Written by John White on Behalf of American Digital News [1] – June 3, 2018

On the 2nd of June 2018, Patriots were alerted when one anon blew the whistle on a sick Facebook group they had found.

Patriots checked what they were being told with horror, and word spread like wildfire about the sick grooming and sexual commenting on a site purporting to be about legitimate male child models.

It was swiftly VERY clear what this site was really being used for. It was absolutely sickening and the Patriot movement in all its forms took up this cause and mass reported the offensive group.

This vile group, “Cute child model boys”, is just one example of a sick cancer nestled in the heart of Facebook and Twitter. They are portals into a dark world that if a child falls into, they will for ever be hurt, and changed: if they ever return at all.

We include one anonymized image. The [REDACTED] ID is for legal reasons: the [REDACTED] words because they are unspeakable.

The below image has been neutralized, but constituted a young boy in swimwear subject to sexualized chat with the header statement of “LETS BATH TOGETHER” that was posted on June 1, 2018.  American Digital News takes CHILD SAFEGUARDING extremely seriously and we will not publish more than that.

Patriots and God Conscious people from all across the internet scream as loud as we can about the horrible danger of groups like this, and WORSE, FAR FAR WORSE, hiding on social media: it is NOT safe for children, where sick groups of the worst kind lurk with SECRET status and predators use that to organize grooming on any and every other conceivable site. Do you expect Facebook to admit this? Do you think Facebook isn’t involved?

This website looking to recruit child models is the mildest form of this network, but even so, it drips with evil to chill the soul.

Activists who rallied with purpose and unity to get this group stopped: evidence has been archived. Every posting ID that said vile things about children has been tracked, documented, and forwarded to authorities.
We show this comment from Patriot activist Samantha J Cave (with permission), to example one of the many activist messages blowing the whistle on this site:

We will NOT be publishing any of the alarming comments on this group that activists were reacting to.
With consideration, and mindful that such statements can be corrupting in themselves, we have decided not to include any such examples of what we found on that vile Facebook group, in this public article. Such statements themselves could be inciting to Peadophiles and we have decided to err on caution of the law and trust our readers to see the evidence this group got shut down via mass action, and accept our description of what was found during the course of the action.

Hunt these people down with our blessing Law Enforcement! We KNOW President Trump and First Lady Melania are WITH THE PEOPLE and against the degenerate perverts and God Bless them!

It is in God’s name and with God’s protection that #Pedogate activists do their work. There is no other way to combat spiritual evil corrupting sick men to do vile deeds. Evil must be fought wearing the armor of faith.

Everybody who acted with unity and purpose to protect the children, will do so again and again and again: be assured!
We will never show mercy for this evil anywhere we find it on the internet: but especially not on mass social media where these sick predators have the greatest chance to target our children directly.
Globalist tech giants are quick enough to censor those who speak of God, Goodness and Patriotism, but never seem in an urgency to expunge this filth from their pages: rather they seek to sssh! and cover it up. Whenever activists find and report these kinds of groups, Facebook hides behind its “plausibly deniable” claims they missed it in “error”.
With the power of algorithms? Oh no! ITS BY DESIGN:

In society at large, great strides towards Justice are being made with more to come. The recent shut down of “Back-Page” was incredibly important in the battle to protect children.

“Sex ads website Backpage shut down by U.S. authorities


God bless POTUS, who vows to tackle and break the human traffickers of all kind.
And those behind these vile networks, especially every filthy “spirit-cooking” one of them in the elite circles, most likely to be connected to or even employed by globalist corporations like Facebook and Twitter, are ALL going to be brought to account in days to come.
That is the promise of POTUS: and POTUS keeps his promises!
From the very start of his presidency, President Trump has made Human Trafficking absolute top priority, which includes organized sex trafficking of children and online grooming

Patriots have been following the Presidents progress closely and busts against these evil networks are up massively than they were under President Obama.
On April 11th 2018 President Trump signed a new bill explicitly targeting online human trafficking.

With Facebook, its crimes include data selling, political manipulation, free speech abuses, unjustified repression of users rights to fair use of the service, co-operation with dictatorial regimes worldwide, (including facilitating shopping citizens to police states), the use of “disruption” agenda techniques in 3rd world countries to take over local economies, and most disturbing of all, and hardest to prove, but our BIGGEST concern: “secret” Facebook groups, invisible to anyone not invited and to Facebook itself, existing for the worst reasons, committing the serious crimes which include child grooming, exploitation, trafficking, possibly even terrorism.

Activists have found clues but of course it needs law enforcement to properly investigate what Facebook is hiding on its servers.

With the massive outcry about this Group, Facebook did of course take this down: they would hardly want the terrible publicity of failing to do so.


But do not think responding once a malicious group being exposed, means Facebook should be trusted. How do we know? Where is the oversight? So, while this is a victory, the battle goes on.
We trust the plan: we act with Unity: and we do it for the children
Not just those alive today, who need saving from evil: (many in terrible direct danger from human trafficking criminal gangs): but also, for all those Grandchildren still to come.
For the sake of societies future, Monsters must always be fought, until they are ONLY a bad dream under the bed.


Written by John White, on behalf of everyone at American Digital News.


Dear FB,
You have shown your true colors regarding pedophilia and child sex trafficking by leaving up a page called “Cute Child Model Boys” where pedophiles drool over photos of young boys at the beach in swimsuits… after people have reported this page, yet… you BAN both Liz Crokin and John XXXXX, for 30 days each for reporting and exposing these CRIMES against our precious, innocent children!

This is NOT of God, but the evil one (Satan). God takes very seriously those who harm children and covet for those who harm children. You do not want to mess with Him concerning children. I pray for you that God will work in your hearts, because what you are doing is WRONG! Yet I love you with God’s love and will continue to pray for you. You just really make me sad… whoever among FB employees who is making these horrible decisions.


I’m beyond angry that FB is allowing this to happen! God sees all and knows all. His justice is eternal! Anyone who allows children to be preyed upon will answer for eternity !!

I am angry too but FB took down the page cuz we caused a ruckus! So that is good news. I hear ya and I am thinking of the Scripture where God says He is not willing that ANY should perish but all come to repentance. That even includes these. To me, God’s grace is beyond awesome! Jesus died for every sin that would ever be committed by humanity… this is the good news of the gospel!!


My friends and I spent hours reporting pages to FB that were inappropriate to be told most times they didn’t violate FB standards. One that had child porn, I reported to the local FBI office. They said it is difficult to trace because a lot of it comes from overseas.


This post inspired people to report it to FB again and they finally removed the page. Of course there are many other pages, as my friend Laura just pointed out here as well. But this shows when we come together we can accomplish great things for God and the children! With His help, we can do anything!


[1] John White – American Digital News

[2] Reuters