How I Came To Encounter BRITISH FIGHT

Written by: John White

Hi all.

I’m John White, many of you will know me, if you don’t, independent activist of many years standing. 9/11 Truth. Brexit. Trump. Meme-maker, article writer, spiritual perspective on today’s problems.

That’s why Ash Brierley knew to come to me lunchtime Sunday 3rd of June 2018.

Here I was, minding my own business writing some activist letter posts, when I get messaged:

“Can you help with this? Can you have a look at this?”

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Ash had discovered @UK_Revolution17 on Twitter, and had engaged in PM conversation with this source.

Yesterday, this source solidified into the Identity [British Fight]. It’s the same source, verified, but it is responding to us.

British Fight is therefore what I will call the source for the rest of this account, although for the whole of the time of this twitter conversation, it was known as @UK_Revolution17.

Over the next three days, Ash spoke to British Fight on both of our behalf’s. This is because I’m so blocked on Twitter I can’t even view the site from home let alone run an account. I’m not Jack Dorsey’s kind of guy.

This conversation took on more of the tone of a negotiation, as we considered British Fight’s responses and made our own.

We also called in some more help. There were very competent Anons witnessing the conversation we were having and considering the responses we received.

So what did we learn over 3 days talking to a twitter account?

We learned a description of a plan.

The plan has 3 phases.

  • 1) President Trump’s UK visit starts the plan.
  • 2) In a period after that, a series of major scandals hit UK establishment. Scandals like we have never seen before in a way the UK cannot stop coming out.
  • 3) Establishment a mess in the aftermath. A new political party, currently camouflaged in the wings, comes forward with a NATIONAL UNITY REFORM agenda. Takes on establishment in a new election, first 100,000 memberships £1.

So with that start point, we discussed the nature of the plan, what those scandals are, and what that party would stand for. We also got a couple of crumbs to experiment following, and very good crumbs they were too. Impressive.

Even more impressive, British Fight predicted Q would post when he hadn’t in 11 days, within 51 minutes of it happening: British Fight also predicted a White House scoop about “Spygate” 3 days in advance. Proof sheets for both are linked with this post above.

We really liked the answers. But we played it hardball until we were completely satisfied we had crossed a vital threshold: we were over the point where we had to see where this goes. That was a group affirmation. Tea-time, Tuesday the 5th.
So then I’m considering “what next?”.

British Fight had asked us to create lists of people to contact about the plan. In general terms, to start networking.

I thought, “Well I’m still getting to grips with what this is. But as far as it goes, if there is info to expose, tend to agree with exposing it. If this source is bringing forth info, no reason not to see where that goes. And then, if after Trumps visit, crisis do hit the UK, then this party rises… at that point, that’s where the real commit point comes. Until then, as long as its lawful, I’m going to see where this goes. But I don’t like making lists of people. Not quite my thing”.

Then I thought, not wanting the ethical responsibility of recruiting somebody, best way, let people recruit themselves.
So, I started the Facebook group, Aslan’s Reprieve, currently secret but soon to become more open:

“Start gentle, start with a few invites. Give the opportunity to read the screengrabs from the twitter conversation.

If people like what they read, stick around.

Not for you? Just leave.”

From there, a few became a dozen, became 50, 100… I see we are now passing 350 good people found, to get eyes and brains on working out what this is all about.

That’s where we are today: 36 hours after I clicked “create groups”.

We need more! MANY more! We have a LOT to learn about what’s wrong with our own country.

Now British Fight has come forward with a time:

09:00 Friday 08/06/18.

[Note:  All Times are UK standard (Day/Month/Year) ex. June 8, 2018]

British Fight says a DROP of information is going to happen.

That’s as much as I know.

If this pans out, a lot more attention is going to come onto British Fight, the group will grow more, and something has started. There are other groups out there. I don’t know them! If you find them let me know.

This sort of information is familiar to some of us, not so much others.

The way British Fight speaks is a compressed speech. What British Fight says may contain compressed information.

Seems to want to be open with us: get speaking to him! Push probe prod test and question him: and if you are happy: start asking “how can I help”?

Now those who follow the US info-source Q-anon will see similarities with British Fight. That’s caused some initial issues.

Because I want to be clear. We are NOT talking to Q Anon.

We ARE talking to British Fight.

But understanding how Q-Anon works: and understanding Q-Anon’s US version of “THE PLAN” will shed a lot of light on British Fight’s words.

This is an adventure. There are places to go ranging the wilds of the internet spreading the word. There is work to do, right here, getting into this information, getting it into shareable usable forms. There is friendship this is comradeship, there is common cause, unity, and patriotism: all here in abundance especially if you express them.

Or if this is a whole bunch of fruity loops: leave group button. [RESOLVED] with simplicity.

I’m sticking about, I’m engaging, I’m taking the plunge.
So to everyone still here: word is: let’s get busy!

And if you are not British you can still help! The choice of how to help, and at what level is yours. We do understand US Anons are busy.

But if we can light up the US patriot movement with news of British Fight, then Britain damn well might hear about it! And if I can research the US, you guys can research the UK.

For those who ARE Brits: British Fight is here. Engage.
Get your answers. Don’t look at me: get it from HIM:

That’s what I had to do.

I’m NOT any kind of leader: just a bloke who made a group: I earnestly want you to follow YOURSELVES.

But we will explore this information and vista of possibility:


Good luck patriots!

John White

Where We Go 1 We Go All


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