December 29, 2009 – Obama signed President Executive Order 13526 outlining regulations on the handling of classified national security information.

I guess Hillary Clinton didn’t get the memo. [1]

By: Lycaon @Cynacin [2]


Director of National Intelligence, shall establish controls to ensure that classified information is used, processed, stored, reproduced, transmitted, and destroyed under conditions that provide adequate protection and prevent access by unauthorized persons.

He failed.

Obama sometimes used a pseudonym to communicate with Clinton using the unsecured personal server that violated his own executive order. [3]

.Barack Obama
The EO further indicates that the “heads of agencies” (Like SoS Hillary Clinton) are responsible for ensuring proper security controls and handling of classified information.


Despite these clear and explicit regulations, corrupt and incompetent fired FBI director James Comey still couldn’t find intent. [4]

The Obama administration was an EPIC FAIL from day 1.
ADDENDUM – EO 13526 also contains provisions for security of information systems and sanctioning violators. “Sanctions may include reprimand, suspension without pay, removal, termination of classification authority, loss or denial of access to classified information…”
[4] FBI