New batch of Chuck Grassley letters give insight into exactly what McCabe and his Gofundme lawyer are requesting.

On 5/31 Grassley writes to Bromwich requesting the emails that they claim to have between McCabe and Comey, as neither the IG or OPR report mentioned them.
On April 4,  Esq. Gofundme responds claims McCabe was not a key decision maker, says FBI prohibits sharing emails but says they were sent 10/21/16 and 10/23/16, then he plagiarizes General Flynn’s attorney and says it’s well known OIG has made a criminal referral. #NODEALS
After saying the Justice Department is leaking non-stop, McCabe’s lawyer says he’s willing to testify in exchange for immunity. He goes on to blab about how terrible and unconstitutional the firing was and wraps up by saying if there’s no immunity McCabe will claim the 5th.
#TheGrassanator immediately responds and seems less than impressed, he says they might consider immunity but it would require 2/3 vote along with DOJ approval. Grassley says he’d still need more info and insinuates if there’s nothing to hide why worry? Also requests Non Disclosure Agreement.
Bromwich replies that they will not discuss the scope, interestingly he says NDA was signed based on termination and that the FBI specifically has said other documents cannot be disclosed.
The NDA he includes is for HIM though which seems a standard practice for a lawyer representing a FBI agent? It’s signed on March 8, days before McCabe was fired. #NODEALS
Chuck Grassley seemingly exhausted with Gofundme lawyer, writes to Wray and reminds him appropriated funds may not be used for NDA and one signed isn’t legally binding. Tells him to share that with “McCabe’s Attorney” and asks why they keep muzzling FBI employees🔥 Playing hardball with Chuck Grassley is a fools game. It’s quite possible McCabe will claim the 5th but it’s quite improbable that he’s going to avoid criminal charges. Let’s be honest Justice OIG has or can get their hands on the emails #NODEALS

A Panicked Andrew McCabe Begs for Immunity from Prison, Gets Roundhoused by Single Twitter Thread Uncovering His Scheme

Embattled, disgraced, and fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe asked for immunity on Tuesday to testify in Congress about perhaps more than one criminal FBI scheme in exchange for not being prosecuted for his alleged role in the same schemes.

His lawyer wrote a letter to Sen. Chuck Grassley asking for immunity which set off a firestorm on social media.

Some folks like @myhtopoeic on Twitter decided to pick apart McCabe’s legal argument for immunity, which he proves is nothing more than a legal scheme to con a get-out-of-jail-free card for McCabe from Congress. More at => True Pundit


Question to you, Senator Grassley. How many of the many who have testified behind closed doors since the beginning of 2017 have requested and received some form of immunity behind closed doors? Lynch? Rice? Brennan? Clapper? Comey? etc.

Priestap/McCabe secret testimony in lieu of OIG unredacted reports made public IS OBSTRUCTION. We will not accept the game of classifying reports or redacting criminal acts & those involved from reports under false National Security claims. NO more HRC server style all inclusive immunity! Priestap has been cooperating for over a year. Tweeted this last year. He had read Yates blame game. McCabe on the other hand should not go from conditional immunity to seeking full immunity at this late date. Opportunity was there a while ago, but he chose bluff. Too bad!

This is not some lowly street crew member looking to cut a deal to snitch on his drug connection. McCabe was a Deputy Director who weaponized the Country’s top LE agency, abused his position, coordinated illegal activities w/subordinates, committed perjury to get away w/treason. What of the message it sends to FBI? Commit crimes for personal benefice, then cut a deal to save your butt? Should we just shut the Agency down if we are going to let them operate that way? He is only cutting deal because Rod’s insurance policy of RM as SC is failing, too? (Tip of the iceberg. – which is why he wants a deal.)  I agree. You are correct. Full immunity covers ALL prior illegal acts not related to these investigations. IRAN Cash, USB halted investigation, Magnitsky investigation, HSBC, illegal use of apparatus on all kinds on US citizens, etc, etc, etc. knowledge or involvement of death and false imprisonment of witnesses ? Just saying. Theft of Treasury, money laundering through FOUNDATION(S)…long, long list.

They don’t have to give him immunity. They know this.

What have we learned:
#NODEALS for McCabe
#NODEALS Chuck Grassley
Enough is enough.