“British Fight” asks if there’s a tape of Tony Blair in a satanic ritual on “Branson’s Island”. Could there be?

Jun 15 at 3:06pm By John White [1]

“British Fight” asks if there’s a tape of Tony Blair in a satanic ritual on “Branson’s Island”. Could there be?

In the last few days, internet information source “British Fight” has begun to make a series of “drops” pointing to a full range of dark secrets across the UK establishment.

On Wednesday 13th June 2018, post 0019 from British Fight asked (amongst a great many more things):

TB – Virgin.
What if footage existed of satanic ritual?

This article is speculation. An exercise in “what if”:

What if these four lines from British Fight do mean what they seem to mean?

TB = Tony Blair, loathed Ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Virgin = The umbrella corporation of Sir Richard Branson, British entrepreneur and best friend of globalists.

“The Island” strongly suggests Necker Island, Branson’s private fiefdom in the British Virgin Islands.
Satanic ritual? Involving a child?

The blood chills.

But still, there can’t be anything to back any of this up: can there?

I have investigated: and there is a consistent theme I have discovered in exploring what may have been going on with the Blairs, some of the strange things they do, Branson, Necker Island, and Satanism on the British Virgin Islands.

Someone has been sweeping footsteps very clean. A lot of what I have found relates to the 2007-2010 period, and blog after blog references newspaper articles from that time that have been wiped from the internet. 404 following 404. Therefore I can only present those blogs themselves as proof of what their authors claimed the now missing mainstream articles were talking about.

However we can start with Branson’s Necker Island bursting into the press earlier this year:
HORROR CULT’S WILD PARTIES NXIVM sex slave cult ‘held wild parties and seminars’ on Sir Richard Branson’s private island Necker

NXIVM sex slave cult ‘held wild parties and seminars’ on Sir Richard Branson’s private island Necker

It’s been revealed that the US Sex cult, linked to child trafficking charges, partied twice on Necker Island (2007 and 2010). Cult members including its leaders were pictured with Branson enjoying one of the parties.

This blog looks in more depth at the connections between Branson and powerful globalists partying in the area: Including Jeffrey Epsteins notorious compound on Little St John island, known as “orgy island”, that is only 40 miles from Necker Island.

Hollywood Sex Cult Partied On Same Private Island as Obama, Branson

Commentator and protagonist in the war of words between Trump and Clinton supporting faction, Dan Bongino, has claimed there is more to come out about powerful people visiting Epstein’s Island to abuse children:

Hollywood Sex Cult Partied On Same Private Island as Obama, Branson  

This all raises legitimate questions about what may have been happening in and around Necker Island in the period 2007-2010.
Which is interesting, as Tony Blair landed there in 2008….

This is from the New York Times that put Blair on Necker Island to talk hot air about Global Warming.

“NECKER ISLAND,British Virgin Islands: Richard Branson was lounging under the starry midnight sky on this palm-dappled speck of an island recently when he popped a sobering question.

“So, do we really think the world is on fire?” Branson, the British magnate and adventurer, asked several guests, as a manservant scurried off to fetch him another glass of pinot grigio.

What he wanted to know was whether his high-powered visitors, among them Larry Page of Google, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, thought global warming threatened the planet.
Branson does – and so did most of his guests. So on this recent weekend on his private hideaway in the crystalline waters between the islands of Tortola and Anegada, they tried to figure out what to do about it and perhaps get richer in the process.”

However the article itself is deleted. I got the information from this blog, that also has pictures of Blair with Branson on Necker, and a very uncomfortable looking Elon Musk…


So Blair can be placed on “Virgin Island”. Sex Cults. Even child abuse. But satanism?

Such a topic is hard to research. Satanists are secretive by nature, certainly secretive about potential crimes, and if there is organised Satanism on the British Virgin Islands they aren’t going to advertise it. But I did find this intriguing clue that Satanists do discuss practising satanism on the islands…

By 2008, Blair’s star had sunk in the UK. He was seen as a liar and had a bad stink (of sulfur). By this point the row had broken out with Peter Foster. Foster was a chancer who got close to the Blair with dodgy property sales. When this was exposed, the Blair’s drop him like a hot rock and the backwash in the press was scandalous. Foster accused Blair of an affair with his partner and Cherie’s New Age Guru, Carol Caplin. But in the details, there was an even more extraordinary allegation: that Tony Blair channelled a spirit he called “The Light” Those familiar with satanism will know that Lucifer is known as “the light bringer” who tempts men with false light. But again, the referenced article has been removed.

British Fights question:
“TB – Virgin.
What if footage existed of satanic ritual?

…Cannot have a definite answer until the day such a tape itself comes to light.

But there are many curious links: and no doubt at all Blair himself has been there, with Branson. Blair can certainly be placed on Necker Island, and in the British/US Virgin Islands area.

Blair and Branson represent a special class amongst the world elite:
They are globalists who believe government by a super-class of immensely powerful “betters”, by corporations and global organizations running rough-shod over national democracy, is how the world should be run.

Blair is evangelical for this cause, and together with Branson, they are allies with George Soros, whose currently spending millions to try to reverse Britain’s Brexit decision, and billions world-wide to fight nationalism and push open borders Globalism.

They belong to the class that gathers at Bilderberg and Davos, and think-tank “get-aways” on places like Necker Island, to plan how to get their way no matter what the people think.

Such elites have always like their elite pleasures, and there are many millions world-wide who now know about the exposure of Spirit-Cooking, NXIVM, and all sorts of reports of the organized abuse of people, especially children, being practiced at the top of society.

The answer to British Fights question is that it IS possible: and if that is true, and it can be exposed to the world, that information, and its consequences, could shake the foundations of Western Society.

Written by: John White [1]

^ Oh there is so much more to come….


John White