Canadians deserve better than this:

By: TheLastRefuge @TheLastRefuge2

Canadians are nowhere near as obtuse as Justin Trudeau would have you believe them to be.
Everyone can tell the difference between: the importance of protecting a steel and aluminum industry as a national security objective, and placing targeted tariffs therein upon nations who use their trade position as a pass-through for foreign dumping -vs-calling Canadian’s, as a nation, a national security threat. Justin from Canada is simply playing politics with his national economy. He has no choice. The facets of Canadian exploitation of NAFTA, as a domestic economic strategy vis-a-vis their pass-through structure, cannot be defended on principle. So Justin from Canada creates the economic and national security *strawman* argument saying President Trump is calling Canada a national security risk to the U.S. No, President Trump is not saying that. President Trump is saying securing the U.S. Steel and Aluminum industry is vital to U.S. national security interests. It’s too bad Chuck Todd didn’t interrupt Justin Trudeau after the “aluminum smelter” comment and ask: ‘well, now that you mention it, what ever happened to that smelter near the airbase you mention’?
Of course Todd couldn’t do that because Trudeau would have to admit environmental dictates of prior left-wing Canadian political leadership destroyed the aluminum smelting industry in Canada much like it was destroyed by similarly minded environmental ideologues in the U.S. Which is exactly the reason why President Donald Trump is reversing course and reminding everyone that Steel and Aluminum manufacturing are vital to national interests. Huh, funny that…
This ridiculously absurd politicization of the reasoning for U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs is, and the political narrative now being pushed by Justin Trudeau is further evidence that NAFTA is now a “dead-man-walking” trade deal. Stick a fork in it, and conduct your financial affairs accordingly, because NAFTA is dead. If it wasn’t, and/or if Justin Trudeau wasn’t told by his advisers therein, he would never get himself so far out in direct opposition to the U.S.
The only thing missing is the official announcement therein… But don’t worry, that announcement is coming. Both Canada and Mexico are fully aware NAFTA is dead. Their political goal is now *blame casting*.
Unfortunately for the politically-minded Justin Trudeau and Minister Chrystia Freeland what they both don’t understand is that President Donald Trump doesn’t care about their delicate sensibilities and blame-casting maneuvers. President Trump was elected specifically because he doesn’t apply a political prism in front of economic or national security decisions.
Additionally, NAFTA is dead, all three countries know it, and the aspect that both Canada and Mexico have only recently become aware of is Trump is in no rush to announce it. He’s in no rush to announce it because the effects of withdrawal are already well underway. Investors are not going to invest in Canada and Mexico while the looming uncertainty of a U.S. NAFTA exit looms in the air. [1] Prior to joining the administration NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow always knew of businessman Donald Trump tangentially. However, now that Kudlow’s got a front row seat to Trump’s trade and economic policy, he too just realized Trump means what he says.


President Donald Trump sent U.S. Trade Rep. Lighthizer to see if a NAFTA deal was possible; but business-minded Trump always knew a renegotiated deal was near impossible.


Understanding Why NAFTA Exit is a Forgone Conclusion… President Trump will pull the U.S. out of NAFTA and direct the U.S. Trade Representative to engage in bilateral trade deals with Canada and Mexico individually.   There is no other possible alternative. [2]
*Impossible* because Canada and Mexico would have to agree to support actual North American manufacturing. That approach is adverse to the interests of Can/Mex who have structured their external (non NAFTA) trade deals as simple pass-throughs to the U.S. market. Thus Canada and Mexico entered into negotiations while demanding greater import of Asian, mostly Chinese, goods. Thus the “fatal flaw” or “loophole” within NAFTA surfaces. USTR Lighthizer demanding more U.S., Mexican and Canadian products be used in NAFTA manufacturing…. (gee, what a concept /sarc) while Canada and Mexico demand more Chinese, Asian and EU product components be used.

See the absurdity of it?

Damn goofy. All of it.



Back to Justin Trudeau. Notice he says Canada imports U.S. Steel and there’s a trade surplus for the U.S. into Canada? WATCH AGAIN:


What Justin Trudeau doesn’t mention [nor Chrystia Freeland ] is that U.S. steel is actually U.S. auto-sector steel being shipped just across the border to be used in U.S. owned manufacturing plants in Canada. Take that away and the entire steel narrative is lost. Canada doesn’t make much steel and aluminum, because the Trudeau-minded do-gooder environmentalists in Canada have killed off their heavy manufacturing industrial base.
Which is *exactly* what President Donald Trump is attempting to ensure doesn’t happen in the United States. DUH !!
So, what happens? Well, in response to a non-politician (Trump) doing what is in the best interests of the U.S. economic base, the heavily political Canadian dynamic duo (Justin Trudeau / Chrystia Freeland ) rely on left-wing politics to frame their counter position.


Did you see the list of items the dynamic duo Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland selected as targets for their counter-tariff position?

Check it out –> [3]

What do: “felt pens”, “rubber boats”, “Orange juice” and Tomato Ketchup have to do with the U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs? Well, that’s political too…

First, the ridiculous “felt pen tariff” is politically targeted toward this:

Yes, they are *THAT* petty.

I know, I know… I laughed too.




Then comes the “orange juice tariff”. Targeting guess where? Yup, Florida. What’s in Florida? Trump’s home in Mar-a-lago of course.



Rubber inflatable boats? Oh, that would be South Carolina specifically Zodiac Nautic manufacturing plant in Summerville, S.C. Why target South Carolina? –> Nikki Haley the proverbial thorn in the Palestinian loving leftists U.N. side.


Yes, the grouchy Canadian couple are *that* petty. Never underestimate the pettiness of an avowed leftist and/or Marxist-minded crew. It’s in their DNA.

The funny thing is Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland think Trump cares about this nonsense because their tribe tells them.


Tip to Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland: President Donald Trump DOESN’T CARE. Never has, never will. But it’s hilarious the left-wing ideologues haven’t yet caught on to this truism.
😂The “ketchup tariff” –> [3] Well, Heinz shut down a plant in Leamington, Ontario, & of the $264 million in ketchup that Canada imports from U.S. annually, $81.4 million comes from Heinz’s home state and congressional battleground state Pennsylvania.
The “Soy Sauce Tariff” –>[3] Well, most of the soy sauce produced in North America comes from Kikkoman plant in the Wisconsin congressional district of…. wait for it…. House Speaker Paul Ryan 😂 I can’t even…
Despite how much fun this is, I’ll stop there and take it back to where this started.
Canadians deserve better than this from Justin Trudeau .
NAFTA is dead.
40. /END
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[3] FIN.GC