Interesting. While digging deeper into stolen laptop in March 2017 from a Secret Service (suspiciously the fmr ADA of EDNY w/ same name also lives in Brooklyn), I was reminded of 2015 “attempted” hack of Clinton Foundation. Follow along.




Transcripts released by FBI show a Secret Service Agent assigned to Slick Willy was also doing work on Hillary’s private server as well as Clinton Foundation. In 2015 he assisted the Foundation in a case related to theft of info on Foundation systems.” [1]

Secret Service Agent Assisted Hillary, Clinton Foundation With Private Servers A Secret Service agent assigned to protect former President Bill Clinton assisted both Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation with their private e-mail servers. By C. Mitchell Shaw [2]

The Clinton’s & the Foundation itself were very secretive about this agents work on Clinton Foundation computer systems. They denied it had anything to do w/ Foundation even though in later testimony we find out that’s a lie. [3]


Here is portion of 2016 testimony from FBI. Justin Cooper (No sec clearance). Bryan Pagliano (No sec clearance) asks SS Agent for help w/ private server. How can a person troubleshooting IT issues do so w/out knowing hardware & software on system? Pagliano couldn’t Google shit?

Last year, a Florida resident was sentenced by a NY District Court & U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. All 31 devices seized from his home were turned over to the US. (Assume FBI?)

Clinton Foundation hacker gets 18-month sentence Timothy Sedlak, 44, received the sentence from U.S. District Court Judge Ronnie Abrams at a hearing in Manhattan. [4]

Prosecutors said from June 2015 to July 2015, Sedlak from his residence in Florida made nearly 400,000 unsuccessful attempts to gain unauthorized access to the computer network of the Clinton Foundation. September 2015, federal agents executed a search warrant on Sedlak’s home and discovered 42 computers, many of which were running a password-cracking program. (31 confiscated. Where are they? Was he really not able to get any info)?

Florida man avoids more prison time for Clinton Foundation hack… A Florida man already serving a 42-year sentence for a child pornography conviction on Monday avoided having to serve even more time behind bars for trying to hack the Clinton Foundation’s computer [5]
So, this is where it gets interesting.
The infamous Guccifer2. This article blames DNC hack on G2 who claimed he stole info from Clinton Foundation as well but that turns out to be a hoax.
Even a Fake Clinton Foundation Hack Can Do Serious Damage A purported data dump from the Clinton Foundation seems to be bogus, but still served its purpose. [6]

@with_integrity & @ClimateAudit have done brilliant research & reporting on DNC/DCCC & most recently Guccifer2. Read most recent article ripping apart the claims of 😲Russia with regards to G2.

New Analysis By The Forensicator Examines ‘Russian Fingerprints’ Left By Guccifer 2.0 The latest analysis by The Forensicator demonstrates that it is highly unlikely that the Cyrillic error messages found in Guccifer 2.0’s first publication were the result of simple lack of foresight. [7]
Lets review
•Clinton private server
•smashed devices
•missing devices
•Clinton Foundation servers
•31 devices in govt possession of foundation “hacker”
•Platte River systems
•Datto Inc backup drive (Chaffetz requested Comey turn over Jan 2017)
•Weiner laptop
•DNC servers (140, 2 locations)
•DCCC servers (connect to DNC via VPN)
•MIS DEPT servers/devices. Remote access into ALL DNC systems. Authorized admins on email OS & all servers. (Chicago & DC apts)
•Awan Bros Pakistani criminal network breached Congressional Dem networks
•Cheryl Mills/Heather Samuelson laptops supposed to be destroyed but some reports state otherwise
•Monica Hanley ships laptop w/ ENTIRE Clinton email archive from her tenure as Sec of State to Paul Combetta (No sec clearance)
•Combetta sends it back regular mail. GETS LOST
•Monica Hanley, no longer working for HRC, found to also have HRCs old Ipad
•Crowdstrike claims they wiped & replaced hard drives in about 150+ DNC employee laptops over 1 weekend June 10, 2016 (there’s over 500 DNC employees all over country. They missed a few huh?)
•Oct 3 2016 FBINY seize Weiner laptop, iPad, phone & wifi router. Alert DC headquarters
•McCabe waits 3 weeks & Comey eventually pressured to alert Congress (DOJ George Toscas knew bout laptop. Look in Strzok Page texts)
•Strzok sent to NYC to oversee & handle Weiner laptop case
•No one thought it possible to review 650k emails be4 election. Not even Comey
•8 days later, be4 election, case is closed
•Comey testifies potential crimes committed. HOWEVER, he admits Weiner was NEVER questioned. Case closed anyway. (Huma questioned AFTER case election)
•March 2017 SS Agent in Brooklyn gets backpack w/ laptop in it stolen from driveway at 3am. Witnesses say thief knew it was there. Video shows car pull up, he runs right to “motorcycle,” snags backpack & takes off.
🤔REALLY? (Why did laptop have Clinton investigation on it?)
I’ll drop this here (thread) [8]
Dropping this here [9]
64 tweet thread showing lots and lots of info… INCOMING [10]
And another thread. When did the counterintel op on Trump campaign REALLY begin? Interesting attempt by feds to try & cover-up Manafort surveillance magically stopped during 3 months working at Trump Tower. What’s in the failed June 2016 FISA attempt? [11]
Yeah, about that Weiner laptop & Clinton Foundation investigation Lynch’s DOJ colluded w/ her old office, EDNY & McCabe to obstruct FBINY from obtaining any devices or emails. No wonder why McCabe sent Strzok to NYC to “handle” laptop in FBINY possession. THREAD [12]
Uh huh. If Hillary Clinton was guilty, who else was? God forbid Mr. Perfect be exposed for the lying, corrupt scumbag he is.


It’s amazing that DOJ, FBI, Congress are all at a standstill waiting & waiting for IG HOROWITZ to come out w/ report. If the IG is so important, why wasn’t there one during the ENTIRE tenure Hillary was Sec of State? THREAD [13]

Reminder:Clinton emails already show she/aides broke the law. 33,000 more still wont matter. (& statute of limitations). FOCUS ON CLINTON FOUNDATION. That is THE KEY to ENTIRE swamp. Dirty money. Lots of money.
Every “shadow govt needs a shadow treasury”  THREAD [14]
Oh yeah. Foreign meddling, collusion, interference & influence in elections— as long as you’re not Russia, it’s A-OK! Just make sure you funnel the money properly & collect your favors quietly. THREAD [15]
“The emails are a related but secondary scandal. Follow the Foundation money”👍
Why do you think President TRUMP hammers the Fake News Media so much? 🤔Because they are the 4th branch of a corrupt govt system (swamp/establishment) used to create an “unaware & compliant citizenry.”
And FFS @CohenMilstein… If you’re going to sue Russia, WikiLeaks. Assange, and Trump on behalf of the corrupt DNC… at least get your facts & details straight in the court filing. I assume you’ll be making corrections & re-filing??

TONS of information in each thread link!!

[6] Wired
[14] Lola’s Twitter
[15] Lola’s Twitter