Q and You Are HERE!!

written by Nick Reeder II

So, I’m going to do my best to explain a couple things.

1. Our current situation
2. Why there are no major (at least names) arrested… Yet
3. Why it’s happening this way
4. The absolute pure brilliance of Q
5. Try not write a 10 page essay lol

Several points will be missed and left out. Far too much to cover. I’m also going to try and stay away from specific events, as you can use whichever example you know of to help prove these points. I may talk about a topic that you aren’t aware of and it wouldn’t make sense to you. So, use your previous knowledge instead. Also keeps this as limited as possible.

1. Every single institution or government agency is corrupt and ran by our shadow government. Everything you can think of is ran by and controlled by NWO as well. EVERYTHING. Draw your own conclusions to how bad it is… Then multiply that by 100000 and you might be close to scope of this.

2. Take a trip with me as I give an analogy to just give a very very minor glimpse into why huge arrests haven’t started yet… Yet. Hopefully all of us can understand and relate to this example. If not, find something that you can relate to.

Your boss is stealing money from employees and not giving out raises or Healthcare and paying the absolute bare minimum. Well, you find out he’s not doing that because he is stealing the money for himself. Now, you have a couple options to “wake up” your fellow employees to this.

A. Go in yelling and screaming about it… Your fellow employees will think you’re crazy and won’t listen.

B. Have minimal proof and go in and yell about it. You’ll get some employees on your side, but your boss can deny it and lie his way out of it.

C. Have undeniable proof and just drop it on everyone randomly with no preparation. You’ll create mass hysteria and anger and you’ll potentially run the boss out. Create huge amounts of chaos.

D. You can drop small bits of information and allow employees to gain this knowledge themselves. Now by the time your boss picks up on this (even if he does) it’s too late. Too many employees know to stop this “awakening”. The employees then become organized and there is no denying or your boss lying their way out of it. They’ll more than likely leave without an incident. Your employees are bonded together going forward and the new boss will now have to adhere to the employees. Hmmm, sounds familiar doesn’t it? 😉

Now, this is just one boss and one company and you can already tell the issues that could come from creating an uprising. Now, put this up against what Trump is against. The biggest crime cartel in human history.

3. Now, can you tell why this is “taking so long” holy christ, Trump is only in office 16-17 months or whatever it is and Q is only 6 months deep in this…. Be patient, everything is being done to lower the amount of blow back and panic. MSM is creating the current situation to prep for civil war. That’s why they attack Trump so bad. That’s the entire plan… Assassinate Trump, impeach Trump, then lastly create civil war (blow up the system). All of those are being diffused. He is slowly backing them in to a corner while picking off one piece at time. It is a legit game of chess being played. Need to eliminate or at the very least limit the amount of power and damage NWO can do to the public. That is the main goal. Trump is for the people. He needs us united to release this. We need to run them out once it comes to the public eye.

4. Everything I just discussed is exactly why Q was created. We all understand the situation (amount of corruption) before it happens. We can corral the public and limit mass hysteria. We’re spreading information, even if the normies don’t agree or understand what we say… We’re planting those seeds. Once they hear it come out as true, they’ll immediately agree and understand.

Q will go down as the most brilliant single operation ever created and orchestrated. This doesn’t happen without the invention and use of Q. It at least doesn’t go this smoothly or quickly in the public. Absolutely brilliant.

The entire operation will be discussed for the rest of our lives. Remember every single thing about this time in history you possibly can.

That is why things are going the way they are… The public is slowly getting prepped for this while Trump and his team are tearing down all of the opponents defenses and offensive attacks.

What Trump is doing is just beyond amazing. Running the office of President and taking down the biggest crime family ever.

Please be patient… Trust the plan… It is happening… [1]


[1] Nick Reeder II