My 2 Cents of Sense: HISTORY IN THE MAKING

Written by James Hovda  June 10, 2018 [1]


I’ll give President Trump at least one credit… he has restored the economy!

Never in the eight years of Obama have I ever been so busy with work. People act if their money is burning a hole in their pocket, and they have to spend it. Under Obama, people were tight with their money, looking for the cheapest route to take in purchasing anything, especially landscaping and irrigation, which is the primary field of my business.

I talk to my customers regularly, and they have been so ecstatic with Trump’s election and accomplishments that they can’t shut up about how their lives have done a complete 180 since his election, nor why the Democrats seem to try to derail the momentum to take us back to the days of Obama and depression. Politics, being what they are, neither Party cares to see the other Party win, nor have any sort of prosperity unless it is under their command. The Democrats want everyone to be dependent upon them for survival, as we learned under the past administration, while they bask in total luxury from taxpayer and big donor dollars.

The Wicked Witch of the West Pelosi and Chucky-Boy Schumer seem to be living in a different dimension by their comments over anything great that has stemmed from the Trump White House. Examples are: The bonus’ and pay raises given out by companies are “crumbs”, according to Pelosi. Schumer called them “peanuts”, wanting the poor to be making as much as managers and executives while having no expertise, qualifications, nor the intelligence or education/training to hold such positions. Hey Nancy and Chuck! The poor are that way because they want to be that way, since they don’t wish to expand with their abilities to advance within the human race! The lazy are just that, and those who are not working in an economy that has more jobs than people to fill them are steadfast to be sponges off the taxpayers the rest of their lives. And to tell you a little secret, we taxpayers have had just about enough of the freeloaders still squatting on Americanism, and stealing what we work very hard to earn. It is past time they get a job, any job, to pay for all that we give to them!!!

We conservatives wanted the same for Obama and the Democrats, complete failure, because what they were doing to America was totally un-American. Their desire was to reverse 230 years of freedom and liberty, and to install socialism and communism into its place. Of course we wanted their failure, and their leaders either booted out, arrested, or both. What they did for eight years was criminal, treasonous, and pure anti-Americanism… traitors to this country. We still hope that someday justice will prevail, and a special place is where they live out their hateful lives. Trump needs to build a special prison near Barrow, Alaska just for all the Swamp-rats and their cohorts. Maybe they can see Russia from there, since they wanted America to become more like it every day they remained in office.

Can you imagine if the patriot Republicans won big time this November what kind of impact it will have upon this administration and the MAGA doctrine? If we can remove many of the “obstructionist” Democrats and RINO’s from the picture, Trump can have full canvass to paint his historic masterpiece that will put America back on top and into her full glory where God intended. If President Trump can have two years to move his agenda into place, the following next four years will have every American doing 1000% better, and every criminal, illegal, and anti-American in a place they really don’t want to be. I would predict that when President Trump leaves office in 2024, they will carve out a place in Mount Rushmore for him to exist with Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Jefferson.

But for any of that to happen, it becomes up to you and me to do everything possible to help in making that into reality, especially voting and campaigning for those who follow in the MAGA agenda. We are now taking this country back, as we cannot allow anything like what happened under the Democrats and RINO’s grace our nation ever again. Any form of socialism, communism, or globalism must be barred, removed, and refrained from interfering with our national place in the world’s effort for peace and prosperity for all mankind. The growth of freedom and liberty will eventually push its evil enemies out… only then can the people truly prosper, and true governance can work equally for all.

Yes, here in the heartland of America, we are bouncing off the ceiling with how things are much different, as the pieces of the puzzle are being put back into their place. History is definitely being made, and the world’s future is being shaped, as globalism has been put on notice and now on the run. The enemies of America are today singing a more peaceful tune, and the enemies of Trump are crapping in their pants, as years of their deconstruction of America have now become our reconstruction instead.

The list is long of Trump’s great accomplishments after being 500 days in office, and growing longer each day. We look forward to what’s to come, and are anxious to be a part of what Trump said will happen if he becomes our President: “… to be sick of so much greatness that we can’t stand it!” Personally, I don’t think any of us will ever get tired of it. Let’s just hope we don’t become spoiled on it!

Thanks for your support!

Written By: James Hovda

HERE IT IS=> Complete List of President Trump’s Historic Accomplishments His First Year in Office!

JANUARY 21, 2018 [2]


500 Days Of Accomplishments Under President Trump

By: Phil Roe  June 8, 2018 [3]

President Donald J. Trump had arguably the best first year for any President in US history since Washington – in spite of massive headwinds from the actions of the corrupt and criminal prior administration, the Democrat Party and their MSM! Below is a list of his major accomplishments.

The Economy –

On Wednesday, January 17th, 2018, one year from inauguration, the Dow broke 26,000 points for the first time in its history.  The Dow today stands at 26,071.7.  It is up 42% since the 2016 election and 31% since last year’s inauguration. The Dow is up an amazing 7,739 points since the election.

Today there are more people working than at any time in US history. More than 2 million new jobs were created in 2017 under President Trump and as a result more than 160 million people are working in the US today.

Foreign Policy

President Trump vowed to destroy ISIS. Despite President Obama saying that ISIS will be around for a generation, these murderers and terrorists in the Middle East were decimated over the past year.  Both Syria and Iraq have declared victory over ISIS and due to President Trump’s resolve, less than 1,000 ISIS fighters are estimated remaining.

The President refused sending Pakistan security assistance in the millions due to the Pakistani’s harboring terrorists.  He stopped an Obama last minute $221 million transfer to Palestine and cut aid to Palestinians in half.  He showed that the US is unwilling to work with Muslim entities that support radical Islam.

On President Trump’s successful trip to Asia he bundled an estimated $300 billion in deals for the US. He met with Asian leaders and was the first US President and foreign leader to dine in China’s Forbidden City since the founding of modern China.

US Policy

The President named and successfully put in place a new Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch.  He signed more than 90 executive actions in his first 100 days alone.  The actions included –

* Dismantling Obama’s climate change initiatives.
* Travel bans for individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities.
* Enforcing regulatory reform.
* Protecting Law enforcement.
* Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two.
* Defeating ISIS.
* Rebuilding the military.
* Building a border wall.
* Cutting funding for sanctuary cities.
* Approving Keystone and Dakota pipelines.
* Reducing regulations on manufacturers.
* Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.
* Exiting the US from the TPP.

The VA MISSION Act, which will remove the current 30-day, 40-mile barriers in the Choice Program to ensure veterans have more options to receive the quality health care they deserve. Also included in the VA MISSION Act was an expansion of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ caregiver program. [3]

The number of workers collecting unemployment benefits fell to 1.73 million. [3]

President Trump keeps his promises and is truly Made America Great Again!