I would like to extend sincere appreciation to Justice OIG for steps like these. And thanks to the folks carrying out needed Corrective Actions!

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With that in mind, I’d like to point out an interesting portion of the Strzok/Page texts that no one seems to have picked up on yet.

“We’re going to be dealing with this HVE for the next year.”

P: “The guy in Tampa?”



HVE = Homegrown Violent Extremist

It isn’t surprising to see “HVE” within the texts, as Strzok was a part of FBI Counterterrorism.

We don’t hear about all of the times these folks ‘save the day’… but we DO hear when they don’t.

We heard about it a lot under Obama.

The text right above that is about Chinese hackers — it probably deserves a week long special, but it doesn’t give us any clues regarding this #HVE

But as a side note, Hillary Clinton did have some Blackberry problems in China – a surprise to nobody.

But there are other leads that can be followed without wild speculation.

The first lead is the date:

June 12, 2016

The 2nd Clue is Page’s response:

“? The guy in Tampa”



If the date rings a bell, it’s because we just had the sad two year reminder of Pulse Massacre

The Strzok text was roughly 10 Hrs after the shooting.

The Massacre Occurred in Orlando, FL.


Pulse nightclub massacre anniversary to be marked by die-in’s across country The second anniversary of the Florida nightclub massacre is being marked across the country on Tuesday by die-in’s to honor the victims of mass shootings. [1]
“But… but, Orlando isn’t Tampa!”

Yes, but the it was investigated through Tampa with ASAC Ron Hopper being the most visible.

At this point we are 2-2 on leads pointing towards Pulse Massacre.



Since we know that he’s going to have to “deal with this” for the next year, we can rule out Omar.

And personally, I’m happy to rule him out!

What about his Dad? He had the audacity to plop his ass down in camera view at Hillary Clinton rally not long after…




I’ll be happy to look into that, and here’s why:

🖕🏻Obama, HRC & all of their cohorts for pressuring people to NOT speak freely about this topic

🖕🏻again for handicapping out LE ability to do their jobs

Our next lead is on Page 275




About a week later you can see that the are worried about a potential “McDade” violation [2]

** Notice that they refer to the contact as a “source”




On page 276 the topic comes up again – keep in mind, this is a “source” that they are talking about

** It references FL
** The contact has negative consequences to their investigation

(Made it all the way up to Deputy Director Level?!?!)




I’ll be damned, Omar Mateen’s wife was on trial when the recent bomb dropped:

💥 his father was an FBI informant, BUT…

💥 they would not use that confidential info in the investigation!


Mateen Source document contributed to DocumentCloud by Tom Namako (BuzzFeed). [3]



To be clear, that does not give 100% assurance – but something certainly stinks!

** Do you recall when Loretta Lynch wouldn’t release the phone transcripts because he declared he did it for ISIS?!?



Lynch: Authorities to release limited transcripts of calls with Orlando shooter Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Sunday that law enforcement will release limited transcripts Monday from the three phone calls that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen had with police. [4]

Remember this?

“We see no indication that he is any part of a network.” — Comey

Washington Times asks “What did [Comey] know… when did he know it?” [5]

Well, I can tell you when McCabe’s Lawyer & Strzok knew: ~ 10 hours after the shooting!

I’m going to call BS — Strzok’s text says the scandal reached “DD” (aka McCabe, aka your #2 in the FBI)!!

Its time to investigate why your FBI informant set-up a ridiculously named company and started wiring money to Turkey & Afghanistan 2 days later.




Justice OIG – I think its time to investigate how he had so much access on Capitol Hill.

** Its reported that these pictures were from April 2016!!

** Is this the #HVE Strzok is talking about?!




I’m not speculating – if we see something we’re asked to say something…

Justice OIG I urge you to look into these three references to the nickname “Sleeper”, or “Kerry’s Sleeper”

** maybe related, maybe not… but the optics off all of this STINKS!



And Sen. Chuck Grassley and President Donald Trump

Respectfully, you know what to do!




And if he does come in, please ask him about thumb drives!

A couple hours after Trump won Pages sends:

“And Christ, we should just hit those thumb drives now. Their opinion is totally irrelevant.”



Update: has pointed out that “Kerry Sleeper” is a person in the FBI. Info on “Department Engagement” below — appears to be a kind of “liaison” for working with other agencies (from local police to foreign intel). It is part of intel branch!


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