Comey are why Clinton lost (THANK GOD!).

Now was this excellent strategy? Was Sanders part of the plan to do all of this? Or did it just happen and seized the opportunity? It really doesn’t matter. We may never know, but I think they saw this coming and prepared for it. The effects will probably never be fully understood, but can’t be dismissed.

Let’s give Sanders his due (if you don’t like him, that’s fine) but give the situation its due at least.

This was a legitimate fight for the world and the human race. Let’s not even attempt to downplay the significance of this election.

This is one of the things that you may need to take a minute and then read it again, as I see absolutely nobody talking about the importance of this.

Trust me, I believe this will explode some of your minds when fully grasped what happened during the campaign involving Sanders and will lead in to worrying how far back this plan goes….

This one got lengthy… Hope you stayed with me to the end. As I believe this is something crucial in figuring out this mess and how well planned and executed it was. I mean, just think what else happened or was put in place years before the election even happened. This will be studied for the rest of our lives and we’ll all be in amazement at how Donald J. Trump and his team was actually able to pull this off. Greatest man and greatest team of strategist in the history of the world.

*note* For the record, I feel Sanders was just a pawn used for the great awakening… Not some super badass double agent thing. But regardless of what he was… The fact remains, Sanders was the damn sledgehammer to the DNC and MSM and nobody knew it. Think about it


Nick Reeder II