Let’s break down TODAY’S NEWS ONLY!

Federal Judge rips Mueller’s team, calling them LIAR’S & accuses them of setting POTUS up for Impeachment

FBI’s Lisa Paige & James Baker resign

Kerry negotiates behind Trump’s back with Iran (Logan Act/MSM went crazy over – Flynn)

IG report is on hold because of new LEADS in Clinton email/Foundation case

Obama official found GUILTY – Many of the signatures to get #Obama on the 2008 Election Ballot, were forged

Obama’s campaign fined $375K for campaign violations

FBI will NOT collect Page-Strzok messages on Personal accounts, despite top GOP lawmakers request

Unredacted FBI memos reveal McCabe & team says Flynn didn’t LIE & WH Investigation authorized by Comey

1 of the 13 “Russians” that Mueller indicted wants to fight the case – Mueller asks for a delay

Trump says, date & place for NoKo summit is agreed upon

Secret witness testifying tomorrow in Senate Clinton probe is Ex-Russian lobbyist

Lowest job numbers in history

Black voters approval numbers DOUBLED for Trump

FBI using redactions improperly to avoid FBI embarrassment & public scrutiny

Mueller’s team postpones Flynn sentencing for another 2 months

Liberals silent after 40 Chicago residence shot over the last 3 days


What did the Fake News Media concentrate on all day?

A payment to a Porn Star allegedly violating campaign finance law. Nope they’re not BIAS

The Destroy Trump Media ignores REAL NEWS & invokes Innuendos, Opinions & what if SCENARIOS from its “EXPERTS”


Tune in tomorrow for more REAL news compared to MSM Fake News

Marine Sniper Out