Alex Jones + Jerome Corsi =

Betrayers of Q-Anon and the people!

Written by John White 5/12/18

How with one post, Q-Anon made two long term players expose themselves…

On the 11th of May, 2018, Alex Jones published a Video
“BREAKING: QAnon’s Identity Stolen / Intel Source Hijacked By The Deep State”

In the video, with Jerome Corsi, he tries to claim that Q-Anon has no credibility, and people should listen to Jones, and his sources, instead.

Now look:
I’m going to tell you straight, right now, from the top. This article will NOT be kind to EITHER of these players.
I write it: not because I have axes to grind or vendettas to indulge: far from it:
I write this: because the actions of Jones and Corsi have made it NECESSARY.
But I want to reach out: to the STAFF of Infowars, some of whom I have personally interacted with, and whom I have no problem with. I don’t doubt anyone without evidence. To those staff, I say, I am NOT talking to you: and given what we are seeing unfold, I can’t imagine it’s a very pleasant situation to be in right now, to be tied to the fate of Alex Jones. This article is not an attack on the whole of Infowars: in fact, it is not an attack at all: but a required REFUTATION. These words are a precise and directed response, that Jones and Corsi themselves have made unavoidable.

Going by the statement of Jerome Corsi, the crucial date upon which this whole matter rests:
Is April 28th 2018.
That is the date on which Corsi claims #Qanon was compromised and became unreliable. Evidence produced to support this claim? ZERO.

I am going to address what is said in the video itself first: after that, I will present additional information, until the full picture is laid out. A big part of this story is Corsi’s reaction to 5 pictures posted by Q. A picture puzzle was set by Q, partly because this information had to be communicated this way: at the end of this article I will give the solution.
And partly to see who was playing crooked: and who was playing straight…

At the start of the video, Corsi defines how he carried out his “decodes” of Q-anon.
Corsi directly states that he took his own “good” source information: and was blending that information into “the Q anon narrative”.

This is a CLOWN technique! Corsi has to admit it, because the mess he made on patriots soapbox and his twitter made it impossible to deny: he had been MIS-decoding Q posts! Remember this: for it is Q’s motive with his actions, to make this reveal itself to the watching Anons…

Corsi likes to say words of virtue: but really, with his actions, its “Do as I say: not as I do!”
Corsi says he is quitting Q, going it alone with his own sources. I certainly think that’s a very good idea! Because the Q movement has not use for him whatsoever.

Corsi says he wants rid of SESSIONS and ROSENSTEIN (RR). He also says Trump must sack MUELLER.
Q has never said trust Mueller. But he HAS said TRUST SESSIONS and has indicated Rosenstein is at least co-operating and may have signed the 4th FISA warrant application (the last and only one RR singed) on purpose, as part of the plan.

So what THREAT do SESSIONS and ROSENSTEIN pose to Corsi’s faction?
Who is Corsi’s faction?
And what the hell happened to set all this off?


The night of the 27th April Q posted:
Be careful who you are following.
Some are profiting off this movement.
Some are building a big following off this movement only then to retreat and go mainstream.
Patriots make sacrifices.
Some, the ultimate sacrifice.
Patriots are SELFLESS.
Do they ask for monthly payments to remain Patriots?
Think logically.
To some, it’s only about the money.
Those who would seek personal gain at the expense of others in this movement has an agenda.
You decide.
This is not a game.
The only profit we should all be striving for is TRUE FREEDOM.
God bless you all.
Q (1295)

Corsi is claiming Q was subverted from the next day following (1295): therefore hedging his bets on whether this post itself is “legit” in this story or not.
But its meaning is very clear;
Be careful who you are following.
Some are profiting off this movement.
Some are building a big following off this movement only then to retreat and go mainstream.
And when Q posted this, every Anon started to have a damn good think!
“Honied words are all very well: but it is by actions we know them.”

One week after Q posted this warning, the questions that couldn’t be answered, increasing suspicion, and the loss of control, drove Corsi to the limit:
He blew up on twitter, making wild claims against Q, and Code Monkey, the admin of 8-Chan where Q posts appear. The backlash owning his clownish BS was so fierce, he went into full retreat, and deleted his tweet within hours. Pointless. Too late! And admitting he could not back that tweet up!


And then today he makes these claims on InfoWars…
Corsi and Jones echo back and forth between themselves: that Q is “infiltrated”, that Q is not reliable, should be rejected… but for all of these claims, and the echo effect of them amplifying each other:
There is ZERO sizzle on this sausage!
Not a name!
Not an example!
Jones and Corsi are talking HOT AIR.
Making utterly false claims, echoing theories and sources Q has already owned as Clown in origin, Jones and Corsi echo the angles of CIA disruptor agents.
This is not an accident!
Jones then pimps “Zak”, his own pet “ersatz Q on a leash”.
Maybe “Zak” is legit, maybe not. Maybe questions should be asked that Zak identifies as Muslim, in the light of Q-Anon’s exposure of widespread Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the United States Army and Government.

Q Anon highlights the ISIS extremist threat within: thoughts on the “Islamic Question”


But whatever the truth about “Zak”:
“Zak’s” information has never been anything as good as Q-Anon’s!:
Really: NO COMPARISON: and the last time Jones tried to push “Zak” on his audience, claiming “Zak” was better than “Q-Anon”, he got massive push back from his audience in return…
Corsi then says that 6 months ago: the WHITE HOUSE told him Q was “good”! Good information: sound source: White House BACKING.
But now they don’t. Apparently.

How interesting, that Corsi is therefore also saying that from Q’s first appearance on October 28th 2017 to April 28th 2018: Corsi’s own narrative states that Q WAS LEGIT AND BACKED BY THE WHITE HOUSE.
Corsi then talks about “backchannels” that allowed him to know who Q is:
Alex Jones pipes up and laughably claims to have personally spoken to Q on the phone!
But no names, not details, not a thing: LIES.

The consistent and repeated message every Anon knows!
In what possible land of looney toons can anyone credibly refute Q-Anon’s definitive statement: without the slightest scrap of proof?
Only in INFOWARS land!

What Jones and Corsi are doing here is trying to put themselves on an equivalent level with Q-Anon This is exactly what Q warned would happen. That hidden Bad Actors would expose themselves: CLOWNS.
Furthermore, having admitted WHITE HOUSE support for Q, Corsi then further admits Q has been under constant Information warfare attack from the start.
Q’s taking flak: because Q is SMACK-BANG over the target!
Corsi then claims Q-Anon has been “taken-over”. Corsi states the aim of this fictional “takeover” was to sow disinformation, “to destroy and divide the movement”.

At the beginning of the very same video, Corsi directly states that seeding his own (dis)information into Q decodes was EXACTLY what he was doing! RED FLAG.
Corsi is mirroring his own actions onto Q and then accusing him of them. THIS IS SATANIC REVERSAL: LIKE CLINTON. RED FLAG.
Corsi asks “why did Q suddenly attack prominent spokespeople? “(he means himself)
ANSWER: For deliberately mis-coding Q!

Because the day before the 28th, Q made post (1285) + (1286)
These directly asked Anon’s to consider exactly what Mueller is doing and whether its actually benefiting Trump:

Trump considered Mueller for FBI director before he was named special counsel: report  [3]

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Had Been On White House Shortlist To Run FBI [4]

Directors, Then and Now [5]

“Congress passed Public Law 94-503, limiting the FBI Director to a single term of no longer than 10 years.”
Q (1285).
These posts drove Corsi into real anger when he decoded them. He ripped the posts as stupid and said any Anons who believe it for a moment were IDIOTS.
*The central premise of Corsi’s “Killing the Deep State” book is the Mueller is a Black Hat who must be removed. Whose really nervous about what Mueller’s doing, or what may come as a response for example: DISCOVERY especially with DNC Lawsuit etc*

And then the next day, after Corsi flat out refused to objectively decode what Q-Anon was saying, unable to show the flexibility to question and entertain “what if”:
That’s when Q posted “be careful who you trust”
That’s what brought Corsi crashing down into the wreckage of his arrogance
That’s why Corsi now says “Q was compromised Q was fake.”
NO. Corsi was faking it, Corsi got caught out, and since then its been hot air bluster to cover the fact his ass got tanned red sore by being unable to answer perfectly justified questions! I myself have been blocked by Jerome Corsi on twitter: not because I went after Corsi in anyway: but because he read what I said in reply to someone else, and was threatened by it! Corsi has been desperately blocking, it seems like 100’s of Anon’s, and in doing so, has created “The Streisland Effect”. A regular part of InfoWars narrative, Infowars listeners know what that means. Corsi made a huge mess of it.

And one of the pieces of information that seemed to de-stablise Corsi the most was the revelation of his close connection to Mel Rockerfeller…

Corsi has made fraudulent decodes of Q-Anon. Corsi has given fraudulent support to Q-Anon. And Corsi is exposed as that classic conspiracy bogey man: an actual authenticated MOSSAD ZIONIST.

*NOTE I am PRO-Israel, in that I am not ANTI-Israel: I will not turn my back on the Israel of the majority of good-hearted Israeli people: nor any other people! Like all other countries, Israel is infected with a Satanic Cabal. Purging the Cabal, worldwide, is a crucial pillar of THE PLAN. But I am not a person who is automatically “triggered” by the word “Zionism” far from it. I use it to define Corsi ONLY because: the evidence makes it an irrefutable fact, both Corsi’s connections and the objective view of the body of his work allows no other conclusion. To avoid ANY misunderstanding: my objective view of Israel and Zionism is HERE: but while I am not against Israel: it is not Israel’s place to control the United States. MAGA means AMERICA FIRST: not ISRAEL first! Realising that seems to be what has terrified Corsi more than anything.



Alex Jones then lays on the cheese, praising Trump and comparing him to Eisenhower. But just three weeks before, it was Alex Jones losing his shit that Trump was launching Missiles at Syria, screaming “F*CK TRUMP AND F*CK HIS FAMILY!”, unable to keep it together to just wait and see, completely forgetting the EXACT same scenario a year before. MANY patriots were HORRIFED by this performance:

Jones and Corsi then go into a diatribe about the “45 Secret Goals of Communism” and how it is EVIL to stop anyone making SHIT TONNES OF MONEY OFF OF MOVEMENTS THEN DROPPING THEM AND ONTO THE NEXT THING TO EXPLOIT>

^ Yes only “communists” could question such behaviour and consider it immoral!
Then they again praise Q-Anon from “before”. They state that Q “used to be good”, that “our sources” used to praise Q: until he went “bad” (to make the point again: by encouraging people to question, as Q always does, and it becoming clear, Corsi was manipulating Q for his own ends: again: exactly as admitted himself by Corsi at the very start of the video! Exactly what Anon were accusing him of doing as he blocked them in desperation as fast as his fat fingered mouse button could click!)

This is CLASSIC disinformation technique:
Keep stating false info, claim Q is debunked, compromised, exposed: with Zero truth but the two CLOWNS telling the same joke between each other…
Jones and Corsi express their concern that they have to let Q go “because of dis-info”: but they cannot identify ANY dis-info, except that only a Communist would object to Corsi stuffing his own pockets like a Hamster at the expense of Patriots.
Q was not so impressed: to re-quote from 27th Aprils (1295)
“Patriots make sacrifices.
Some, the ultimate sacrifice.
Patriots are SELFLESS.
Do they ask for monthly payments to remain Patriots?
Think logically.
To some, it’s only about the money.
Those who would seek personal gain at the expense of others in this movement has an agenda.”

In times of War: what is societies judgement on PROFITEERS? Should judgement in an InfoWar be any different?
There is a big difference between showing hard work dedication and inspiring people, and demanding they pay up with emotional guilt trips and raising $1000’s of dollars in funds, with no transparency or even plan for what is intended to be done with the money!

Anon’s are not against people being supported to do good work: but they are angry at the volumes of money going to a man who has no plan for what to do with it and cannot even decode Q without his own extreme bias’s getting in the way. Corsi’s entire argument is self-serving and false.

Corsi then claims Q is “NASA” who have hacked ORIGINAL Q and taken over. I don’t know if he really means NSA, but he clearly says NASA on the video. But in anycase, this is totally retarded.
If Q is a group of white hats with a spokesperson sharing crumbs to make bread, to help people grasp the picture past the restrictions of national security and the media, then the NSA cannot just swoop in and take over without original Q knowing. A single tweet from Trump would destroy a false Q. The idea Q could be replaced: IF CORSI BELIEVES Q IS WHAT HE SAID IT WAS ORIGNALLY: is a total nonsense!
On top of which: Q is not some LARP in a bedroom, Q has incredible information resources and displays this again and again making connections that check out and have never been made before: only an idiot would think 8-Chan wasn’t DEFENDED with all the assets of Q CLEARANCE and could be taken over in the way Corsi has suggested: its just not credible!

Rather, the weight of all evidence says its more rational Q to conclude Q has always been exactly what has been claimed: and its Corsi himself who NEVER BELIEVED IT: now has wrecked himself running into the brick wall of realisation that:


Alex also lies, trying to suggest he personally knows who Q is. This is so blatantly playing “the big man who knows it all” its no longer even remotely convincing. We have seen AJ play his personas for over 20 years: it is scarcely less that transparent now.

This naked dissembling from the both of them makes it clear, they are using CLOWN techniques and reacting to wider events in such a way (AJ’s Fury at the Syria Strikes) they are in tune with the CIA agenda.
Why did Alex Jones make that grovelling apology to James Alafentis over Pizzagate, when the internet was screaming with the evidence of the Instagram account pictures neither the MSM or InfoWars would dare touch with a barge pole?

He was being threatened or he would never have debased himself on air to do that: but was an apology on air ALL he had to do to stop vengeful satanic paedophiles wrecking his business through the courts?
“Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Apologizes For Promoting ‘Pizzagate’ “

 Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Apologizes For Promoting ‘Pizzagate’ [7]

Roger Stone has faced recent exposure of similar compromise:
NXIVM: How Is Former Trump Adviser Roger Stone Connected to ‘Cult” Allegedly Led By Allison Mack, Keith Raniere? [8]

2 days later: how DISINFORMANTS SPIN BEING OUTED:  Roger Stone Exposes NXIVM Sex Cult
Learn more about the elite sex cult [9]

Infowars is now threatened with being sued into destruction with the new case being brought against Alex Jones by Sandy Hook parents:

Sandy Hook parents sue Infowars host Alex Jones for defamation [10]

^ 5 days after Alex Jones’s “F*CK TRUMP” comment…
Exactly why is it InfoWars has to fight SO MANY court cases? Sure some will be Deep State attacks to try to deny them assets.. maybe… but maybe if they had been serious about DUE DILLIGENCE, many of them could have been avoided?
Q-Anon has been taken over to “destroy the movement”?
Oh NO Dr Corsi:
Its not Q: its YOU:
You’ve been caught bang to rights trying to STEAL a movement, and you found out you bit off more than you can chew.
And both you and Alex Jones are making the same mistake AGAIN, right now:
Assuming your audience are meek little lambs.
Oh no. That’s not right at all. Those eyes you saw in the dark are Veteran Anon’s, hardened Info-Warriors who cannot be bought bribed or bargained with LION! AND WOLVES!

There was the choice: to cover Q fairly and freely: to decode Q genuinely: and to seek support with some HUMILITY: proved to be beyond you both… and now Anon’s will dig into you both and find our everything about WHY…
The key elements of Infowars narrative are all transparent bollocks. With a few cryptic questions and a test to show Corsi wasn’t really decoding anything, Q has exposed them both.
As pre-warned by Q Corsi and Jones then try to sell the “Q is an AI”, citing a London Guardian (left wing socialist globalist newspaper) article
“Revealed: US Spy Operation that manipulates social media” [11]

Strangely, neither Corsi or AJ mention this article is from 2011, and details the use on ONLINE BOTS.
Errr. Is this any kind of news to anyone? And what does it have to do with Q, a report on the OBAMA administrations actions 5 years before Trump’s victory?


Then Corsi makes the claim he noticed Q was not being blocked anymore on social media, and uses this as some proof “Q” cannot be legit because the state is helping him.
Errr. Q is MILITARY INTELLIGENCE with Q CLEARANCE and he is in his position now because WE THE PEOPLE elected Donald Trump. As Corsi had said, before he got put out with a smacked bottom:
Q IS LEGIT. So YES! Q did do that! I was there on MEMEMBERS night and he did test that “reset” twitter at that moment.

April 12th 2018:
Twitter down.
Injection good.
Q (1144)

YOU BET! We set to it! Had a cracking time, thanks Q! You rule, injected Twitter: wasn’t a dream, even though it seemed like it. How good it was to have one night free of that cursed Shadow-Ban algorithm!

Another bust for Dr Corsi’s credibility that he didn’t know what Q himself had said or done.
Corsi wants us to “move on” from Q? What a pied piper! “Move on, believe nothing Q says: especially about me!”
Now at the start of the article I placed Q’s “BIG PICTURE PUZZLE”

At this point in the broadcast, Corsi starts waffling on “it was nonsense” again. His decode is a complete fail because he seems to think the info is pointing to Singapore when its crystal clear the final destination is Apple’s store in Hong Kong.

Again he lambasts Q with his protestations: but again Corsi shows he himself either doesn’t know anything; or is scared how badly he has screwed himself up and refusing to admit what he knows: because despite the clue being put straight in front of him Corsi cannot do a level 1 Noob decode of the most BASIC level encrypted message.
Because Q does keep his word, always, and he provided the solution to the test Corsi couldn’t even get warmed up at. Fortunately Anons are far beyond his abilities and “SerialBrain2” shows how its done…
Q posted this tweet from Potus with no other comment

Previous consistent Q statement: LEARN TO USE OUR COMMS
SerialBrain had the courtesy to listen and do just that, and he shows Corsi how its done:

What a clown show AJ and Corsi are!
Next Corsi starts on Code Monkey trying to say the administrator of 8-Chan could be compromised without knowing it. 8-Chan howls with the derisive laughter at this and I will code monkey simply speak for himself on his twitter:

After this, eyeballs roll as Corsi and Alex Jones then tries comparing Q to “Russian bots” *facepalm*
Oh and Q is an AI just throwing out random stuff…. Again… no a shred of evidence.

Having built this whole narrative on thin air, they start slamming Q for anonymity.
“if its anonymous you can’t trust it” appeals AJ, oblivious to the fact the resistance on the internet is let by the Anon movement, who understand the cause is bigger than the individual.

Q is an identity. If his name was “Jeff Q” is that any better? Someone with Q clearance cant just wave “in the clear” on a Chan forum! The MSM would not be able to ignore that and exposing Q’s identity would directly threaten THE PLAN.
Not that AJ or Corsi seem to give a damn about the plan.

Then we get to the final ludicrousy.
“Don’t trust Q’s sources” says Alex Jones: “Trust my sources! I have my own deep sources and (of course lol) they are better than Q! don’t listen to Q: follow me!”
But here we are: Q does not tell anyone what to think. He doesn’t pump a story in peoples ears and expect money rattling in his tin in response. Q asks US to ask QUESTIONS. Q points us and asks US questions. By this process, which as a spiritual philosopher I personally know comes from Socrates, people find the truth and come to grasp it THEMSELVES of their own free violition

Q’s method is the highest form of communication teaching develop in the history of mankind.

Sorry Infowars!

All those broadcasts, all those years, all those redpills you do deserve credit for:
But how far you have fallen today!
Because Alex concludes “Yeah, my sources FROM INSIDE THE CIA”
And the final kick in the nuts? Speaking now as a Veteran forum administrator for 9/11 Truth:
Its when Alex Jones lets slip… timestamp 18:50 his sources are CIA: 19:05 he cites DICK CHENEY to back his POV!


And Corsi plays the Zionist’s Ace card: Q causes Anti-Semitism because of what commenters where saying to Corsi in their messages. Im sure it wasn’t pleasant. But nothing at ALL to do with Q’s posts: only with Corsi’s own choices and behaviour! Desperation (refer to earlier linked statement by myself re “Zionism”).

So here we are: at the end:
ALEX JONES = CIA + ZIONIST whose world view matchs DICK CHENY’S

They are representing the part of Israel’s deep state that was complicit in 9/11. In their reaching desperation to try and escape their mauling from Q and the Anons:
They have ruined themselves with lose lips and big ego’s!
Whatever Infowars was: however great it was in the past: and even in the Trump campaign they gave was important in 2016:

INFOWARS, at least as far as Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi are concerned:


The Final reveal: the Bannon Factor. I leave you to take this final step of your own free will without my comment on what you will find: SERIAL BRAIN 2 SHOOTS AND SCORES AGAIN! RESPECT, PATRIOT


AND the final word belongs to none other than Q-Anon
[[QUOTED ANON COMMENT] We’ve all been blinded for too long. Alex Jones is NOT alt media, he is a traitor. He makes us all look crazy. Fuck him]
Time to move on.
Big week ahead!

Lawyer Defends Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones: ‘He’s Playing a Character’ On Air [13]

Q 1339

So now we reach the end of this rebuttal. Thank you for sticking with me. Yes it is a large article, by necessity, because all the details need to be observed and given appropriate worth.
I have said my piece: I may have more to say:
But my actual intent, is to forget Corsi and Infowars, and push on with my own activism.
These precious days are far too valuable to squander them of the distraction of Clowns.
Where we go one we go all.
We Stand with Q: In TRUMP we trust!

Much love: John White.



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