Who is Kathy Ruemmler? (and why should you know)

“Kathryn Ruemmler, a lawyer for Mr. Nader, said, “Mr. Nader has fully cooperated with the special counsel’s investigation and will continue to do so.”

The infamous Ruemmler …
Flashback to March 2018 George Nader, a witness for the Mueller team in the Russia Probe contradicts Erik Prince testimony. Nader a convicted pedophile in more than one country, is represented by a lawyer with close ties to Obama, Katheryn Ruemmler.
A critical witness in the Russia probe may have poked a huge hole in the Trump team’s story about a mysterious Seychelles meeting Erik Prince’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee does not appear to align with that of George Nader before the special counsel Robert Mueller. [1]

Before elaborating on who Katheryn Ruemmler is, take a look at Nader, who is still protected despite him being a sicko who should be under a jail not testifying for Mueller.

Mueller witness was convicted on child porn charge George Nader, who advised the Trump White House, got a six-month sentence in 1991, records show. [2]
Nader’s Lawyer, on left, is Katheryn Ruemmler, who was Obama’s longest serving White House Counsel and “remains one of his closest and most trusted advisors.”
She’s also a former federal prosecutor who helped lead the government’s case against the former executives of Enron.
Ruemmler hid evidence in the Enron case, identified as crucial to the defense, signed a false disclosure to defense counsel & elicited hearsay testimony from witnesses that directly contradicted by first-hand evidence she and her Task Force hid. Complaint with DC BOPR 👇

Who was Hillary Clinton’s lawyer after the “data breach” of the Clinton Foundation…Kathryn Ruemmler

Possible Clinton Foundation hack could expose treatment of top donors Top officials at the Clinton Foundation believe the organization was hacked — causing concern that the data breach will show Hillary Clinton and State… [3]

Remember the letter Senator Grassley sent to Susan Rice concerning the email she sent to herself? Her attorney responded for her. Take a wild guess who the attorney is…Yep, Ms. Katheryn once again. [4]

Flashback to 2013- Although Obama was encouraged by his National Security Team & the CIA to release a comprehensive timeline of events documenting the attack on Benghazi, White House Counsel Katheryn Ruemmler advised him to keep quiet.

Advisers Urged Obama Early On To Release Comprehensive Benghazi Timeline How Obama got tripped up by his lawyers. [5]
Thanks to .@dbongino for sources.
Kathryn H Ruelmmer:
AKA “The Fixer”
Married to Michael D Farber
IS Department of Interior, US Dept of Justice ’97-’99….Now at Van Ness Feldman Llp
Mother lives in Scottsdale and is friends with McCain?
Dad – Waldemar Philip Ruemmler is a computer engineer with work for Microsoft and Amazon and several others.
BROTHER – Christopher Philip Ruemmler
Grandfather – Christ Albert Ruemmler or Rummler – hailed from England, however, family hails from Germany. Christ Albert was a massive Nazi Sympathizer. Alex, the brother, was thought to be a communist.
Family has used two different spellings Ruemmler & Rummler with this accent over the ‘u’