The Obama Distaster and SoS Hillary Clinton lied about, condoned and have been accused of taking a central role in an illegal coup d’etat in Honduras.


This turned Honduras into ever worse of a sh*thole than it was before, spawning a mass migration of refugees.


The day began with a coup d’etat.

The deposed president, Manuel Zelaya , was kidnapped by four elite commandos of the Honduran army composed of 200 soldiers and taken to the U.S. Air Force base to be transferred later to Costa Rica.
Golpe de Estado en Honduras: los militares deportan a Zelaya Actualidad: Golpe de Estado en Honduras: los militares deportan a Zelaya. [1]

Hillary Clinton has been accused by the people of Honduras and members of the illegally overthrown, former government of being guilty of war crimes.
But muh Stormy Daniels.
Due in part to the coup d’etat as well as poor U.S. border security, we received an influx of refugees from Honduras and illegal Central American Migrants. The Obama Disaster became overwhelmed, placing children in cages and with human traffickers.
When Viacrucis del Migrante Migrant Caravan began in 2011, Honduras had a murder rate of 85.5 per 100,000 people – the highest murder rate in the world. Violence had risen sharply since the 2009 coup and it remains to this day one of the most dangerous countries on Earth. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pretended to condemn the illegal overthrow but refused to call it a coup d’etat and did everything they could behind the scenes to stop president Zelaya from returning. 👇

Listen to Crooked Hillary Clinton LIE HER ASS OFF and refuse to call the the illegal government overthrow a coup d’etat and pretend to condemn it. 👇

Witness for Peace, the religious-based human rights watchdog organization in Latin America, reports that, “during the first half of 2010, about 3,000 people were killed in Honduras (including journalists, lawyers, and leaders of popular organizations). Crooked Hillary tries to call Donald Trump “undemocratic”. Yet Clinton and Obama backed an illegal overthrow of a democratically elected government and helped legitimize an extremist authoritarian dictator. 👇
Thanks to US Diplomatic Cables leaked by Chelsea Manning @xychelsea [2] and published by Wikileaks [3], we can read about what happened. Protestors spray painted the USAID building with slogans such as “No more CIA in Honduras”, and “No insurgent CIA” 👇

If Crooked Hillary and the Obama Disaster were to call the events of June 28, 2009 a “coup” the USG would be legally required by §7008 of the Foreign Assistance Act to suspend US assistance that would be paid directly to the corrupt government. 🙄

What do you think they did, any guesses? 🙄
The Obama Disaster and Crooked Hillary decided that the best way to reduce the mass migration of refugees and fight rampant human trafficking was to hand the corrupt Honduran Dictator tens of millions of US tax dollars. The Benghazi scandal is horrible.  This scandal is 100 times worse.Hillary had NO BUSINESS running for President of the United States./The end. More another day.
I could have provided more documentation on this thread but I am tired. I wrote mostly from memory of the research I did on Honduras during the Migrant Caravan. If there is a specific fact you’d like more info about, let me know and I’ll try to find for you.As much as I disagree with many of their views on immigration, some of the journalists and most of the refugee advocacy groups covering the Migrant Caravan can tell you all about the illegal coup supported by Obama and Crooked Hillary too. Ask ’em!