I’d like to give a shout out to Deputy Assistant Attorney General, NSD, George Toscas. He is one to press Comey on Weiner laptop. He is one who called Comey Director of Federal “Matters.”

By: ɭ๏ɭค💋 @DropTha_Mic25

When McCabe and crew sat on FBINY news about emails for three weeks, George Toscas is the reason Congress was alerted.
The shenanigans that went on at DOJ/EDNY obstructing FBINYs Clinton Foundation investigation (wouldn’t allow warrants for devices or to look at devices/emails), finally, coincidentally getting Weiner laptop, case at SDNY (where FBINY wanted CF case moved), this was a big moment. What happened? SDNY had FBINY call DC headquarters to deal with emails due to national security of classified information and federal government owned those communications. Do people know HOW and WHY the laptop was obtained? There’s so many lies out there about my NYPD. Not cool.
Weiner sex texting a 40yr old.
Picture of a sex text he sent ends up on the cover of NYPOST 4/28 showing his son on bed with him. Report filed with Children’s Services 8/31. At this point, nothing involving 15yr old or laptop. It was a Children’s Services report.
It wasn’t until 9/21 that Daily Mail ran a story on the 15yr old. On 9/22 SDNY issued a subpoena for Weiner’s phone records. On 9/26 Children’s Services (ACS) alerts man who filed report, ‘Weiner under investigation.’ 9/27 ACS calls him again.
On 9/28, confirmed in Strzok-Page Texts, Weiners lawyer turned over documents to SDNY due to subpoena. 5 days later, Oct 3rd, FBINY confiscated Weiner laptop due to ACS investigation & sexting case. NOT NYPD. NYPD saw the sex texts with/ 15yr old obviously. But they didn’t do search on laptop.
Why is it significant that FBINY had the laptop and was logging contents when agents found Clinton/Abedin emails? Because this was THE evidence they were obstructed from by Lynch DOJ, EDNY and McCabe during their Clinton Foundation investigation. They followed law and alerted SDNY.
SDNY made them go to FBI headquarters. The swamp. The same people protecting Clinton all along. What was happening in at this time in October 2016? 🤔FBI, DOJ using FusionGPS & Steele dossier to get FISA. They sit on laptop case running out clock. Election is near.
FBI swamp McCabe/Strzok know FBINY is legit. They know FBINY is already pissed about DOJ and headquarters not backing them in Clinton Foundation investigation. So when people say “NYPD threatened to come forward,” stop. It was fear of FBINY obtaining access to evidence and Clinton coverup.
DOJ George Toscas, same division as David Laufner (resigned) knows what’s going on. He knows FBINY is waiting on warrant from DOJ/FBI headquarters to search laptop. What happens? McCabe sends his bitch boy Strzok to NYC to handle. Of course. Then what?
In ONE week, 650,000 emails, Strzok and McCabe close the investigation. Right before election. Clearing Clinton and Abedin, AGAIN. Now, go to Comey testimony. Listen carefully.
Did you hear that?
•Potential crimes committed
•Never questioned Weiner (even though he was already being questioned by FBI in sex texting case)
•Closed investigation without questioning the subject of the investigation into crimes committed
What else? Remember Strzok/McCabe, Comey and Lynch DOJ gave Huma immunity. Laptop case proves she lied to them. Again. What happened? They closed laptop investigation WITHOUT QUESTIONING HUMA. They announced Clinton cleared, ignore emails. THEN question her.
FBI interviewed Clinton aide Abedin after saying investigation of her boss had concluded The FBI interviewed top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin more than a month after the investigation into Clinton’s email practices had seemed to conclude. [1]
What does that remind you of? How bout Comey email and Strzok changing gross negligence to extremely careless two MONTHS BEFORE they question Clinton.
Obama administration, Lynch DOJ, Comey FBI, went out of there way ignoring evidence of corruption, crimes & national security threats and instead did what?
They fabricated a Russia collusion story putting Trump and his campaign at the center of investigation using DNC/HRC funded bullshit, they surveilled private citizens, they lied to court, they lied to the public. WHY? Seriously, why would our government leaders do this?
Global criminal enterprise!
What do people at the top NOT want being exposed? That if Hillary was guilty and so was Obama? That Brennan and Clapper weaponized intel agencies against private citizens? That Clinton Foundation was used as a pay4play US Treasury operation for global policy?
Does Deep State exist?
Did DNC/HRC rig primary?
Did Obama administration collude with favored candidate because, as Evelyn Farkas said,”if Trump campaign knew what, how we knew”
Did Clinton insider say:
“Follow the money”
What can the American people and world never find out?
Why is THAT not THE question our fake news propagandist media is asking? Why are Russian memes and pussy payments a priority above national security of United States? Why are Awans covered up? Why is everything redacted? Why did FBI not analyze DNC servers? How bout Crowdstrike flawed report?
Answer is simple:
•Government lies
•Optics is more important than truth
•We need enemies
•If we ever were told truth about what really goes on, all faith and trust in system would be destroyed
Why is Trump a threat?
•they fear him
•he knows
•he loves America more than globalism

Drain The Swamp

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Never Forget
PS: Boggles my mind Americans, regardless of political party, is so divided when we all should want same thing: for AMERICA and citizens to be greatest they can be. We RELY on GOVERNMENT. What DJT said/did as private citizen has NO affect on our lives. What GOVERNMENT did, does. WAKE THE F**K UP!