So Jon Solomon Reports broke some big news on Ingraham Angle tonight. We KNEW Oleg Deripaska was involved with the coup. He was the one who gave the Steele dossier to Kramer, McCain’s aid. McCain gave it to Comey hoping to F*** Donald Trump over.



But Jon put out some key details. He gave further details of Deripaska’s relationship with Fired FBI Deputy Director McCabe: in 2010-11 McCabe and two other agents approached Deripaska to help the FBI try to get Bob Levinson (note the filed Rosie found in the FBI Vault from Comey’s office items – [1]) out of Iran.

Bob Levinson is a former FBI agent who worked for the bureau for 30 years and specialized in counter terrorism. He went missing on Kish Island, Iran working as a contractor for CIA.

Bob Levinson has been missing in Iran for 11 years Robert “Bob” Levinson has spent 11 years in captivity in Iran and his family is appealing for help. [2]
@vabelle2010 led the effort to find him. She was assigned to FBI CT and had worked with the FBI/CIA JTTF so this was her specialty. McCabe and two other agents under Director Mueller’s approval went to Oleg Deripaska to ask for help. Oleg Deripaska agreed and spent several million of his own dollars in the effort.
It appears (careful to point out my speculation) that the quid pro quo was sanctions relief. Deripaska thought free travel toand from the US was worth potentially $10 billion to him. In the end, the FBI blew him off after Hillary Clinton’s State Dept killed the deal for Bobs release. This couldn’t have sat well with Oleg. Now, right here we have a serious conflict of interest for Special Counsel Mueller who is investigating Deripaska. And other targets.
Fast forward: Jon Solomon Reports broke tonight, McCabe and two other agents again approached Deripaska proposing he help them frame Donald Trump for Russian collusion. Deripaska tells them ‘you’re crazy, that’s ridiculous.’ McCabe’s response: ‘keep an open mind’. Let’s unpack that remark!
We KNOW at a later time Deripaska gave McCain the Steele dossier. He must have agreed to help McCabe. But what was McCabe referring to? The four known moles in the campaign? Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulas,  and Carter Page? Or outside spy Stefan Harper? Or was McCabe referring to FusionGPS and the dossier? Or all of the above? Keep in mind-  this comes out IMMEDIATELY following Chuck Grassley’s written demand that second FBI agent Pientka who was at General Flynn’s interview to testify under record about it and 302s
The 302s are important. @Nick_Falco, @The_War_Economy, and @JohnWHuber all documented Strzok-Page texts discussing modifying F302s. Flynn’s fd302s. Stick with me here.
As @drawandstrike just pointed out minutes ago General Flynn was on open line and KNEW the calls to Ambo Kislyak were recorded and FBI had transcripts. He had no reason to lie. None. He didn’t lie. Comey, McCabe (at time he was acting director), Strzok all confirm General Flynn wasn’t deceptive, didn’t lie. Comey & McCabe said so UNDER OATH.
So sometime between General Flynn’s interview and Strzok and Page going to team Mueller – those 302s had to change or there’s no charge for lying. Go back to the texts ‘Andy approves F302 launch’.
Now, Senator Chuck Grassley has in writing demanded: transcripts of General Flynn calls with Ambo Kislyak, all docs FBI has on this – including all copies of the 302s including the originals and second agent present during interview to examine, explain & testify under oath. Link to Chuck Grassley’s written formal request:
Grassley Demands DOJ and FBI Turn Over All Info on Flynn | Sara A. Carter The chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee is demanding that the Department of Justice and FBI adhere to requests made over a year ago and turn over all documentation. [3]
Circle back: where does this get Oleg Deripaska? Under investigation by Mueller, hung out to dry as a ‘scape goat by McCabe & pissed. He wanted sanctions gone instead the White House found out he’s involved and sanctioned him personally & professionally. Get this: Oleg Deripaska, per Jon Solomon Reports, offered to TESTIFY, under oath before Congress to all this. He did NOT ask for immunity or legal protection to do so. If I were McCabe, Strzok, Comey and Baker I’d be scared right now.
Now consider that Devin Nunes is going full speed ahead pursuing this FBI coup. He knows about the four moles and he knows about Halper. Days after subpoenaing DOJ for documents about Stefan Harper, LawfareBlog, an extreme left ‘think tank’ immediately began attacking him. For instance, this ‘former IC Lawyer’ CNN correspondent & lawfareblog editor immediately smeared Devin Nunes:


This was put out in TANDEM with a NYT released hit piece they KNEW was inaccurate-


Suspicions, Demands and Threats: Devin Nunes vs. the Justice Dept. Mr. Nunes has escalated his confrontation with law enforcement officials, who have expressed concern that he is trying to undermine the special counsel inquiry.  [4]

But Catherine Herridge of Fox News set the record straight tonight:


Nunes, Gowdy accuse DOJ of launching anonymous attacks on congressional investigator Two senior House Republicans are accusing the Justice Department of being behind “anonymous attacks” in the press targeting a House Intelligence Committee GOP staffer who helped author the committee’… [5]
Compare that lawfareblog tweet with this section of the Herridge article; Herridge is NEVER wrong. Her accuracy is unparalleled.
Remember, she’s a former IC Community Lawyer. What did James Baker do before Comey hired him as FBI General Counsel and Director Wray fired him for leaking and participating in the coup against Donald Trump? Turns out, Baker was former lawyer in DOJ NSD who helped author FISA laws and DOJ – IC procedures. Yeah, a handy guy to have around if abusing FISA to stage a coup and frame a president. cc: Donald Trump
James Baker James Baker is a Visiting Fellow in Governance Studies, where he contributes to Brookings’s scholarship on issues related to artificial intelligence, cyber security, and national security. [6]

So now that FBI fired Baker, where did he land? Surprise, surprise!

An Announcement: James Baker It is an honor and pleasure for James Baker to join us. [7]
Now let’s tie it together: who did Comey leak classified memos to he stole from the FBI after being fired?
This guy [8]:

Daniel Richman is an interesting guy. He’s evolved from Comey’s ‘lawyer friend & college law professor’ to a Special Government Employee personally hired by Comey, given a clearance and worked on HRC cases and the Donald Trump counter intelligence case Strzok and McCabe opened. Yes he was completely outside of FBI normal channels and answered only to Comey.
Comey’s memo leak contact had ‘special government employee’ status at FBI The Columbia law professor James Comey used as a go-between last year to leak the contents of sensitive memos to the media confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday that he previously worked as a “special gov…  [9]
People think nothing is coming. That its all just gonna be swept under rug. You have no idea what Justice OIG and US Attorney Huber have, know and are about to drop. These people at lawfareblog and NYT who FBI conspirators leaked are in full court press. These people panicking. Sit tight, the report on how these conspirators protected Hillary Clinton is due ANY DAY now. If I know all this what do you think Horowitz and the TEAM of federal prosecutors know?
We learn big new pieces almost every day now. It’s accelerating. Things are beginning. It bears repeating: this is big. Much bigger than we know even now, even with all we have been able to uncover. This is too big, too dangerous to be swept under the rug and I guarantee you Donald Trump understands this and has plans to deal. Sit back and watch what they are rolling out. Every day a big piece of the puzzle comes out. When indictments drop, NO ONE will be able to say ‘politically motivated’. The cases will be airtight.

Donald Trump devoted an ENTIRE CHAPTER in ‘Art of the Deal’ to revenge. If you think he’s going to let this go with slaps on the wrist you are badly mistaken.