Citizens for Cyber Justice

The Mayflower was an English ship that famously transported the first English Puritans, known today as the Pilgrims, from Plymouth, England to the New World in 1620. There were 102 passengers, and the crew is estimated to have been about 30. This voyage has become a cultural icon in the history of the United States. The culmination of the voyage was the signing of the Mayflower Compact, an event which established a rudimentary form of democracy, with each member contributing to the welfare of the community.

In early September, western gales began to make the North Atlantic a dangerous place for sailing. The Mayflower’s provisions were already quite low when departing Southampton, and they became lower still by delays of more than a month. The passengers had been on board the ship for this entire time, and they were quite worn out and in no condition for a very taxing, lengthy Atlantic journey cooped up in cramped spaces in a small ship. But the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth on September 6, 1620 with what was called “a prosperous wind”.

Aboard the Mayflower were many stores that supplied the pilgrims with the essentials needed for their journey and future lives. It is assumed that they carried tools and weapons, including cannon, shot, and gunpowder, as well as some live animals, including dogs, sheep, goats, and poultry. Horses and cattle came later. The ship also carried two boats: a long boat and a “shallop”, a 21-foot boat powered by oars or sails. She also carried 12 artillery pieces (eight minions and four sakers), as the Pilgrims feared that they might need to defend themselves against enemy European forces, as well as the natives.  The passage was a miserable one, with huge waves constantly crashing against the ship’s topside deck… [1]

This is the perfect name of a cyber movement of Patriots, Truthers and Warriors that have the same determination as the original settlers of our great land.  Operation Mayflower has taken the internet by storm the likes that have never been seen.  Those involved have the determination and strength of conviction just like the first settlers to meet the challenges and overcome the adversities.

Twitter has been the primary landmark of the coordinated efforts of teams of patriots.  Currently the cyber movement is in its second week and with successes experienced daily, the momentum is growing into the tens of thousands.  The premise is simple.  Express a desire to make a difference, join a ship (team) and arrive at appointed time prepared to give it your all as the passengers and crew of the original Mayflower did.

Currently there are teams or boats launched daily heading for choppy waters and unchartered territories.  The Captain and the Master Mates (team leaders) are communicating with their members through various means and guiding the directives like a finely tuned operation to success.

Operation Mayflower has docked at their projected targets such as CNN, Pope Francis and several political figures so far.  Targets are acquired by trending hashtags and relevant parties in news.  Targets are given a wide berth of attention from the teams with the swelling of memes on social justice, human trafficking and other related topics meant to inform and potentially red-pill them and those following.

Upwards of forty thousand meme launches occur during each sailing with approximately five thousands landing.  Just like the Mayflower’s original journey was fraught with dangers, so are these.  The shadow banning, censorship and platform algorithms makes the resistance immense.  But yet the Captain, Master Mates and passengers persevered.  And with that perseverance, several hashtags have reached trending status such as #savethechildren, #justicecoming, #wetrustedyou, #thegreatawakening and the main operational one #OpMayflower2018.


The teams moored at John Kerry and John McCain twitter accounts as a tidal wave of memes and info graphics were deployed.  Feelings were buoyed after receiving affirmation from Gen Flynn and mentions by several including James Woods and Tim Allen and the resolve to continue surged forward.  Teams showered great amounts of support and respect to Gen Flynn the day following launches on the two John’s walls. The voyage returning to home port was filled with hope as landmarks were sighted and the waterways were smooth.

Safe Harbors were found for Kayne West and Roseanne Barr this past week as well. Both Kayne and Roseanne have stood up against the evil that has taken over in the circles they travel.  Teams have coordinated efforts and built up an amazing variety of memes that were then added to Marina Abramovic (Spirit Cooking) and Rosie O’Donnells walls consecutively in the days that followed.

John Podesta and Hillary Clinton felt the battering sea of memes this past weekend along with Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff as the teams anchored on their ports.

The attention received has whispered in the winds of the Patriot community.  The voyages have propelled the overall mission to have many many new members added and a collective movement of citizens for cyber justice was born.

As we know good will trump evil, right will win over wrong and the sunlight will dispel the darkness completely.  Each mission begins and ends with prayers for protection, for safety, for clarity and for wisdom.



Attention was given by Conspirador Norteno (an analysis imitator either with Twitter or working independently) with the compliment that “these accounts are not BOTS, but they’re doing a damn good impression.” The next day, support launches for Conspirador Norteno reached near twenty thousand with more than half landing. Noticed by those following the Conspirador site such as Asha Rangappa mention the “coordination to promote specific information… campaigns in social media”.  The message is being received and shared.


Sails were opened and prosperous winds gave the support launches for First Lady Melania Trump and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee this Sunday on Mother’s Day.  Thousands of retweets of love and respect were shared.

Below are other resources that have also taken notice of these fresh and invigorating messages to bring attention to topics that need to be focused on… Social Injustices, Human Trafficking, Governmental Corruption, Abuse, Resistance Movements, and of course Support and Respect for those unsung heroes in our society today.  Ultimately the goal is to bring awareness to RED PILL ISSUES facing our society yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Words from the Captain can be seen in the groups charter (description):


The Strike Teams Are “Hitting Them” & People Are Taking Notice Of Operation Mayflower 2018
by Curtis R Bizelli

Operation Mayflower is an underground, grassroots movement that is very organized and the ship has been sailing for nearly two weeks now. Their main mission is to save the children from Human Sex Trafficking and bring down the evil, corrupt and satanic global cabal. # WWG1WGA

People are taking NOTICE!!!

Upon first glance, one would think we were bots but we are in FACT real people gathered today for one purpose larger than ourselves!

One spectator that has been watching the movement from the waterways goes by Conspirador Norteno and here are some of his screenshots of the movement. [2]


One passenger (team member) described their vision of #OpMayflower2018 as

The underlying strategy to our movement is described perfectly linked article [3]. Spite is our natural reaction to an Unfair/Rigged situation. Academics showed this long ago using game theory studies (ultimatum games). Once they added random assortment to that same study, they saw something much bigger. Individuals faced with an unfair/rigged deal, accept it or throw it back in their face (spite). But when a population is faced with that scenario, spite can become more organized and manifest as Altruistic Punishment. This is what every Revolution is born of. WE are that manifestation embodied in a massive non-violent protest that aims to spite the rigged system. This game theory not only proves this, but it proves that is the only potential strategy that can be successful in forcing a reset to a Fair game. This is what I see in the great utility of Op Mayflower, we are a manifestation of Altruistic Punishment within a peaceful revolution that will not stop until there is a reset to a fair game.



Anchor’s Aweigh, Sails Unfurled and Fair Weather Ahead…..


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