March 20, 2017 – FBI Director James Comey indicated in a statement before the HPSCI that the investigation into Trump’s campaign was a “counterintelligence investigation”.

What is Counterintelligence and why does it matter? [1]






Counterintelligence is defined by the National Security Act of 1947 Sec. 3. [50 U.S.C. §401a] as “information gathered and activities conducted to protect against intelligence activities being conducted on behalf of a foreign government.” [2]



The Counterintelligence Enhancement Act of 2002 established the National Counterintelligence Executive joining together the DOJ, DOD, DOS, DOE, and the CIA to conduct counterintelligence activities. 04 USC Title 50 Chap 15 §402


2004 US Code :: Title 50 – WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENSE :: CHAPTER 15 – NATIONAL SECURITY :: SUBCHAPTER I – COORDINATION FOR NATIONAL SECURITY :: Sec. 402a – Coordination of counterintelligence activities [3]



According to the Department of Defense (a central member of the National Counterintelligence Executive), CI is defined as:

“activities conducted to identify, deceive, exploit, disrupt foreign intelligence activities” [4]




The FBI has primary responsibility for CI activities conducted within the US. Coordination for CI activities with the FBI and DoD is is handled by the Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. [5]


While the CIA is primarily responsible for conducting CI outside the US, the CIA can begin surveillance on a domestic target WITHOUT A WARRANT (EO 12333 AR 2-2) by directing the FBI to do it’s bidding with approval from the CIA general counsel.


New Docs Raise Questions About CIA Spying Here at Home The current debate about government surveillance has largely overlooked the CIA, possibly because we know little about the agency’s activities within the United States. While the relevant legal autho… [6]


The investigation into the Trump campaign was based upon faulty/fabricated intelligence alleging “collusion” with Russia and as such, investigators were permitted to “identify, deceive, exploit, disrupt” and “confound, manipulate, thwart” his campaign. [7]




There are a number of methods used in CI to “identify, deceive, exploit, disrupt, confound, manipulate and thwart”. [8]

Trump has repeatedly referred to the existence of “Spies” in his campaign. These are known as HUMINT sources — Human Intelligence.


While the information remains classified, a CI investigation such as the one taken against the Trump campaign (and administration), will typically use MULTIPLE HUMINT SOURCES.
Methods: COMINT Collection — Short for Communications Intelligence is information derived primarily from electronic signals that contain
speech or text.- Wiretaps on any phone of any suspect.- Monitoring all outgoing and incoming email messages.

This should give you a pretty good idea of what type of activities were involved in the counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign.

While the specifics remain classified, Spy Gate is an absolutely appropriate term.



 Surveillance much?

Surveillance LOTS.

SpieS — Plural.



One Final Note: If the CI investigation into the Donald Trump campaign was knowingly started from faulty, fabricated or misleading intelligence, those involved will be in SERIOUS TROUBLE.



ADDENDUM: Executive Order 12333 specifies that Counterintelligence priorities are set, and activities directed by the President Obama and NSC. [9]

Uh oh…




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