Tommy is in Trouble: How the UK State is Handling the Blowback.

Written by John White 5/28/18

Tommy Robinson is in trouble: fitted up by the UK State and thrown into Jail for reporting on a Rape Gang trial in Leeds, UK.
This is a threat to the freedom of all Britons and I write these words to support him.
Tommy is a controversial figure.

For the start, Tommy Robinson is a media name, his legal name is Stephen Lennon.

He became well known as the initial leader of the English Defence league.

The EDL formed in protest at police protection of muslims spitting insults at the fallen on Remembrance Day.

The EDL were very unpopular with the state, firstly and mainly because they were highlighting the problems with failing Islamic integration in the UK… but also because they were a working class voice challenging their policies.

As such, anyone objecting to mass immigration and cultural ghettoization has been demonised constantly as a racist and a fascist.

Pressure forced Tommy to resign as leader of the EDL, and the state made his life very difficult.

They fine tooth-combed his life to jail him for a technical violation on his mortgage application. While in prison, Tommy’s life was threatened and he had to defend himself from an attack by an Islamist extremist with boiling water.

He managed to survive and since then has been an independent activist journalist.

In more recent times he was working with Rebel Media to bring reports on life in Britain.

Last year, when covering the trial of a rape gang at Canturbury Court, Tommy inadvertently violated Court property and was arrested and convicted of contempt of court. Support and good solicitors kept Tommy free, but left him with a suspended sentence.

That means if Tommy commits a crime within the time of the suspension, he immediately goes to jail to serve the whole term of the original sentence: in his case: 13 months
That’s what just happened to him on Friday 25th May 2018.

People are trying to claim this is somehow Tommy’s fault, that he did something wrong. That’s just not true.

Tommy was reporting on the sentencing hearing for these men:


Tommy was legitimately working as a journalist. Those who hate him want to deny him that status. So that’s free speech right there.


There was nothing for him to prejudice. It was judge only. No jury, that stage done. Sentencing hearing.


At no point did Tommy breech the peace or go on court property. One of the accused entering court verbally abused HIM.


The police arrested Tommy, clearly, alleging breech of the peace, which everyone watching the live feed knew was nonsense.


Once they had kidnapped Tommy and forced him into the dock, THEN the judge charged and convicted him for contempt of court. The arrest charge was a pretext for the fit-up charge.


Tuesday 29th May the legal system starts up again after bank holiday weekend. Tommy’s lawyer can ascertain facts and hopefully report them past media blockade. We will then know whether the state is going to correct this swiftly, or dig its heels in for a long fight and try to wear the protests down.

The arrest of Tommy is pure police state stitch up and those saying otherwise either don’t know the facts (and any who believe the lies that tommy is racist will not have a motive to look deeper), or has an agenda to distort those facts. MI5 mockingbirds will be busy on social media. This video clearly lays out the facts.

For as long as my facebook can remain open I am collecting information about Tommy there. Please see this post for a LOT of information about the case and the cause

John White Facebook Page  · STATEMENT ON TOMMY ROBINSON [2]

I would like to express how much all the support and concern around the world is helping. THANK-YOU and GOD-BLESS!

The media and the radical left want to clamp down on speech they don’t like to hear about problems they don’t want to think about. Its vital they don’t succeed. And international pressure seeing through the media spin recognizing the fundamental free society and human rights issue this is are helping both Tommy Robinson and the people of Britain enormously.

Right now the single most helpful thing people can do is sign and share the petition, which is forcing the UK press to grudgingly start reporting the facts past the cover-up. At time of writing its at 320K and climbing. Please sign and share it now:


The media deleted articles to comply with the government but our constant activism has broken their will. The Daily Mail has just published on the protests. It does the usual tricks, smears as “far right” when its obviously ordinary people, and lies about the numbers, 100’s when it was a good 25,000 at short notice.

But what matters is this means the issue is forced onto the political agenda:

And our coward politicians, many of whom wish they could stay vassal administrators for the EU and have no love of Brexit or patriotism, will then be forced to talk about an issue they got caught out trying to cover up and make go away.


Why does the British State hate the working class so much?

In this video from 2 years ago, Gavin McInnes from Rebel Media really puts his finger on it:

Its to do with CLASS and the remnants of British Class prejudice.

This still riddles the top of society, and is echoed by the prejudice of middle class snobs who support Momentum and Remain in EU.

They therefore cared nothing for the consequences of mass immigration into working class areas: they don’t live there.

Why then would they care to hear the working class complain about the social costs they are having to pay? And that’s putting it very politely!

Brexit was the start of a major reform that will sweep the United Kingdom.

Membership of the EU was also used to resist social change and cement the idea of an intellectual elite that only saw democracy as a lip service fig-leaf to justify their own ambitions.

Media and political correctness, backed up by a now Orwellian policing of social media, kept the lid on the complaints but also built up ever greater resentment and anger at the abuse of the ordinary people by an uncaring elite.

A smart British state would defuse this situation by releasing Tommy Robinson swiftly from prison.

Do not expect this to happen.
It’s too late to expect the current idiots at the top to do something requiring intelligence and principles: although one is always ready to be surprised.

For now, the patriots of Britain are voicing their objection and awaiting developments. Multiple rallies are now being planned for next weekend…

So that passes this mess over to Theresa May…. If she ignores this, she can kiss the next election away….

It’s her government currently planning to bring in sentences of up to 6 years prison for causing offence on social media…

So let us not be too surprised if she turns out not to be on the people’s side…

John White



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