Here’s what was boxed up, in the days after he was fired.



Aspen Institute
Financial Audit
HSBC Holdings…
Maybe this is why he was fired while he was away..
Clinton Email (special note on where it’s headed)
🔥Mid-Year exam case file🔥
What’s in the Levinson folder
Unclassified Computer
Secret Computer
Top Secret Computer
Which one were the memos typed on?
Folder taken by Rybicki from Comey released to SSA at what residence?
🙄Don’t need a rocket scientist to figure out what’s in DOJ Plan
Lie. Lie. Meet on Tarmac. No charges. Hurry make Trump-Russia happen
Oh that digital footprint, fair to say they weren’t leaving any equipment behind for the new guy.
Here’s a fun one. Comey diligently checks off “no” on everything except financial interests in a different country, that one is blank. Can’t you just hear his sanctimonious voice claiming he must have completely missed that question🙄Also way to be sloppy with paperwork FBI.
Here is full file, it deserves a deep dive, the above is a quick assessment done from my car at the airport. [1]
⚖️NY Bar
Legat Beijing could mean a few different things…
Boston Benghazi?? Huh.
POTUS misc…
White House going dark.
Child Crime Folders FIVE?
Bowdich takes the badges & credentials into custody, date is three days after he was fired.
📩 Hell of an email to open, seeing corrupt-o-king McCabe must’ve been gutting to the good people in the department, Strzok probably started dancing.