Why didn’t the FBI inform Trump’s campaign that Manafort was previously under FBI investigation if they were trying to “protect” him? Most of Mueller’s case against Manafort is from the period of 2006-2015.

By: Lycaon @Cynacin

According to failing pile of garbage Buzz Feed, the FBI had previously investigated Manafort for these crimes. For reasons unclear, they did not prosecute and let the case lay “dormant”. Suddenly when Trump became President, they were ready to charge him.



Why did the FBI decide to leak information about their “dormant” case on Paul Manafort right before the November, 2016 elections? Was this a deliberate setup?


How was Trump supposed to know that this guy Manafort was a bad guy? He was previously an adviser to Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Bob Dole. Obama’s DOJ covered up for Hillary’s Emails, Weiner, the CF, and pedos. Then they leaked information about Manafort in the months leading up to the 2016 election. Trump had never worked with Manafort before he joined Trump’s campaign as convention manager in March, 2016.



Why does the crooked Mueller investigation continue to make outrageous and highly publicized attacks against Manafort such as remanding him into custody? Similar to the FBI’s tactics to influence the 2016 election, maybe Mueller is trying to influence the 2018 midterms.




It is highly unlikely that articles of impeachment against Trump will succeed with a Republican majority in the House and Senate. All that the Democrats need to do in order to complete their seditious coup is to win back the House and Senate this November.




Mueller is using Manafort’s old crimes as well as new, spurious allegations to generate negative press and outrage. Mueller isn’t a good guy.He’s a coup conspirator. Blatantly obvious from the Strzok-Page texts that the FBI was not in any way interested in “protecting” Trump. They were only interested in bringing him down any way they could. I don’t buy the Mueller white hat theory. Sorry. This is a COUP and a SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY.

There are several prevalent researchers that I respect that have examined the “Mueller is a white hat” theory in depth. Unfortunately, I cannot agree with them on this one. I do not believe that Trump calling this a Witch Hunt is a diversion. Mueller’s actions are telling. Mueller and Comey once ruined an innocent person’s life and cost US taxpayers $5 Million. Recently Mueller charged and convicted General Flynn, an innocent man and a 33 year veteran. Great pick for an “independent” counsel, Rod Rosenstein. You dirty swamp rat.On a positive note, Trump is the LAST GUY ON EARTH that these swamp rats should have conspired against.


I especially like Trump’s story about Loyalty. He has had people that he thought he could trust turn their backs on him. Whether someone was an appointee and Trump thought he could trust them is inconsequential. Swamp rats will be swamp rats.👇