To Q or Not To Q:

That is the Question Raging Though the Truther Movement


An Open Letter from Anons To Independent Media

To the few remaining in the Anti-#QAnon group, desperately screaming anything they can to discredit Q or any of Q’s “followers,” I would like to personally thank you for informing the masses that this is a PSYOP. Yes. It’s true. It’s a psychological operation initiated by military intelligence and propagated by civil effort. We are actively engaged in an attempt to inform our neighbors, our brothers, our sisters, our mothers and our fathers of the crimes and atrocities that have been committed over the last century on the backs of our nation’s unwitting citizens.

You have done more for our campaign than we could have done alone, and that is exactly how we intended it. At every step of the way, we have baited you to move in and to say too much, to give yourself away and so afraid you are, and so habitual it is, that you can not and have not resisted the temptation.

As anticipated, the coordinated attacks on #QAnon have arrived. Let’s take a moment to appreciate these independent journalists for finally confirming what Anons have been saying from the start.

#QAnon Is Not a LARP.


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s address the PSYOP allegation. What is a PSYOP? A PSYOP is a Psychological Operation, and more recently, the term is now used to refer to military individuals that are a part of Special Operations Forces that specialize in Military Information Support Operations (MISO).

The emblem of this particular part of Spec Ops Command is a chess piece — the Knight, in particular. It’s no surprise to us that in the dedicated #QAnon repository, the word “chess” can be found ten times, and in particular, the famous Capablanca game, referenced by Julian Assange on January 12, 2018, with the next move on the board being Queen to F3, or Q Fox Three.

Assange’s tweet came about a few weeks after Q’s Dec 18, 2017 “Fox Three” post addressing the future Hawaii missile threat. The missile warning was sent out just a day following Assange’s tweet on January 13, 2018.


How about a nice game of chess?











To condense that: Q references the Hawaii missile warning before it happens, to which Assange also makes a reference — a day before the alert goes out. Do not pretend not to know about the putrid sparring between WikiLeaks and Freedom Press Foundation, which managed to spawn elite and so-called alt-media journalists that share a financier with George Soros. We are not attacking Assange.

We know what happened to Aaron Swartz and James Dolan and we know why. We know who runs SecureDrop. Q told us about what would happen to Barlow as well. Assange himself sent out an image of rats feasting from a bowl of milk, calling it the FPF board meeting. We will root out these rats in all corners, honeypots for whistleblowers included. To say we are attacking WikiLeaks is to completely ignore the infestation. It’s ridiculous beyond measure.

Let’s look at the three-letter acronym that sits at the end of the table of the board of directors that funds WikiLeaks. And, even he can be useful.

As an example of the type of connections we are inclined to make, if you search for “F3 Nuclear,” you might find something to the effect of “Nuclear Effects in the F3 Structure Function For Finite and Asymptotic Q^2.”

Now, granted, this could be unrelated or it could be related. In any case, this “PSYOP” motivates a relatively large number of individuals to go digging through and searching primary sources to understand the myriad of complex interactions happening on the world stage. To the tune of over 1.5 Million Posts.

Special Thanks to Ryan Anthony Morgan for Sharing [1]


WikiLeaks Calls QAnon A Likely ‘Pied Piper’ Operation

By Caitlin Johnstone


A few months back I started having bizarre interactions on social media of a kind I’d never experienced previously. Suddenly, whenever I’d write about President Trump’s nonstop warmongering and capitulations to longstanding neoconservative agendas like implementing aggressive new cold war escalations against Russia [2.1]along multiple fronts, the illegal occupation of Syria with the stated goal of effecting regime change [2.2],  increasing troop presence in Afghanistan  [2.3], unprecedented civilian deaths in drone strikes  [2.4], facilitating the slaughter of civilians in Yemen [2.5], or the administration’s open regime change policy against Iran [2.6], I’d get all these weird accounts telling me things like “Trust the plan” and “This is the Art of the Deal, Trump is playing 4-D chess”, and saying I should research something called “QAnon” or “Q”.

In response to a tweet [2.7]from Roseanne Barr asking “where is julian assange?”, the WikiLeaks account (which has long been a multi-user account run by a rotating WikiLeaks staff) [2.8] replied that he is “Gagged and isolated as a result of the Trump administration’s betrayal of the constitution and the demands of those who voted for it.” Barr, who has promoted QAnon in the past, replied that WikiLeaks’ answer was “BS”, to which they responded with Dawson’s thread. [2]




Steemit Only Article: Opinion: Why Independent Media Voices Are Questioning the “Q” Persona

By:  elizbethleavos (62) in qanon •  23 hours ago 

In the last few days, a very loud discussion has been taking place regarding the legitimacy of an anonymous 4chan and 8chan poster known as “Q.” My singular goal in this Steemit-only opinion piece is to explain why, despite the ensuing public backlash, I have felt motivated as an independent journalist to express skepticism regarding the Q persona.

This article is not intended to demand readers agree with me, or tell readers what to think, to disparage those who cover Q on social media or those I’ve already disagreed with respectfully on Twitter. This piece is simply and only intended to explain why I have spoken out repeatedly against the credibility of this Chan-based persona. It’s also not intended to speak for anyone except myself.

I will give a very condensed overview of the context of the latest discussion on Q that has occurred in the last few days. First, independent journalist and activist Suzie Dawson wrote “a very long, precise and methodical twitter thread” [4] on the ways in which Q’s posts fit the characteristics of a standard co-intelpro type operation. I recommend all readers to view that “thread in full, as provided by the ReaderUnrollApp” [5] before continuing with this article. [3]


By:  Suzie Dawson [6]

After more than 6 months of watching people get scammed by the #QAnon phenomena, I’m going to make the below thread to explain to you exactly why it is an intelligence agency-backed psyop, what techniques are being used, and why you need to stop people falling for it.

1. I referred to #QAnon today as a ‘Pied Piper’ operation. What I meant by this, is that the operation exists to round up people that are otherwise dangerous to the Deep State (because they are genuinely opposed to it) usurp time & attention, & trick them into serving its aims.

2. To achieve this, the operation moves through three phases.


It does this by appearing to leak insider information to the #QAnon audience. Making them feel that they are getting access to information that they otherwise wouldn’t be privy to

2a. This has several effects. Firstly, it establishes Q’s reputation as a government source. A whistleblower, or a leaker. More importantly, it begins to shape him/her/them as an authority figure. Someone to be looked up to. Someone who is different from the crowd. The Pied Piper
2b. The information “leaked” to establish credibility is not internal NSA documents like Snowden, or publishing evidence of war crimes like Assange, but is simply “heads-up’ style reference points about what will be in the news or internal political machinations in Washington.
2c. In other words, it is not information that is in any way a meaningful threat to the supremacy of the intelligence agencies of the United States. It will not cause them to lose any sleep at night. They are not launching public manhunts for Q like they did for Assange & Snowden

2d. Q employs gamification.

This is a technique frequently used by big data companies/corporates, surveillance companies, and intelligence agencies. It’s not enough for Q to simply tell you stuff outright. So it has to become a quiz. It has to be a puzzle. It has to become fun.

2e. Q professes to share the values and priorities of his/her/their target audience.

This creates a natural affinity between audience and Pied Piper. It creates a promise that if they follow Q, they will be led towards achieving the perfect outcomes that they hope and dream of.

2f. Of course the only place the Pied Piper will lead them is exactly where the Pied Piper wants to take them. Not where the audience wants to go. But every time these grand promises don’t pan out, he tells them, be patient! Wait! Have faith! We want the same thing. We’ll get it!


To build a truly evangelical following, the audience must become DEVOTED. Devotion is incredibly powerful. A devoted following is loyal and compliant, willing to silence their Devil’s Advocate inner tendencies, willing to extend their faith.

3a. Concept of a global awakening was discussed by @davidicke in print in the 90s. Was written about in James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy series in the ’00s. I suspect the concept dates back centuries. The information age has accelerated awareness, yes. DS seeks to control it.
3b. Q/Q followers cross-pollinate the concept of a global awakening with a spiritual awakening, and funnel that energy straight back into the conventional two-party political paradigm. A paradigm which is fundamentally opposed to the empowerment of individuals & spiritual growth.
3c. I have no doubt that the human brain & consciousness is capable of far more than what legacy science has suggested. But the mix of spirituality with politics, & spiritual devotion to a man who rubs shoulders with Kissinger, appoints Pompeo, Bolton & Haspel, is ridiculous.

4. Phase Three: Shifting The Targets & Unleashing The Audience

These ops are not simply just like the day-to-day info ops where they want to make the audience believe false things. In order to unleash their full power, they have to shift focus & direct the audience to action.

4a. Slowly and subtly, the Pied Piper starts to shift the direction. Where Q started out focusing on the int agencies/Deep-State-Will-Be-Drained promises, he begins to start drawing other figures into his narratives. Edward Snowden. Julian Assange.

Targets of the Deep State.

4b. This is where Q’s stated motives begin to fall apart.

We don’t even have to ask who benefits. We can just start asking some other really basic questions. Who does the Deep State want dead or in jail, more than anyone else?

Edward Snowden, Julian Assange & Kim Dotcom.

4c. Therefore, what is the most subversive thing that an opponent of the Deep State can do?

Clue: not reading #QAnon all day every day on the internet.

Taking action in support of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom.

THAT is what the Deep State don’t want you to do.

4d. The reason I am mentioning Kim Dotcom is not because of Q, but because Ed, Julian and Kim are all being prosecuted in the Eastern District Court of Virginia. The home of the CIA.

All three are being targeted by massive operations undertaken by the same intelligence agencies

4e. The Snowden file revelations (not the revelations in the MSM, but in the actual documents which @ElizabethleaVos & I have extensively studied) reveal way more than mass surveillance. They reveal the total subversion of every facet of human society by the intelligence agencies
4f. Those files reveal, in the NSA’s own words, that they are seeking to build a “global network” that gives them “100% coverage” of every inch of the planet. The wars aren’t just for oil. They are for global supremacy. The globalists intend to dominate every country on earth.
4g. We know this thanks to sacrifices of real whistleblowers. Not whistleblowers who showed us what Trump will tweet, or where he will be visiting next, or what will be in the news tomorrow. Whistleblowers that exposed the innermost secrets of the most powerful agencies on earth

4h. So when Q started telling people to look into Snowden and his family, I smelled a rat instantly.

The only people who want you digging dirt on Snowden are the people who want him dead or in jail.

And those people ARE THE DEEP STATE.

5. A lot of you are asking me questions “what about this” “what about that” – I will address the common themes shortly. But first I want to explain why the Q methodologies of building trust, gamification & then subverting the original intent & purpose is so transparent to me.
5a. The answer is because this is how intelligence agency and private security companies target activists. These methodologies have been in use for years. They are the techniques of “handlers”. What is different about Q is they they are now handling people on a massive scale.
5b. They make you feel special. They make you feel clever. They make you feel lucky. They otherise you. According to them, you are different. You can do more, be more, achieve more. All these things are true of everyone. But their intent is to build trust so they can shape you.
5c. I think Q – which is more likely to be an operation than a person – is the first instance of a “mass handler”. Same techniques and methodologies, same training, same net results. End goal same as #JTRIG: “to use online influence ops to make targets take real world actions”
5d. JTRIG is a psychological warfare doctrine from GCHQ (UK’s NSA) but is employed across the Five Eyes at minimum and more broadly the principles are utilised against targets by every intelligence agency on the planet. Study it. It is one of the many gems gifted to us by Snowden

5e. And what is the name of the NSA group tasked with hunting down Snowden for having leaked such powerful information to the world?

The Q Group.

As revealed in June 2013, the week of Snowden’s first disclosures:


6. Now I’m going to cover off a few common sense indicators that the Q operation is tolerated at best, or helped to grow at worst, by the same forces that it supposedly stands in opposition to.

Then I will address the common themes of the questions I’m being asked in replies

6a. If the NSA having a “Q group” hunting down Snowden wasn’t enough, just stop and think about how the Deep State usually reacts to anyone who meaningfully builds a large movement to ostensibly challenge their authority. Then ask yourself why that isn’t used against #QAnon.
6b. The #QAnon movement has swelled to an audience of 100s of 1000s, arguably millions around the world are watching/following in some capacity. That is definitely large enough to get the full-blown state-led-smear, corporate-censorship, intel agency-manhunt treatment. But hasn’t
6c. When the Pentagon manhunt for Julian Assange was launched in 2010, ditto with the Snowden manhunt in 2013, we saw the heads of the intelligence agencies warning that they were grave threats to national security. Smears were abundant. Supporters were individually targeted.
6d. The first step of the Deep State is to ridicule the support base, to a mainstream audience. The typical playbook would be for NYT, WaPo, CNN etc to be telling everyone that #QAnon supporters are unwashed kids-in-moms-basement dirty hippies like Occupy etc. Hasn’t happened.
6e. Notable individuals who support and circulate #QAnon would be publicly named and shamed, or worse, subject to grand jury proceedings and indictments for being party to the leaking of classified information. Targeted by all of the mechanisms of the state. Also hasn’t happened.
6e. By contrast, activists against the TPP were targeted. Occupy activists were targeted. Indigenous activists are targeted. Anyone related to WikiLeaks is targeted. Whistleblowers are targeted. Countless other movements, targeted. (Including both left & right wing activism)
7. OK let’s address some of the themes of the commenters. Then after, we’re going to get into some info that the Deep State REALLY doesn’t want you to know. Information with serious ramifications that is in the public arena but which is being ignored/suppressed.

7a. “But Q teaches us to research and think for ourselves”

No. The internet and social media has taught us to research. Access to alternative sources of information has taught us to think for ourselves.

What Q does is get you to research what Q wants you to research.

7b. …and in doing so, Q is commandeering and directing your use of your time.

The vagueness of the posts is intentional. It’s not just gamification, it’s a time-sink. A deliberate rabbit hole. Whistleblowers don’t do this. They say “here is the info, straight up”. No games.

7b. “but what about the pedos? Don’t you believe there are pedos in govt?”

That there are pedos in the highest echelons of global political power has been known for at least 3 decades. Victims campaigning ultimately resulted in the #CSAinquiry years before #QAnon or #DNCLeaks.

7c. “but what about the 13,000 secret indictments? That will drain the swamp!”

The people aren’t the problem, the systems are the problem. In the NSA’s own words in its docs, “the global network”. 100+ countries are involved. This is bigger than the US election or US politics.

7d. Will I be happy if Clinton and the entire criminal mafia that she is the figurehead of ends up in jail? Sure. She wanted to drone Assange. She levelled entire countries. She is a fake feminist. Lock her up. But politicians don’t control Washington. The globalists control it.
7e. And the globalists are the military powers of the “global network” – they call themselves “partner agencies”. They share access to their satellites, networks, human & fiscal resources, and they control most of this planet. This TV politics nonsense ppl follow is a total sham.
7f. Sorry to tell #MAGA and #QAnon this, but you don’t live in a constitutional democracy. You live in an international military dictatorship, with a veneer of democracy pumped out by your TV & 1 vote between 2 corrupt ppl every 4 years. While you can vote on American Idol weekly

7g. “But how did he know what Trump would tweet??”

Int agency technique:

When NSA was recently outed trying to cultivate Russian sources, they had told the Russian sources what they would tweet from the official NSA Twitter account before they tweeted it… [8]

7h. “Why are you doing this? Why try to discredit Q?”

I observed but didn’t judge or form an opinion about the Q stuff for a long time. I knew time would tell the true colours behind it. As soon as I saw it targeting Deep State targets, rather than the Deep State, game was up.

8. Here comes the good bit. From my perspective. This is where I get to highlight a ton of highly consequential info about “the global network” that has flown under the radar of most people and has been largely ignored by media, and escaped notice of #QAnon. Strap yourselves in.
8a. I’m not going to talk in secret code. I’m not going to make you spend hours playing guessing games. I’m not going to give you just tiny scraps of information. I’m going to give you direct statements from the NSA’s own files, then links to files, images and source documents.

8b. Under-the-radar Snowden revelation #1:

It is nonsense that the CIA & NSA are in competition. They are the left & right arm of the executive. NSA collects data, CIA acts on it.

Evidence one:

CIA gives awards to NSA employees:

8b(II): Evidence two:

It is not strange that Snowden worked at CIA before working at NSA. Staff from Directors of the agencies on down to low-level employees move back and forward between the agencies.

Screenshot from: [9]

8c: Under-the-radar Snowden revelation #2: in NSA documents it admits that the US military deployments are for oil, not human rights or any other nonsense excuse they tell the public:


Screenshot from: [10]

8d. Under-the-radar Snowden revelation #3:

The intelligence agencies were planning their “global system” well over a decade ago. They want to control the entire planet.

Doc: [11]

Screenshot from: [12]

8d: Under-the-radar Snowden revelation #3:

We are told about compartmentalisation occurring at high levels. NSA docs say the opposite. They say lower levels are subject to compartmentalisation, execs see all


Screenshot from [13]
(Sorry, the above should have been labelled 8e / revelation #4)

8f: Under-the-radar Snowden relevation #5:

The NSA is like the Eye of Sauron but where that eye is directed is determined by its “customers”. Which includes not just US gov departments but also the Federal Reserve Bank

Docs: [14] Dynamic Methods of Interaction with New and Existing Customers

&  [15]  The Washington Liaison Office Who Are Those Guys

8g: Under-the-radar Snowden revelation #6:

The NSA are absolutely obsessed with not getting their budget cut. That is what they fear more than anything else. Shut down the $$? Shut down the tyranny.

Screenshot from: [16]

8h. Under-the-radar Snowden revelation #7

The NSA internally bragged about being responsible for the false intelligence presented to the UN that led to the Iraq War.

Screenshot from: [17]

Source links to 3 reference docs (appear in black text) on that page

8i. I could go on and on because there are hundreds of incredibly significant findings that the mainstream media have never reported on. Instead, here are a few videos of me discussing the findings:

1. With @LeeCamp [18] on @RedactedTonight:

8j: Here is a 3 hour discussion where I debunked a ton of myths about Snowden and Assange:

9. If you are interested in exposing the real Deep State & learning what they don’t want you to know, there is tons more info in my tweet history, website, You Tube channel, etc.

But most importantly of all: call for the emancipation of Julian Assange & support whistleblowers!!

Last tweet of the thread 🙂

Thread Guide:

1: #QAnon: Pied Piper op
2. Phase 1: Establishing credibility
3. Phase 2: Making it spiritual
4. Phase 3: Shifting Targets
5. Methodologies
6. Indicators
7. Answering questions
8. Snowden revelations
9. Finish

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