BREAKING: Massive Bar Complaint Filed Against Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti


Stormy Daniels has enraptured MSM who are giving her more coverage than a new British royal baby or even a Kardashian/West for that matter.
What Trump did as a private citizen in a consensual relationship is of no interest to me.




Stormy is in it for the fame and money. But what about the lawyer who seems to have constant doomsday predictions about the Trump presidency? If all you are doing is representing your client why do you want the other party destroyed? My curiosity is piqued.
Michael Avenatti, Stormy’s lawyer is very interesting, while in college and law school, Avenatti worked at political opposition and media firm “The Research Group”, run by Rahm Emanuel, yes that Rahm. He’s worked on many campaigns including Joe Biden’s U.S. Senate campaign. After graduating law school, Avenatti worked at O’Melveny & Myers, a high-powered Los Angeles law firm.
Meet the high-profile lawyer and professional sports car driver representing Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Trump Meet Michael Avenatti, the attorney representing the adult film actress in a case against the president, who may be the most high-profile US lawyer right now. [1]

5. Avenatti has had a prominent anti-Trump career. After O’Melveny he moved to Greene Broillet & Wheeler, a law firm in California where Avenatti helped sue Trump for allegedly stealing the idea of his hit reality TV show on NBC, “The Apprentice.”

Suits Against ‘Apprentice’ Settled Man Who Claimed Idea Was Stolen Is Mum On Settlement Details [2]
In 2007, Avenatti formed the now defunct law firm Eagan Avenatti, LLP. In April 2017, Avenatti prevailed against Kimberly-Clark Corp., spin-off Halyard Health Inc. and their lawyers from King & Spalding when he secured a $454 million fraud verdict. Just a month prior in March 2017, Eagan Avenatti LLP was plunged into Chapter 11 bankruptcy when an elusive Orlando creditor named Gerald Tobin filed an involuntary petition over a claim for payment worth less than $30,000. [3]
The firm’s primary dispute was not with the petitioning creditor “but with three former attorney employees” of the firm, the motion stated. The former employees and Eagan Avenatti disagreed about sunken costs and claims to settlements, according to the motion. Earlier this year Bankruptcy Judge Catherine Bauer dismissed Chapter 11 proceeding ending the bankruptcy of defunct class action law firm Eagan Avenatti LLP after approving the deal between Eagan Avenatti and former partner Jason Frank, who left the firm with 2 other attorneys. Jason Frank, a former attorney at Eagan Avenatti claimed he was owed $14 million in profit share and origination bonuses under a contract he signed with the firm.
The point being Eagan Avenatti must have suffered huge financial losses in this ordeal.
Fla. Judge Sends Eagan Avenatti Bankruptcy To Calif. – Law360 A Florida bankruptcy judge on Friday granted a U.S. trustee’s request to move the involuntary Chapter 11 case of class action law firm Eagan Avenatti LLP to California, where the firm, its owners. [4]

Gerald Tobin, the guy who was seeking a little less than $30,000 during the court proceedings against Eagan Avenatti appears to be a lawyer who represented Mark Gold in a case involving strippers who were allegedly drugging their customers.


Lawyer Who Spent $19,000 at Goldrush Strip Club Claims Dancers Put Xanax in Drinks Mark Gold, the lawyer who founded and owns the Ticket Clinic firm, found himself so drunk at the Goldrush strip club in downtown Miami back in 2010 that he wound up charging nearly $19,000 to his credit card. [5]

Given murky nature of all of Avenatti’s proceedings, it is not exactly clear how much he is worth or has lost: This article states Avenatti filed for divorce from his wife, Lisa-Storie Avenatti in December 2017, after she kicked him out of their house.

Michael Avenatti’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know Michael Avenatti’s net worth is in the millions. But there’s much more to the story about Avenatti and his money than meets the eye.
It’s noted that Avenatti’s monthly expenses run about $40,000 and his wife’s about $25,000. His include payments on a Ferrari Spyder and a Mercedes G Wagon, a private plane and pilot, and car racing. His wife’s monthly expenses include tens of thousands of dollars for restaurants, shopping, entertainment, gifts and $12,000 for nannies for a son. They spend several thousand dollars a month at MedSpa. Monthly payment for their Via Lido Nord Beach, home is $100,000 and a LA apartment is $14,000.
Lisa Storie-Avenatti said she has a luxury clothing business, Ikaria Resort Wear, that’s losing money. And Eagan Avenatti was facing bankruptcy proceedings.
In 2013, “Grey’s Anatomy” star Patrick Dempsey sued Avenatti to get out of his role as “part owner and public face” of Tully’s Coffee Shops, the bankrupt Seattle-based chain that first opened in 1992, that Dempsey and Avenatti later acquired for $ 9 million. Avenatti was to put up the all the capital to purchase and operate the company, Global Baristas, according to the deal. Instead, Avenatti borrowed $2 million, which he didn’t tell Dempsey, against the company’s assets, the actor claims. Currently, Tully’s currently has less than 20 shops and Keurig owns the coffee brand, Keurig Tully’s Coffee Inc. Keurig itself is suing Avenatti and Global Baristas. Global Baristas & Avenatti Himself May Be Facing a $5 Million Tax Lien, IRS Documents Show.
Remember Jason Frank, one of Avenatti’s partners who claimed he was owed several millions in payments? Well guess who represents him? Frank is represented by Sara L. Chenetz and Amir Gamliel of Perkins Coie LLP. Perkins Coie: the same Law firm that engaged Fusion GPS. FusionGPS did “opposition research” and hired Christopher Steele to produce the Trump-Russia Dossier. Just as Michael Avenatti himself when he worked a political opposition research and media firm run by Rahm Emanuel.

Michael Avenatti is a high-profile American attorney, commentator and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. He routinely appears on television and in the print media as a commentator on a range of issues and is widely considered one of the foremost trial lawyers in the nation, with trial victories in multiple states and venues across the country.

Michael often works closely with the press and media in connection with his legal practice – an area in which most lawyers falter and under-utilize. During his career, he has represented parties in a number of lawsuits that have gained international media attention, including two cases featured on the news magazine show 60 Minutes, as well as in cases brought against the National Football League, various celebrity defendants, including Paris Hilton and Jim Carrey, athletes, high-ranking business executives, and Fortune 100 companies.

During his career, Michael has been responsible as lead counsel for over $1 Billion in verdicts and settlements, including many well in excess of $10,000,000. [7]

Another curious coincidence, if you want to call it that: Avenatti attended law school at George Washington University, where he worked with Professor Johnathan Turley on constitutional issues relating to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).
Yes, FISA Surveillance
I have previously written about “a tale of two dossiers” that originated in parallel with the intent of discrediting Trump by casting aspersions on his sexual proclivities. Could this entire Stormy Daniels case be another one of these efforts?
There are the same connections that seem to pop up. There is financial motive given that the law firm appears to have taken huge financial hits. Not to mention the coffee business and the IRS tax Lien. There is the Rahm and Biden connection too. All of Avenatti’s contributions have been to prominent Democratic campaigns and he seems to wield a special grudge against the erstwhile private citizen and now Republican President Trump.
I can only speculate that things are not as simple as they seem. This not a simple get-rich or get-famous ploy by Stormy but possibly something deeper. This could be connected to the circle of filth. The song may have changed, but the band is the same.
By: @awebberaz
Now, follow the trail of Doppio Inc. Registered by Jack Cullen, Foster Pepper PLLC, for Avenatti in August 2013. Note Foster Pepper clients include Costco. Costco co founder held high dollar fundraiser for Clinton same weekend that Bruce Blume held a high dollar fundraiser for Clinton. Both in Washington State. Now, Blume sat on the BoD of Seattle Art Museum (SAM) with an ex lawyer from Foster Pepper, an ex from Costco and a executive from Deloitte. Deloitte was involved in Tully Bankruptcy / sale. I assume in a valuation role. Also of note and interesting, not yet fully tied, but relevant. There was a Doppio Incorporated registered in Illionois in 5/2013 and dissolved in 10/2014 by an ex Starbucks employee. (Note this was the year and a half Rahm was running for re election April 2015.)

Pump and Dump scheme is where investors use a marketing/advertising front to hype and help fraudulently inflate an asset. As you will note, Dempsey was just tool to hype Tully’s which was a distressed asset. There were real investors behind Avenatti, who was the front. Now, Global Baristas was marketing to investors (some supposedly franchise opportunities). On the same day investments hit, it’s alleged Avenatti was withdrawing that investment cash, transferring to other entities accounts. Pump and Dump. Also potentially a laundering scbeme. Note most of the previous actors I noted were big donors to Clinton’s, BUT also PACs. Investors not really investing in Tully’s, but laundering PAC fund donations to beat the max cap? And, for something more nefarious as well? There was an LLC registered coincidental to Global Baristas LLC, Global Baristas US, OLD and Doppio Inc. Global Baristas Asia, LLC. Now dissolved. Side Note: There is also a Doppio Inc in Calamba, Laguna Philippines on the same road in between Mary Help of Christians Parish and San Jose Hospital and Medical Center.


Michael Avenatti blocked me. I wonder if it was documenting his complicity in criminal leaks, his history of stiffing employees, his habit of screwing over partners, the bankruptcy of his law firm, or his $5M tax lien for diverting employee $ & not paying payroll taxes?



[4] Law 360