When Politics stopped being about Politics

Written by: William LaSalle [1] May 23 at 7:52am

Politics really stopped being about politics in the past few years. 2016 was the moment when it officially became a tribal struggle between two increasingly divergent factions that simply share a geographical country and little more.
And this is largely a result of Democrats’ abandonment of policy for a full-blown embrace of identity politics: the party seeks to divide the country into victims and oppressors, and claims its moral authority by purporting to be fighting for the victims.

The party’s message is no longer “This is how we will make life better for you and your family,” it is, “Let’s take revenge on the white/male/heterosexual oppressors who are responsible for all the evil in the world today.” The left’s ethos today fundamentally casts society as a struggle between Oppressed Angels and Demonic Oppressors.
“Let’s Break the Glass Ceiling!” The signature moment of her campaign was when she denounced half the country as irredeemable bigots in her “Deplorables” diatribe. But that’s Democratic politics today.

The Democratic Party has not been in a healthy place for a while now, but in 2017, faced with Republican President Donald Trump, the problem has become much worse.

What has emerged for Democrats post-2016? The “RESISTANCE” movement, a ceaseless hysteria and gross overreaction that seeks to cast Donald Trump as Literally The Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Antifa and its billy clubs have emerged. California is making noise about seceding from the United States. For months on end, the leftist media was fixated on this evidence-free conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was in the pocket of Putin’s Russia— only as justification for impeachment, of course.

How the Criminal Socialist Democrats Push the Gun Control Movement.

The Blame Game – over a bully.

Without a gun, this would have been a fight between a 13- and 15-year-old, a little pushing and shoving on the playground,” he said.  [2]

Let’s ignore drunk drivers and focus on guns… says a drunk driver.

This week, figures supplied by Mothers Against Drunk Driving said drunken drivers killed 15,935 in 1998. Handgun Control, a Washington group that pushes gun control, said there were 12,102 homicides by firearms in 1998.

Neither figure is heartening, but the drunks are outdoing the gunslingers when it comes to deadly violence.
Countless Deaths due to Alcohol and Tobacco.

They also ignore the fact that Marijuana kills no one and Millions of Americans die due to Alcohol, Tobacco. The Democrats also ignore over 30,000 suicides a year, 55,000 deaths by overdose of Prescription Drugs, and 250,000 deaths a year by Medical Errors.

In Schools:

The “gun-free” schools act was not passed until the mid-1990’s. Yet most high-profile school shootings have happened after its passage than ever before. So we have to do more? If anything, it shows that the act should be repealed for being a proven failure.

Part of the fault here lies with the media, for making school shootings such high profile cases in the first place. Copycat shootings wouldn’t happen if nobody hears about anything they could then copy. So one part of doing more to stop school shootings is stopping their coverage to deny copycats the knowledge of anything to copy.

Also, the media creates an incentive for future school shooters who wish their 15 minutes of fame. An attention-seeking misfit can be assured of national coverage, headlines, photos on the front pages of newspapers, his name being known to the whole country etc, if he were to complete a school shooting. Another way to do more is to deny fame to those who would do this. But this means getting the media to overcome its fondness for sensationalistic school shootings. (Recall that newspapers are business concerns, and that “If it bleeds, it leads.” To the extent that school shootings sell papers, and that photos of grieving survivors win accolades and Pulitzer prizes [3] it is in the business interest of newspapers to have as many school shootings as possible. Harsh? If the shoe fits…

There were already police at the Carter G. Johnson Middle School (see above) as a result of a fight some weeks ago, and there were already metal detectors through which students had to pass. Yet, a gun passed through the fence and used by two people to shoot each other means that we need to do more? (Close the fence loophole!! Only steel-reinforced concrete walls, topped with concertina wire should be permitted to enclose our precious youth while they are at school. Right?)

Police showed up at Columbine only 4 minutes after the first 911 call, but didn’t enter until nearly all the killing was done, some 40 minutes later. Doing more by way of dropping police response from 4 minutes to 1 minute won’t do much good if it takes 40 more minutes to enter the building. (Note that it takes only a few seconds to fire six or ten shots, and only a few more seconds to reload whether a revolver or a semi-automatic. If the police aren’t there in 1 second, more people are at risk of dying.)

Metal detectors wouldn’t have worked in Columbine, since the gunmen shot their way into the school in the first place, and could have overpowered any security guard manning the detector anyway.

Nevertheless they are proposed for use in schools.

Guns are now flatly prohibited at schools, unlike ever before, yet school shootings continue to happen. What next? Body cavity searches, electric fences around schools, with moats and live crocodiles? Telescreens installed in every hall, classroom, and drinking fountain to make sure no action goes unnoticed by Big Brother?

Here’s a 16-year-old kid, who removes his coat before being dropped off at school, but there was a gun in the pocket and the granny finds it and turns him in. Seems like he was going out of his way to comply with the gun-free schools act … but the is not good enough.

In Cities and States:

Washington DC, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago, and until recently, New York City, have among the strictest “gun control” laws anywhere and the highest rates of violent crime anywhere. In Washington DC, the “murder capital of the US,” the gun laws came first and then the murder rate started to climb.

What will it take to admit the failure of “gun control?”

Will it take the slaughter of 100,000,000 people by their own governments after passing “gun control?” Too late – it’s already happened.

Will it take the incineration of a peaceful religious sect comprising 83 men, women and children, in the name of “gun control?” Too late, it’s already happened.

Will it take the deaths of innocent people as a result of law-enforcement raids, at the wrong addresses? Too late, it’s already happened.

Studies have shown that waiting periods and background checks have been associated with an increase in rape rates in America. [4] How many more women need to be raped in the name of “gun control” before support for these policies wanes? A study by anti-gun authors writing in JAMA were unable to show that the Bracy Act reduced overall homicide or suicide rates. [5]

Waiting period story 1: Catherine Latta In September 1990, a mail carrier named Catherine Latta of Charlotte, North Carolina, went to the police to obtain permission to buy a handgun. Her ex-boyfriend had previously robbed her, assaulted her several times, and raped her The clerk at the sheriff’s office informed her the gun permit would take two to four weeks. “I told her I’d be dead by then,” Ms. Latta later recalled. That afternoon’ she went to a bad part of town, and bought an illegal $20 semiautomatic pistol on the street. Five hours later, her ex-boyfriend attacked her outside her house, and she shot him dead. The county prosecutor decided not to prosecute Ms. Latta for either the self-defense homicide, or the illegal gun. [6]

Story 2: Bonnie Elmasri On March 5, 1991 Bonnie Elmasri called a firearms instructor, worried that her husband-who was subject to a restraining order to stay away from her-had been threatening her and her children. When she asked the instructor about getting a handgun, the instructor explained that Wisconsin has a 48-hour waiting period. Ms. Elmasri and her two children were murdered by her husband twenty-four hours later.

How many more voodoo cures will it require that don’t work before we admit that the witch doctor does not fix the problem? If one aspirin didn’t cure your headache, you might try two, or three. But what if you had already taken 10 aspirins, and the politicians implored you to do more? How far down a dead-end pathway does one have to go before admitting that the path is wrong and going back?

What if there were a disease that killed people, though not more people than car accidents do, and there were also a government-mandated drug for “treating” this disease, except that the places where the government dose of this drug is highest, had the highest death rate from the disease, namely cities?

And what if the government response, repeated by the gun prohibitionists, is that the high death rate of this disease compared to other countries, shows why we should give all Americans this drug instead of just those in the cities? (Other countries than America give a large dose of it, but have lost millions of people to outbreaks in the past, though the people alive today tend to show lower death rates from it, but Switzerland gives a very low dose and has a very low death rate.)

And what if these same people say, well, the reason the death rate is high where the dose is high, but low elsewhere in America, is because people from the countryside who haven’t had a large dose of it can come to the cities and spread the disease – so this “proves” how a large, uniform dose is needed for everybody? The dose, they say, should be increased in the cities, and then made uniform throughout the land.

Do you think the FDA would approve this drug? Would they approve mandating it to all Americans, based on what is presented here? In case you missed it, the disease is violence and the government-mandated drug is disarmament laws, their severity being the dose.

What, if anything, does it take to finally prove that “gun control” is a failure? If there is nothing that will suffice, then the “gun control” position is essentially a dogma, being out of the rational sphere. In which case, our First Amendment right to be free from government-imposed religion should make it go away.

2. Deceptive Use of Words

Deceit is central to the “gun control” movement:  Ammo for the Gun Rights Debate [7]

Bad Faith Arguments and Blatant Hypocrisy Solutions advanced to “solve” a problem that can’t possibly be solved in the proposed way.

Licensing and registration

Actually, it isn’t a “loophole” anyway: the gun prohibition lobby would have you believe that current law allows criminals to purchase guns at gun shows But this is false! Criminals are never “allowed” to purchase guns – they are absolutely prohibited from doing so, whether at a store, gun show, from a newspaper ad, or for that matter from the black market. The “gun show loophole” is tantamount to the “street corner loophole,” which allows people to stand on street corners without a background check, to buy and sell heroin – it simply isn’t legal. There is no loophole here whatsoever, there are only unenforced laws.

Trigger locks

When a 6-year-old shooter killed 6 year-old Kayla Rolland at an elementary school near Flint, Michigan, Clinton and others stated how much this shows how badly we need trigger-lock laws. But the gun was stolen, and traded to a crack dealer for drugs – at the house of the 6-year-old shooter. Can a serious case be made that crack whores will obey trigger-lock laws? What about felony drug laws? 

All but 2 of 32 brands of trigger locks could be opened without a key. In light of this failure rate, could it be that trigger lock proposals are a result of knee-jerk hysteria rather than carefully implemented policy?

Anti-gun Maryland governor P. Glendening wanted to demo how easy a locked gun can be to open – but he required the assistance of a nearby police officer to do it.

In response to the spree shooting at the DC Zoo in which a handgun was used, the Violence Policy Center called for a ban on handguns. But handguns are already effectively banned in Washington DC – which even the Violence Policy

Center already admits!

Lunatics against Concealed Carry.

Gore, some PTAs and others [8] are calling for a ban of carrying concealed weapons in schools and churches. This argument is even a rallying cry to defeat G.W. Bush, who signed legislation allowing it. But it is not the carry-permit holders who are committing the mass shootings in these locations.

Making new criminals for the Private Prison Industry, like the Treason of the Marijuana Prohibition Laws that criminal lobbyists and corrupt Politicians stuck us with in 1937 with the insanity of labeling the healing herb that had been used for 5000 years all over the world as a Dangerous Drug after years of lies and propaganda against pot by the guys making synthetic rope and cloth and the guys making paper from Trees instead of Hemp.

Fun Fact: Those who pass such laws will instantly be creating not just criminals, but armed criminals by the thousands, or more! At the stroke of a pen!! Canada has just manufactured 400,000 armed criminals. How that for reducing crime?

Even California officials admit little compliance with their latest registration scheme:

“No one knows exactly how many of these types of guns are in private hands, but we estimate the number is far higher than what has been registered,” said state Attorney General Bill Lockyer, a Democrat.

The lack of Federal prosecution as regards attempts by restricted persons (felons, mentally unstable, etc) to purchase guns has been detailed in a report produced by the US Government Accounting Office (Report [GGD-96-22] Gun Control: Implementation of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act ). This report, which SUPPORTS what the NRA has stated regarding the matter, can be accessed at US Gov’t Printing Office Web-Site enter (GGD-96-22) in the Report Number search field.

“We must do more to reach out to our children and teach them to resolve conflicts with words, not weapons. …

Violence is wrong.” – President Clinton, speaking of the Columbine massacre, while the US military was bombing Yugoslavia on his orders.

The Lunatics Mom’s March.

Million Moms For Vigilante Shootings, in Washington DC where handguns are banned.

One Million Mom March member, Barbara Graham (Lipscomb, Martin), joined the MMM because her son was killed “by a gun.” But the MMM fell short and she took the law into her own hands by shooting (with a handgun of course) the man, Kikko Smith, she thought killed her son. Police seized four guns, including a TEC-9 sub-machine gun, from her house. [Horrors! An arsenal!! And did she pay her $200 tax on the machine gun? And were they all registered as required by law in Washington DC?]

Sanctuary Cities harbor the United Nations’, the EU’s and Barack Obama’s lunatic, criminal, rapist, child abusing, murdering, drug and gun smuggling, refugee Terrorists. [9]


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