DOJ IG Report – Part 3



Let’s see what I missed first time around.

(I’m bouncing around the report, not reading straight through…. ADHD)


Sally Yates didn’t want the “agents involved in the Clinton Foundation investigation” (Not the server or emails, What happened to this investigation?), “to take no overt investigative steps prior to the election”.

Would make sense (if she were actually non-biased).



Comey said “different instructions given to the MidYear investigation and the Clinton Foundation investigation”. 🤔

“we had told the world, we the DOJ and FBI that there was nothing there.. to now be presented with all these *CLASSIFIED* emails”.


NO time sensitivity from the Clinton Foundation?!? Talk about Russia connections.

“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” Joseph Goebbels.

Basically the Clinton/Leftist playbook.



*Important*This is what the media and liberals have pounced on with the “no political bias” nonsense. @KimStrassel laid this out very clearly. THEY WEREN’T GOING TO TELL THE OIG THEY ACTED WITH BIAS FOR CLINTON AND AGAINST TRUMP. That would be dumb, even for them.




“indicative of a BIASED state of mind but, even more seriously, implies  willingness to take official action”.

“pertained to the Russia investigation, which was not a part of this review.” (Report 3 and Huber on deck)



The 5 employees (who have been referred for investigation) regret using the FBI devices for texts because…. DUN DUN DUN

“the belief that their messages would not be preserved or would be exempt from public disclosure under FOIA”

They showed their true colors here.




These FBI employees were not only biased, but dumb. They “are trained law enforcement agents or attorneys, and should have known that
these messages were potentially subject to release in response to FOIA requests”.




“potentially implicate provisions in the FBI’s Offense Code and Penalty Guidelines”

“At a minimum, we found that the employees’ use of FBI systems and devices demonstrated extremely poor judgment and a gross lack of professionalism.”

Hi Huber! 👋



IG says no evidence “directly connecting the political views these employees expressed in their text messages”.

No DIRECT evidence. They didn’t outright admit it. “whether violates the FBI’s Offense Code of Conduct”

Though I don’t trust FBI to self-regulate. (2nd Pic)




This is being under-reported.

Not only did Comey use a personal email for official business. BUT SO DID STRZOK AND PAGE.

Also, Comey “routinely deletes all emails from his [Gmail] account each day, and then clears the deleted messages folder”. What no Bleachbit? 😂



There were so many FBI employees “at all levels of the organization” who were in contact with reporters that it “impacted our ability to identify the sources of leaks””we identified dozens of FBI employees that had contact with members of the media”.




This has been reported publicly, but not touched on by me yet.

“FBI employees received tickets to sporting events from journalists, went on golfing outings with media representatives, were treated to drinks and meals after work by reporters”.




FBI Analyst said no probable cause to search HRC’s home for the phones cause she destroyed them. WHAT? That’s a free pass to search her shit.

OMG PICS 2,3,4. “consent to store, but not search”. WOW! FBI Didn’t search evidence on 6 HRC Laptops.



This is interesting. Looks like the DOJ was putting limitations on the FBI’s “ability to obtain evidence”.

Though we know from previous tweets that they OBTAINED 6 laptops, but didn’t SEARCH them..

People. They threw this case purposefully.




“FBI could not search emails sent or received by other account holders on Clinton’s servers—such as Abedin and former President Clinton and his staff”. (Cuz it’s same server as Clinton Foundation??)

Bill Clinton had email on the server as well! They couldn’t search Huma’s emails (we know some were classified).

Bill Clinton had a staff member PRINT OUT EMAILS SENT TO HIM. Classified?

FBI agents “considered emails that Clinton sent to her husband through this employee as privileged, …this may not have been legally required”

Marriage privilege? 🤔




Justin Cooper was allowed to delete “personal and business” information off of his computer that the government agreed to.

This was propose by Cooper’s attorney.


Who is Aaron Zebley? LAWYER ON MUELLER’S TEAM!!!!



FBI agents said “there was no evidence that Cooper was the sender or recipient of classified information” (don’t forget they let him DELETE information off his comp 1st) and Strzok said they couldn’t establish probable cause 4 classified info. 😡




FBI was concerned that National Security Division prosecutors were “intimidated” by Clinton attorneys and “did not negotiate aggressively with them”. “The Lead Analyst told us that “every single consent arrangement CONSTRAINED what we did…to some degree.”




Jake Sullivan, Cherly Mills and Huma Abedin “sent or received CLASSIFIED information on their private email accounts and forwarded emails containing classified information to Clinton”.

BUT “the prosecutors determined no one committed any criminal offenses.” 🤔🙄



Remember Cheryl Mills got Immunity, though no criminal charges stemmed from it.

“The application provided as an example one email that was determined to be classified at the level of SECRET//NOFORN at the time the email was sent”.




Common theme. FBI gave benefit of the doubt to all involved in the HRC email matter. (THOUGH TRUMP DOESN’T GET THIS BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT). Mills and Abedin DELETED the CONFIRMED CLASSIFIED emails, though there was “no basis to conclude” it was for an “improper purpose”.



Common theme 2. FBI allowed HRC aides to delete classified information from their emails and the server *with no repercussions, and received immunity deals that amounted to no charges for ANYONE*. Jake Sullivan had TOP SECRET & 496 suspected CLASSIFIED also on GMAIL. 😡



FBI KNEW that the *classified emails* were deleted from her accounts. YET, likely no probable cause to seek a search warrant”. 🤔 Doesn’t make any sense that they continue to say no probable cause. Sullivan used personal emails for state business WHILE OVERSEAS!!



“reasons to promptly seek a search warrant for Sullivan’s Gmail account” Top Secret emails sent to Sullivan “clearly constituted classified information”. FBI knew her aides had secret and classified information and gave them immunity anyway (with no charges for anyone).



More examples that the FBI didn’t pursue the devices from Clinton aides. *Even though they knew they sent/received TOP SECRET and classified information. They wanted to “prevent a further compromise of classified information” but not to pursue aides classified info.



More evidence the FBI didn’t even attempt to obtain any of their personal devices, despite them having classified emails. The FBI Operational Technology Division said “it was not likely that there would be anything on the devices” *Quite the assumption*. 🙄



“Persistent practices of DOS employees, including both political and career employees, discussing classified information”. “FBI Attorney 1 told us that the emails containing classified information that were forwarded to Clinton often copied numerous DOS employees”.



“Prosecutor 1 explained that the team was not “as concerned that [Abedin] was taking stuff off the classified systems and dumping it down.” Don’t forget.. The maid who printed Emails. “Pls ask Marina to print for me in am,” Clinton emailed top aide Huma Abedin.



1 paragraph, and the NEXT paragraph. Insane! “not “as concerned that [Abedin] was taking stuff off the classified systems”. “Abedin acknowledged that she “occasionally” forwarded work-related emails to her husband for PRINTING”.



So many cases of FBI not following up on Hillary and he Aides having classified information. “FBI considered seeking access to certain highly classified materials” “but ultimately did not do so”. “The OIG also has not reviewed the highly classified information.”



Interesting. No one got any “transactional immunity”, meaning they are not protected from future prosecution. We know they had Top Secret info on their computers, and only received “QUeen for a Day” immunity with 3 of them. They may still be subject to prosecution.



Pagliano’s attorney was “insistent on immunity for his client even though it was explained to him that Pagliano is a witness and not a target.” He then proceeded to plead the 5th before the House Benghazi Committee. At what point are these people obstructing justice?



Paul Combetta said that the HRC archive should still be on the server, despite documentation showing it wasn’t there. He said he “and one other administrator” had the ability to delete the mailbox. (either he is lying, or the other admin deleted it). Who is that?!


There’s still a lot to go through. I’ll keep at this but time for a break lol


WOW. @DevinNunes

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