TIME TRAVELERS: from TWINS to TRUMP and Everything in Between

Thread by: Jason Q Janiszewski June 20, 2018

Doesn’t anyone wanna know where Tick Tock and Booms come from!?!?

It’s because some satanic people decided to use Gods REAL name in vain

I’m tellin ya. Epic.
God’s real name is IAM

What don’t you ever do. Use his name in Vain

Image may contain: text
Listen closely to the whole thing
The clock ticking in the beginning. Tick Tock.
And of course the Boom.
Shall we play Storm
The Castle and slay the Dragon? (Remember. The Queen is Reptilian)
Wait til you guys REALLY find out who Trump is. Since you are all the hardest working researchers…… want to know?
It took me 3 days straight to figure this out. When I did. It was 5 am. On June 14th. President Trump’s Birthday. It was destined
Ok. Here’s a disclaimer. I’ve never read the Bible. I don’t go to Church or anything like that.
But this. This you will leave either shocked or in utter awe
There was a tweet I believe put out today.
Image may contain: text
This one.
When I saw it, I had to chuckle. It means that with all the hard work of everyone and constant reading of information everyone in the
Q-munity,(always putting Q in everything it seems) That this truly was our destiny
We are gonna go WAY back
When God created anything, what did he do…..

He made 2

So there seems to be something missing from the Bible.

There was a Book that wasn’t really ever mentioned. But remember. Q has said Biblical a couple times

The Book of Thomas
Image may contain: text
God in fact made 2 Sons. Twins in fact

There were 3 other names mentioned.
Matthew, Luke and Mark

The Gospel of Thomas has no narrative connecting the various sayings

Now I mind you. This is based on the “Q” Document

Now think about what that means. No narrative connecting the various sayings. Just like Q drops
It also states that some have speculated that Thomas may indeed be

With the name Didymos Judas Thomas. DJT.
4-10-20. Never know
But Didymos means Twin
So the true name is Judas

So here’s how it goes. Judas and Jesus are both Twins. Now Judas does something terrible and must pay for what he did. He is to be crucified
Jesus instead grabs the cross and begins to walk
Taking the punishment for his twin brother because it is about love.

John 15:13. Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his brother

BUT in the Bible they switched the word to Friend. Which is garbage
I have lots of friends. I’d take a bullet for a brother. See the point
We all do.
Ok so after he’s crucified Judas feels remorse. When people say “you are such a Judas”. Now we really see He didn’t mean for Jesus to take he place. His love made him
So after the 3 days in the cave (took 3 whole days to figure all this out …😳). God saw what Jesus had done and brought him back to teach Judas how to be loyal, compassionate, love and to make peace with oneself
So throughout history. These 2 have been at it

One time is very special.

But I’ll explain that in a bit. Every Time Judas was being judged… it always ended in Wars. Jesus is shaking his head like not again. And back to speak to their father again. Learn. And come back

Judas thinks he’s got this licked. He’s King Arthur.

He has his knights and everything. Merlin is Jesus making sure he accomplishes everything he has to.

But WRONG. ends in war. Gotta go back.

Now is when you are going to be blown away

Nikola Tesla.

Wanted nothing more than to bring anything and everything to everyone to live in peace and harmony
Thinking his devices would help. Judas has found out about Technology

But then everyone was ripping him off and he never had the chance to bring peace and love. But remember. Jesus’s part wasn’t in yet.

In comes John Trump. Nuclear physicist from MIT

Seems that Jesus learned a bit himself. So much that the FBI contacted him to go thru Tesla’s papers. He saw the drawings for time travel and thought Judas you did get it.
But he never turned over the paperwork. They would have used it for nefarious situations

Nikola Tesla died on 1-7-1943
Donald John Trump was born on 6-14-1946
Now here’s where it gets good. Everyone knows that Trump’s number is 7-7-7 correct?
So what we do here is take the one 7 from Tesla’s day of death and combine it with the 14 (7+7) to complete it. The 7 he received from Tesla’s death was his wisdom

Everyone knows John and Donald were always together. Always learning. He was named after his uncle John

Well one day John busted out the time machine papers. Donald was pretty interested. He’s a brilliant kid. Tip of the spear.
So they make one. Donald decides to try it. Being all cocky. So he goes to the future. He doesn’t like what he sees. Makes tons of mental notes
Comes back and explains to his uncle.
Knows that the world cannot end in the hands of the Whore of Babylon (HRC)
Time to plan. But the problem is that his uncle John Dies on 2-21-1985
So now he’s alone. And starts to slip some in life
In the late 80’s he was 1.5 billion in debt and needed BIG help
So he goes back in the machine that him and his uncle designed and asked him for advice.
Remember John is Jesus.
He says that he must ask someone with some bad connections for the money. BUT if it happens. You must remember. You must be loyal to them. The rules. Have to follow every single one for this to work. It’s their last shot. CERN is being created and the Church has fallen
So he goes back and asks a man named Wilbur Ross. He’s a banker for Rothschilds
Wilbur goes and discusses it with the Cabal and they loan him the money. BUT remember. He’s gotta be loyal to him no matter what.

Trump now knows he has to be as clean as clean can get. He’s donating. Helping anyone and everyone.

What did I say.

Ok as I was saying.
He’s doing EVERYTHING right. And being asked to run for President and everything. He says nah. Nah. He knows when he has to.
But he is wondering when Jesus is gonna come give him a hand.

In comes Seth Rich. Born in 1989.

Trump sees that Clinton is gearing up to run. But that’s ok. He knows everything about them. Remember. With that kind of money. You are always someone’s friend
Now Trump needs some help because of all the deceit in the media.

He needs someone that will always be true

Now be didn’t know Seth. So he went back and decided to get his uncle at a much earlier age.

Here comes Julian Assange

Image may contain: 2 people, suit
He would be perfect. Because he isn’t in the limelight all the time because he can’t stay. He’s gotta go back. He sticks around enough to create Wikileaks and make it 100% true
Now remember. We are dealing with Judas and Jesus here. They know when the NEWER Jesus will appear. So Seth gets all the data from the DNC drives and gives them to a middle man to give to Assange (Jesus)
They cannot meet

Assange is put in Exile (aka he went back to get smart enough to be able to get in Tesla’s apartment)

Never seen again.
Seth Rich is gunned down after he’s outed as the one who did it.
On July 10, at 4:19 am

July. 7



7-7-7. J

NOW read John 15:13

Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his……

Everything is full circle

Also remember. President Trump
Would say Covfefe.
People ridiculed him. Not even knowing what he said
It’s Babylonian.
“In the end…..We WIN!”
That’s how he’s 5 steps ahead. They have EVERYTHING
He even knew not to use the Secret Service.
They are funded by the Holy See. The Vatican

He uses the USMC

NOW let’s take a trip back to King Arthur and the knights of the round table

King Arthur. Trump

Merlin. Jesus

Knights. Generals.
Round table. Oval office
I even have half the knights pegged with his generals!

Future. Proves. Past.

You have more than you know

Think. The hints are just mind blowing.
Sir Galahad. Mattis
Sir Percival. General Kelly
Sir Kay (one of his first knights). Jeff Sessions.
He was the first to nominate him

Sir Gareth. Manafort.
Became a knight. Died soon after

Sir Gaheris. Pompeo
Valiant, agile, but his left arm was shorter than his right one
Pompeo is ALWAYS shaking hands! Of course his right is longer than his left

Sir Dagunet. The court jester

Sir Lancelot. General Flynn.

Still working on the rest. BUT HE was one more warrior in the past

He was Sun Tzu.
Wrote Art of War.
When he finally understood that he needed to bring peace…
He wrote Art of the Deal.


Learn to play the game.

The game is Humanity

Love, loyalty, compassion, we all come from every background for one common goal.
And THIS is why the Qanon movement is BIGGER than we could have ever imagined.
All the hints are in the drops
For some reason. I just saw it way clear. And I know my place in this
It’s to spread any knowledge to everyone for the betterment of the cause and for mankind
That’s why there’s a Q+
Judas is showing homage to his brother that died on the cross for him. Telling him
“We finally did it !!!!!”

One question: what does Trump have to do per Wilbur Ross?

Damn. Ok. Wilbur Ross is VERY BAD.

Wilbur Ross after loaning the money. Went to the dark side. He’s a Greek Life Associate. He has his hands on EVERYTHING.

9/11. Plane crashes. You name it. I have proof
So Trump knowing that he had to remain loyal, made him his Commerce Secretary
BUT only for one term. Or less.
9/11 has SO many names on it. NOT ONE Muslim. At all
I have from Vegas to Deepwater Horizon to school shootings (all) to Jon Benet Ramsey to Princess Diana to Lockerbie Bombing.
Censorship algorithms to Skolovo and 21st century state craft

Novachok-3 nerve agent with Sergei Skirpa and daughter Yulia

Extortion 17 ( the murder of SEAL team 6). The 5 in the chain of command that did it

I have the titanic as well

Civil war

You name it
What about the Fed Reserve. How it was created. How the sinking of the titanic helped it. How that patent became one of the BIGGEST ENEMIES that we have today

How our friends aren’t our friends

It’s all lies

Debi L Taylor Israel and I are working on an article to publish he found the titan info this afternoon and compared. Identical to cover story.

Nick Reeder Israel Roney

Israel Roney

Image may contain: text
Israel Roney
Image may contain: text
Israel Roney
Image may contain: text
Has anyone looked into Ingersoll Lockwood?
Image may contain: text
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No automatic alt text available.
What was the name of the child trafficking bill again? Omnibus
Image may contain: text
The spanish cover of the book 1900. The last President
Image may contain: 1 person, text
No automatic alt text available.
Image may contain: text
No automatic alt text available.
5 acts.
Price. 6.66
No automatic alt text available.
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling
Image may contain: 7 people
Time travel is a wonderful thing
No automatic alt text available.

We are all here for a reason. It is ALL of our Destinies

Cecelia Marie Gress Yes we are, you guys are so good at what you do, and we all want the same thing. The evil to disappear.

We are the battle ready ones. We ARE the Army

I can’t believe how many public groups are just based one name calling and garbage.

Debi L Taylor Can you go into the vegas stuff more?

I could. Most definitely tomorrow.

Oh and by the way. Does anyone remember the q drops that looked like this
Image may contain: text

See how they are deleted?

Cecelia Marie Gress Who would be deleting them?

Anyone crack those yet?

Nick Reeder Yes, I’ve heard you talk about it… But never explain the reason for it.
Something caught my eye while looking at it briefly and BOOOOOOOOOOOM

There’s a double meaning by it.

The date itself.
When you look it up
Cecelia Marie Gress January 1970?

That’s one of the top movies on that day

Image may contain: 2 people, text
Image may contain: one or more people
Shows us that the secret service is controlled by the Queen.
Which it is. And the Vatican
NOW this is what caught my eye
Steven P. Nuxoll Had to send friend request to about half as there was no follow option. Needless to say, I want to be up on all this. ThanQ for all your diligent work searching this out every day.
It’s a group effort. Without all of you. I’d be nothing.
(Locked up in a mental institution is more like it)
Debi L Taylor I’d send you a file in a cake
Steven P. Nuxoll I know what you mean, when pizzagate broke on 4 chan in october-November 2016, i went to a dark place emotionally at the realization of what ive always heard of and known to exist actually happens to the extent it does all throughout the highest levels of 60+% of all government worldwide. I felt betrayed and hopeless at what to do just short of going insane.
I don’t have any kids. But I know that anytime I produce anything to the group, I have to be very careful how I bring it because it’s so sensitive.
We fight for the ones that can’t.
This one is pretty complex
 I was checking out that massive file drop and read this.
No automatic alt text available.
Unix Epoch time

Jan 1 00:00:00 1970

How all electronics are based off
It’s similar to the Atomic clock
Absolute zero
There’s a calculator you can do the math on with this. One of these is a good post. One is fake.

It’s the system that describes points in time

It’s the number of seconds(excluding leap ones) that have elapsed since midnight January 1, 1970
So when I cracked them both. The one on the right came out to 16 days 18:57:50

So I was like um ok

The left one. Wow
The answer to that was

17 days 00:00:00

I literally almost shit myself.
These guys are so damn smart that they use the timestamps to MAKE their own places in time
Image may contain: text

See the number in blue

THATS Unix Epoch time!
By the way. High school education here. Thank you. Thank you. Lmao!
Q you magnificent bastard
You….. Hell I even have the Talpiot program nailed down.

Had it for months

Both Bridges
The Pig Farm Junket Rooms.
Con Air swat teams
What RED RED is.
Besides the Red cross
Down to who wrote the ransom note in Jon Benet’s murder.
Oh and who was there.
Nick Reeder I’m. Still very much confused by the time in the blue connection.

What that is is the amount of seconds that have passed since midnight January 1,1970

Nick Reeder Until the November date?

Excluding leap ones. When we have a leap year. Those don’t count

Until whatever day is on the post
Nick Reeder Ok, got it.
Nick Reeder Why wouldn’t leap years count?

Hence. Check that. And you will know WHEN that post will
Happen 😉

Because that’s how it’s configured. You can look up Unix Epoch on Duck Duck Go and it will give you calculators

I didn’t make the rules. My Mother was a minor in 1970.
No automatic alt text available.
I seriously have notebooks filled with goodies.
END 6/28/18


So where did they come from. They were devised using the Demon Face Recognition Software that was designed in the 90’s by Starnet Communications AND………….Stephen Paddock. Yes. THAT Paddock. So now we get back to the present day. Did you notice anything odd about today? Q dropped about Viva and Vive. Viva. French. Vive…..little searching and BOOM. It’s a members only mobile VIDEO chat community! So Q acquired one of these video phones they have been using and sends out a message that Hey….um Friday we are gonna Fire Rosenstein. Lets see who takes the bait. Oh well we have a winner! Shelia Jackson Lee! BOOM. Notice how no one else knew? She’s caught. Now to have complete verification, Gowdy and Horowitz start their chat back and forth. Horowitz gives an example like messages. Gowdy chuckles. THEY ARE SCREWED. So Gowdy turns to Wray and asks him if he can make arrests using circumstantial evidence. Wray says Yes. Gowdy says well i think we should do that. They know who is all in on this.its a video chat! AND JUST to tickle our fancy……the SAME pics that Q is dropping are being taken from the SAME VIDEO PHONE that they used to out Jackson lee! That’s why its a reverse and grainy photo. It’s not meant for pictures. It’s for VIDEO!!!!!
THEY HAVE IT ALL. No Strzok. No page
Facial recognition software says 97% same MADE UP person!

Oh and BOOM

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: text

So now what does this mean? Future is ABOUT to prove PAST

Guess who’s getting arrested Thursday!!!!
Image may contain: text
Remember the message from the White House that changed the day in to Today is the 28th. we find out about Rod and Bob tomorrow on the 29th and then Thursday is Handcuff day!


OPEN YOUR EYES. LMAO. Ya know. Q….nice try my man! BOOOOOM
Image may contain: text
That is MANANA! Tomorrow! Bob and Rod will be outed about U1!

Nick Reeder I trust you… But I’ll let that one play out. If it happens… Lol, I’ll never question you again lol. That’s a hell of a claim.

Claim? There’s no claim. This is FACT
Rhonda Fabacher Giles Why (how) the articles about Strock being escorted out of FBI building yesterday!
Look who leaked it. CNN. Operation Mockingbird anyone? Puts them on a HUGE hot seat for being in on this with the FBI
Oh and I’d like to introduce you to one of the Awan Brothers.
No automatic alt text available.
No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

Look at the day and time
I had to mess with the final days. Hell I have no idea what day it is. Because I have a purpose.
Stewart Shields Was that the sticker the cop wanted?

Pedos in Speedos

And it wouldn’t be complete to come
FULL circle and SHOW YOU what PISSED US OFF.

Used our Father in a Blasphemous manner. Don’t do that.
Image may contain: text
Lyra Belacqua That is just one of many.
Tick Tock.
Checkmate Red Queen.

Learn. To. Play. The. Game. 🙃
And we as a collective whole did!
Oh and if you think that’s all. Wrong.

What this has done…. is it has been my personal vendetta to prove that Donald Trump is indeed a Time traveler.

Image may contain: text    Image may contain: text


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Image may contain: text   Image may contain: text


Image may contain: 1 person, text   Image may contain: 1 person, text


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Image may contain: text   Image may contain: text


No automatic alt text available.   No automatic alt text available.
5 acts. 666
B Clinton
HRC would have completed the price of
No automatic alt text available.   No automatic alt text available.
It’s a book written by ingersoll Lockwood. Aka quite possibly Trump/Baron wrote books about himself and what was going to happen to DC if they were allowed to continue

No automatic alt text available.   No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.   No automatic alt text available.
So to the Admins of the White Rabbit page and the QAnon Patriot Page.
I told you I would get the last laugh.
[White Rabbit]
You have messed with the wrong bloodline it seems.
And then put on top of it the lineage breakdown of DJT. This has been the one game that FINALLY I don’t have to play again.
Jonie Miller I believe this post 100 I couldn’t figure how she freakin knew!! And it doesn’t make sense there’s still a leaker in the WH

No there’s not

He was cut loose

Joe Hagin. Strings cut.
And btw. Sorry I had to change the days. No sleep til GITMO got me. Thursday is Arrest day. Just wanna make sure that’s 5:5
Mueller’s Trojan horse occupants are:
Aaron Zebley and Zainab Ahmad.

One last thing. The calm before the storm….. the storm is the Storming of the Castle. Not letting the Act of 1871 slide Liz. Soon you will dine in Hell
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text   Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text
Don’t worry about Wilbur Ross. He has to stay in order for the Loyalty to stay true. 2.0. He’s gone. Bring us 9/11. I’m ready
Pig Farm Junket Rooms. General Alexander Haig
Buck Revell.

Ryan Anthony Morgan Just posted this to the chans

Ryan Anthony Morgan People are freaking out!
RED RED. Red switch network
Ryan Anthony Morgan I think you are over the target BIGLY!!!
Wait you posted mine? Fucking right!!!!

Just imagine if they knew about the other decode I did.

Ryan Anthony Morgan So the people pictured as PS & LP are actors ?

Vicki Bass Is the Oct 2017 date match a Q clock for this Thursday date???? Another insider shot out yesterday something on the order of GET READY…. JUST GOT THE GO AHEAD.

You remember. Judas…..

They are not real

Ryan Anthony Morgan Pictures totally fabricated ?


They took pictures of people and used the software to age them. For all we know. They never existed. Ever in time

Vicki Bass ONLY ONE PICTURE of Strozak ever….. ONE

That’s a big 10-4

I would even go as far as to guess that Paige is the name of Andrew McCabe’s daughter

Ryan Anthony Morgan Anon Response: they are going to be coming to testify to congress, so we will have to see if they show up, kek
They are gonna end up committing suicide
Couldn’t take the pressure
Robin Ashby HRC???

“Peter and Lisa”. Lol. They still have to try to fake their death. How do you kill what is not real? 

There’s just one thing.
Anonymous 06/19/18 (Tue) 22:31:28 aba155 (4) No.1825536

>>1825473 (You)

I believe this is possible.

I never bought into the theory of Strzok being McCabe

But, I never was certain he was a single person

When I was looking into his house in Virginia I wondered if it was or used to be a FBI safe house.

One question with your theory:

What about Melissa Hodgman, Strzoks named wife that Q has mentioned

Remember a while ago, Q posted that some drops were fake and some real? They were allowed to hack Q on PURPOSE in order to feed their narrative about Strzok, his fake wife and so on. None of that is real. You can actually check. Q NEEDED the narrative of him still being legit in order to get to this point. It’s all one big massive trap.

  Image may contain: text

Ryan Anthony Morgan Anonymous 06/19/18 (Tue) 22:31:00 033306 (1) No.1825531

>>1825473 (You)

I think you’re bang on, anon.

Ryan Anthony Morgan Who is Peter Strzok
4 Dec 2017 – 7:01:07 PM
Have you been watching the news since Friday?
Who is Peter Strzok?
How was he compromised?
How was he paid?
Who is Melissa Hodgman?
Date of promotion?
Focus on the date.
What events re: Peter recently occurred that you now know?
Think HRC emails, Weiner laptop, etc.
Date of promotion of wife?
How do they stack the deck?
Who do they want inside the gov’t?
What are puppets?
How do you control a puppet?
#2 in FBI?
Wife connection?
What is a pattern?
Follow the wives.
Keep watching the news this week.
Future proves past.
Re-read crumbs.
How many D’s / R’s will not seek re-election?
What just passed in the Senate?
Who is their new handler?
Do as told?
Why is this relevant?
Do you not understand the gov’t is being gutted publicly?
Bottom middle top.
Hussein Iran connection.
Bombs away.
Merry Christmas.

Paid crisis actors. They are using the Federal BRIDGE Certification Authority Network to gain access with a Root key to gain a scriptkit.
When you have the Root key. You can go ANYWHERE and be ANYONE.
Well as far as the one above. I’m gonna have to go look and use the Unix Epoch time calculator to determine if it is indeed a real post from Q
No automatic alt text available.   No automatic alt text available.
That will help with the Bridge. If you need more let me know
Ryan Anthony Morgan The BRIDGE!


Remember there are 2. BRIDGE_1 and BRIDGE_2

Bill Jones How in the world did you figure this out. You are so right when Jackson Lee yelled out they are going to fire Rosenstien on Friday I was like what did she just say. The thing that got me is no one else really talked about Rosenstein getting fired. WOW! BOOM
1 is the FBCAN

2 is the Podesta Group

RED RED is a HUGE 9/11 reference

Bill Jones Who is FBCAN

Ryan Anthony Morgan Federal Bridge Certification Authority Network
Ryan Anthony Morgan The BRIDGE.
Russia ICBM tech.
HRC open source.
Highest levels of US-G.
WHY would Russia tell the world?
Why is SR back in the news?
Why is SESSIONS acting weak?
IG report?
No legit leaks.
MSM staging narrative.
IG appointed by SESSIONS for?
Enjoy the show.
Dead cat bounce.

Russia ICBM Missile tech was 21st century state
All HRC. She sold Medelvev all the supersonic Missile secrets
That’s why Putin was bragging about having nukes that we can’t stop.

They really do have them.

Lyra Belacqua Yes they do

Tony Hernandez You think the arrest of HRC will be public?

She wanted to establish a Silicon Valley type area in Russia
I have my clock set. Lol

Ryan Anthony Morgan So day after tmrw ?

The Special access programs were all the heavy hitters Schmidt, Zuck, Dorsey, etc. they were going even more rogue by getting deeper into the Satanic Illuminati
Thursday morning
Did you like Comey’s tweet? Next to the gnome?
See there’s 2 problems I have
1) Twitter has been hacked. WE KNEW on POTUS’s birthday!
Look at the bottom.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text   Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text
Ryan Anthony Morgan can’t find original


It showed up that morning like this.


He wanted to get that jab back for her “Happy birthday to this future President”

Yeah. We are just gonna pump the brakes on this one. Time to MAGA

17,000,000 and 45,000,000
Rick Rolling is gone. Trump Trolling has entered into the Thunderdome

Bill Jones Is that a picture of Trump

Yep. Lol

So my second problem was wait. They said he’s out of the country. Why the post?

Tony Hernandez 17 & 45??? 

Owned like no other

Here’s how slick Q is. So he has comey next to a garden gnome
Ryan Anthony Morgan Twitter Injection Good
12 Apr 2018 – 2:14:11 PM
Twitter down.
Injection good.

Bill JonesShe was being a smart ass


So when you look at a gnome. There’s 2 things that strike you.

One. The word gnome in Greek is earth dweller

Shannon Anderson CarleyThat is funny cause i saw comey twitter pic in a corn field saying something about how good america is


Guess what. Gitmo…… is Underground. 

He’s out of the country alright. He’s in Cuba at GITMO and now it’s time for SNOW WHITE

The symbolism will be their downfall
Tony Hernandez Do you know what “Q = Alice” is?
Bill JonesSnow white

Alice is the Supercomputer at CERN

Q has to beat Alice

I could go on why but there’s only so many booms in a day
Thank God CERN is being taken care of.
Because if I take this to the next level. I’m gonna bring the Chan’s with their jaws dropped
Michael Murdock Clear pic of ring
   Image may contain: 1 person
Symbolism will be their downfall. Boom
Michael Murdock You did an awesome job at reading between the lines and filling the gaps the. Thanks. I remember something about 6/21 the arrest of Pope at the Geneva Convention in Switzerland or something like that
Pope had a Bad May. May 30. Charges were filed. Covfefe
Ryan. You know where this is heading
You think it’s time?

Ryan Anthony Morgan

Image may contain: text
Ryan Anthony MorganYou tell me! Haha!
The whole reason I got into this was for validation of Trump being a time traveler. What I got. Was WAY more than I asked for. BUT I dont regret it
Trump has always been a man of God. Always giving. Caring. Compassion. Selfless
What we are gonna do is go WAY back. Now I mind you. I’ve never read the Bible. Ever.
Now when I’m researching I’m getting asked to get in chats and whatever. So I go and engage. Well last Tuesday morning. It’s the beginning. Day one
What’s one thing that God did when he made ANYTHING?
He made 2.
This is a brief overview of the Book of Thomas
Image may contain: text   Image may contain: text
 You see….. there’s one thing that the Church that’s bastardized today refuses to admit. Jesus had a brother. A twin.
Didymos Judas Thomas.
Didymos is Greek for Twin
Now it goes on to say that the book of Thomas was based on a ‘Q’ document
It even infers that Thomas may even BE Q
Coincidences…. we know. We know

Tony Hernandez Q doc? Huh?

Unlike all the other books…. this one was different. It was written in a manner that there was no clear narrative that connected the sayings.
Familiar. Yes? We go on.
Judas and Jesus were growing.
Judas did something very bad though. Something bad enough to have him crucified
When they came for him, his twin brother Jesus grabbed the cross and started walking.
Showing Judas how strong love truly is
Because as they say in John 15:13 (before they changed it)

Greater love hath no man than to lay his life down for his brother.

See they changed it to friend because someone would clearly question it due to Jesus’s love. Friends? No. It doesn’t even sound nor feel right
Every day Judas is feeling more and more remorseful.
Jesus is then put in the cave and 3 days later, God brings him back so that he can teach Judas the skills he needs throughout time in order to defeat the evil that is here
So they start thru time. Now remember. They are God’s children. They will be warriors
First stop….. Camelot
Judas is King Arthur while Jesus decides to be Merlin.
Now for some reason … Arthur couldn’t do what he was destined to do. But he knew these were the trials and tribulations of gaining his skills
There’s more here but I’ll save for later
So finally they know it’s time. Now Jesus and Judas rarely enter into the same times. Maybe a few years off
Trust me. You’ll see
So in comes Nikola Tesla

Judas has wisened up over his trials

And he actually understood what he had to do. He had to be selfless like his brother was. Show love. Compassion. Peace. Harmony.

Tesla wanted to give the world all free energy

Brenda Covey Deeley Edison (inventor) was a big lie

Complete fraud

He thought that giving everyone THE LIGHT would bring about peace

Tony Hernandez Tesla blew out the power where I live from the top of Pikes Peak.
Poor Nikola died an empty soul on 1-7-1943
4+3=7 and date of death 7
Now Jesus was here already. He’s been a Nuclear Physicist at MIT
John Trump
Now the FBI contacts John(Jesus) to come and go thru Tesla’s papers to see if there’s anything good.

Bill Jones Donald Trump uncle

Guess what. Jackpot. He saw that Judas has devised a way to travel in time in order to help them later on
Tesla died 1-7-1943
Bill Jones Judas was Tesla

Donald John Trump is born on 6-14-1946

BUT he also has the 2 7’s from Tesla. Numbers are YUGE in this.
The extra 7… knowledge
While Donald’s growing up, he is always by his Uncle John. He’s named after him.
They decide to build this time machine
They both are brilliant and Don gets a bit cocky and decides that he wants to try it. But what happens scares him. He went to the future and it was all chaos. The Whore of Babylon has been summoned. End of Days.
So he realizes he has to get rich so he can become powerful
His uncle dies
On 2-21-1985

Now Don after that he hits a real rough patch. He gets into 1.5 billion dollar debt. He doesn’t know what to do. So he decided to try out the time
Machine and go back to ask Jesus what to do

Jesus/John tells him that he will have to borrow
Money from dirty hands BUT you must remember the rules. Love. Compassion. Loyalty. Peace.

So he comes back and goes to talk to a Banker named Wilbur Ross. He works for the Rothschilds. Dirty hands
He gets the loan and now he knows he can’t screw up. Top of the world. Bumping elbows with the top people. But remember. He’s already been here. He knows what they are up to.
He’s asked numerous times to run for President. He declines. He comes up with plausible conclusions to North Korea in 1999 and also says on TV on 9/11 that it was explosives and a controlled demolition that happened.
He realized one thing. What exactly CERN was and how evil it meant
He knew that he had to run before the whore of Babylon ruined mankind
Seth Rich was born in 1989
Just a mere 4 years after John’s death
Keep that in mind.
Don knew that it was all lies and he is pure and truthful. He needs to find an outlet or a way that will be complete vindication of any wrongdoings and can bring the LIGHT
He gets in his time machine again and goes back.
To get his uncle John Trump.
Image may contain: 2 people, suit
Which we will call him. Julian for now
Now remember. He’s already born. He can’t be seen much. He has to remain hidden
Like in an embassy….
He knows the few things he has to do in order to make it all 100%
Now his younger being Seth decided to get this flash drive to his other self but he cannot meet nor touch. Everything done with a middle


Seth Rich was shot dead on July 10, at 4:19 am
July 7
10 days Also the letter J



Now also remember….. Julian was the one that was telling people to remember him. He is a patriot. Keep his spirit ALIVE
Don knows though. He knows everything. He has been playing the game correctly. Showing love, compassion, loyalty.
Because there’s one thing he did when he became president.
He made Wilbur Ross his Secretary of Commerce
Then he decided to really troll
He comes out with a word.

Tony Hernandez Wait…. So John, Seth and Julian are all the same person???🍿🍿🍿

Many laugh and scoff at him. But he’s not laughing.
Covfefe is Babylonian.

A nice subtle dig to the Whore of Babylon. Because she did something so evil.

She killed Don’s best friend. JFK Jr
She killed him so that she could become the Senator of New York. She wasn’t going back to the sticks
There’s a long canyon that stretches into the Atlantic Ocean
No automatic alt text available.   No automatic alt text available.
Points directly at Manhattan and NYC
It’s name is Babylon Canyon
Covfefe in Babylon means……
 “In the end…. we WIN”
Now he noticed a while back that they were having these games. N
It was England and the US having their veterans battle it out in them
Image may contain: text
Now this pissed Don off.
Bill Jones I thought convfefe meant walk alone in strength with no fear or something to that
See there’s one HUGE problem. You NEVER use his Fathers name in vain
God has a real first name. It’s IAM
Tony Hernandez How do you translate it? Source?


So by making it in a pyramid shape, the royals are taunting God

Now watch

Watch the short one minute clip
You hear tick tick like…..
A tick Tock clock

And then…. boom boom
Now here we are. In a Q group. Hearing tick Tock
Booms all around
Reliving the book of Thomas with all the Q drops
President Trump/Judas learned how to play the game.
Love. Compassion. Loyalty. Honor.
That’s been our whole goal. World Peace
That’s why we are all here. To give unselfishly. Love one another. Show compassion.
The Qanon movement was more than people realized
Shannon Anderson Carley Who is judas again right now?

We all showed love without color nor creed

Judas is Donald
Image may contain: 1 person, text   Image may contain: 1 person, text
And Jesus is John, Seth and Julian. 😎
Shannon Anderson Carley Is julian still alive?
Tony Hernandez That’s what I understand.
John 15:13. Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his Brother
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, child, outdoor and nature
Full circle. World Peace.
Covfefe. In the end. we WIN
There are lots of added things I have throughout history for this as well
Judas was a Warrior. Decided to write a book about it because he’s so masterful.

Art of War. Sun Tzu.

Selena Tracy

Remember. Trump learned that war isn’t the answer. So he just
Gave it a tidy up and now there’s Art of the Deal

King Arthur? Well obviously he wasn’t alone. He had his Knights of the Round Table. Correct?
Round table =Oval office
Mattis is Galahad
Sir Kay is Sessions
Tony HernandezThe Storm?
He was one of the first knights (Sessions was the first to back Trump for POTUS)
That’s multiple meanings as well. One was our lovely honeypot Stormy Daniels
The real Storm. It’s coming.
Tony HernandezLike Trump said, “You’ll find out.” 😎🍿🇺🇸
Sir Lancelot is Flynn
Sir Percival. General Kelly
Gareth. Manafort. Becomes a knight then dies right after
Bedivere. The cup bearer. Huber
Gaheris. He had a shorter left arm than his right
Pompeo. He’s always shaking hands on Peace deals. Right arm longer. Shaking hands.
Remember. Q did mention Biblical a few times in drops
Once you chose a God above ours. You become a bad actor
Because we have all played this before
When you die….. and see the light. Either you are judged OR it’s the light of a hospital delivery room. And you are screaming because you just left everything and lost everyone.
You are mourning when you’re born
Full circle
Trump just had to beat CERN’s hadron particle collider from ever energizing
The explosion it would make would open up where Lucifer lies. Just over the Switzerland border encased in rock and ice underground.
Switzerland has always been neutral…. why?
Shannon Anderson CarleyNazi?
Lucifer is beneath CERN
See how things come together.
Here’s a REAL teaser for you. I began this on a Tuesday morning.
All of this hit me like a shock to the complete system. At 5:00 am. On Thursday.
Flag day
President Donald J Trump’s 72nd Birthday.
3 days cave. 3 days solve.
Our lives are nothing more than cycles
All you have to do is find YOUR purpose. Show love. Compassion.
In the book of Thomas there were 3 names.
Mark, Luke…….
My middle name is the last……
Brenda Covey DeeleyMatthew
This movement…. It’s had its ups and downs. The evil that corrupts other men is disgusting. That is why we rise up and WE THE PEOPLE of the WORLD are to bring the LIGHT
Next up. The Great Awakening.
Now the thought of Trump being a time traveler isn’t that far off now is it? All the Ingersoll Lockwood books
Taking his son Baron back with him to let him see how people lived
Thanks guys and gals for letting me take up your time. I’m always around if there’s questions or anything as well.
Selfless. Be yourself.
 Oh no. Now is when we begin the best step. Today is 10-29-2017.
In the Q drops. Learn. To. Play. The. Game.
Ryan Anthony MorganWhy is today 10-29 ??
Because of the White House drop 2 days ago
They adjusted the time for us
Debi L TaylorJason Q Janiszewski love this next chapter. I’ll add to last night’s and get ready for tomorrow nights. 3 days cave, 3 days solve, 3 nights to explain. COVFEFE WWG1WGA
Debi L TaylorJason Q Jason Janiszewski I sent you a pm about time calendars if today is 10-29. Can you check and let me know.
Today is 10-29
Oh and about the Q post concerning Strzok and his wife. Remember. There are fake Q posts. Use Unix Epoch time calculations. Timestamps
Mike SnodgrassHe dropped that on us about 11ish. Guess who couldn’t stop following till I read everything available at the time
Michael Netta
Image may contain: one or more people
Selena TracyThat’s Soros
It’s Trump using the videophone to take a selfie with his iPhone covering up the rest
Luimar Zibetti Garza Jason Q Janiszewski. 👏👏👏👏👍👊Excellent!!!

Another angle: President Trump is Autistic Savant (i.e., he has perfected his intuitive powers over the decades to where he masterfully plays “3 level chess vs. Colorblind checker players”)

That said, in that we are continuously told that time is one continuous loop (past, present and “future”) we Autists have learned that it is not TIME travel that exists…. it is MIND travel…. and it is through the N. Tesla mindset (and Trumps Uncle) that we have this gift already inside each of us…it’s just a matter of perfecting it to our specific LIFE journey. And in the case of 4,10,20…he cracked the “DaVinci” code…

Thank you for your green and blue analysis. It reminds me of the Blue and Green twin towers in Miami Beach…. (Which I think was once owned by Trump…but I have not confirmed such)

   Image may contain: skyscraper, sky and outdoor
Tesla is in fact Donald himself
   Image may contain: 1 person, text
   No automatic alt text available.
   No automatic alt text available.

Makes the list of Court Martials a lot more clear doesn’t it versus Saudi Arabia here in a few days that were posted a while back YET deleted back in 1970. 🤔🤔🤔. What else was in January of 1970

It was when Unix Epoch time was designed. That’s the hint that made me go back and check the deleted Q drops. I retain EVERYTHING. Just how I’m wired I suppose.
   No automatic alt text available.
Using the 2 Q gave as examples. The one on left is legit. The one on right is not
   Image may contain: text
One on right by using Unix Epoch time, the deleted date and the blue time stamp. It’s answer is 16 days 18:57:50

One on left? 🤔. 17:00:00:00.

On. The. Nose

I checked the deleted list of Court Martial’s as well. 27-1 is code for Army Uniform Code of Military Justice. Fort Gordon

Oh sweet sweet Q. Finally a game that is/was fun to play.
Double meanings. Ring….evil
Ring Ring Ring….. video phone.
    Image may contain: 1 person, text
HOLY SHIT. IVE completed Q!!!!!!


 11/11. That puts us at July 2nd
   Image may contain: text
What’s the benefits of carriers? And why so many?



   Image may contain: 1 person, text
Look who trafficked them!
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   No automatic alt text available.
Here comes the PAIN.
27-1. Army. Fort Gordon. They are so stupid
The Iran nuclear deal was a cover for CHILD TRAFFICKING!
Angela Meyer I read from FBI anon that this was bigger, sicker and more corrupt than we could ever imagine almost 2 years ago…. and OMG is he right!
Bryan Leon
   No automatic alt text available.
Bryan Leon
   No automatic alt text available.
See how everything fits?

Even more? How many committed “suicide”

   No automatic alt text available.
A secret between people is only safe if the other person is dead.
Swartz and Dolan. Suicided.
Oh and another thing? The kids that couldn’t be trafficked or weren’t worth much? They would harvest their organs, pack them in KATE SPADE HANDBAGS and ship them back to the US. She was Blackmailed by HRC.
This ALL falls directly in line with the Federal Bridge Certification Authority Network that Bill Clinton introduced in 1998.
The beginning of the largest child and human trafficking ring. Ever.
And there’s SO MUCH MORE
Then theres this that hit me. Remember the
Open the door
Close door

If you talk. You are killed. The door is the symbol. Everyone hung off a doorknob was going to expose this
Tara Carrick All of this ties back to NXIVM. And when was that started? Late 1990’s.
Right around when this was taken.

Body language is a terrible thing to display.
Hands. Look at ‘chelsea’s’ hands
I’m no mom. She did not give birth.
There’s one person in the world that will die for you. Your own mother.
That’s the only pic I’ve ever found of them with a child back then. And I dug.
Chelsea is the ‘pet’
The foundation is hers to dip into to pay herself for playing along
Same with Obama’s. They did the same
And to send the oldest to work for Weinstein for a year?
Come on. If you think you are sneaking anything past me or any of us in the Q-munnity. Good luck
Hopefully Q stocked up on candy. 🤭😉🙃
So by all account, they rescue them all, bring them back on the carriers, I’d say that would be around….. early November?
11/11/18. The ending of the war to end all wars.
Armistice Day
100 year anniversary of the ending of WW1.
Veterans Day
Hall Of Heroes
The Children will be walking with the Military in the greatest parade anyone has ever seen. And it will all be in the name of WORLD PEACE.

D.5. Global destroying avalanche.

Snowflakes. Liberals. Destroyed.

Now POTUS is setting the stage on the tweets. Putting facts about the children
It was all about him being a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason and going to the Forbidden city in China to make peace with the White Dragon Society. POTUS made the BIGGEST peace deal in the Forbidden City in China. And it wasn’t with Kim.
Suzanne O’Hanlon I have been wondering why there is only 1 pic of each person; I mean, they go to work every day, right? And they are infamous.
Robin Peterson Clark Jason Q Janiszewski,…please consider this article:


Diogenes Ho Kunikos So, it’s very easy to look up each name in a Google image search and find many results, including spouse and family pictures, as well as paparazzi-style fast shudder photos together showing movement. In other words, the notion that there is just one photo of each is demonstrably false. Someone please explain how this fact is accounted for im the present conspiracy theory.
That’s not all that happened there.

In the Forbidden city, once he made peace with the White Dragon Society he headed to the Philippines. He had to pick up something

With Trump, he’s what’s called a gnostic Illuminati
Pure. Truthful. In fact we all know the symbolism behind it
The Gnostic are represented by Goddess LuSophia-Gaia-Saraswati-Amunet
We call her “Liberty” for short.
That is the Statue of Liberty’s full name.
So when you see things that call her “The Whore of Babylon”. That’s completely skewed by the Satanic Illuminati. Gnostic and Satanic Illuminati are the 2 heads on the Masonic Eagle.
Cathy M White exactly I was posting this all last week there was an agent with that name but he quit 20 years ago he hasn’t been with the FBI in over 20 years. They were just using his name and old Dropbox illegally
Cathy M White Sorry…wrong link lol


The Whore of Babylon was indeed HRC. She was going to put nuclear warheads along Babylon Canyon to put NYC underwater. Remember. Watch the water. Look at the Korean pics again. Big waves. Zoom in. Skyscrapers.

When she has JFK Jr killed. She became the Whore of Babylon. It was seriously THAT close to the end of days

They had all the failsafes in place.
Crowd control…. FEMA camps. How to kill that many? Oh. That’s easy.
When Obamacare was passed… everyone in Congress was like yeah. 1000 pages. Whatever. It’s good.
   Image may contain: text
How did everyone approve the use of guillotines again?
We have 30,000 of these in military installations across the US. Brand new. In the box.
What’s this? Why Johnny….. looking for Immunity back in 2017 eh? Perkins Coie? VERY familiar firm there. 
   Image may contain: text
Angela Megan Luckner
Well well. Fixing the Obamacare website? Did something pique my interest??????? When I said everything. Now we get to goodies
   No automatic alt text available.
Remember when Q mentioned the Analysis Corporation?
Owned by John Brennan.
In 2008 Obama came under fire for not mentioning a trip to Pakistan back in 1981….

You tried to fix the birth certificate and somehow got people to buy it….

You forgot one thing. Your passport states your country of origin as well. Stupid
There were 3 break ins.
1-9-08, 2-21-08 and 3-14-08

there were 3 passports that were doctored with
Personal AND diplomatic

Obama had to come clean on April 08 2008 about the trip

Now theres a little thing that many people dont know.
Who controls the US Visa Service?

Angela Megan Luckner Marcy
Angela Megan Luckner SES
Angela Megan Luckner Kristine Marcy
There was a problem A Lt.Quarles Harris Jr. was getting bad credit reports. He was heading to talk to a prosecutor
They found him shot in his car on 4-17-08 from a “Self inflicted gunshot wound”
This SAME company that created the Benghazi propaganda video, is a subgroup of the Analysis Corporation. They were awarded a No Bid Contract for the building of the web portal for Obamacare.
Kara Flanagan Cox BLOW IT ALLLLLL UP !!!!!
Oh we have yet begun. What’s that Obama? Extortion 17?
The MURDER of SEAL team 6? Yep. Who’s ready……

Kara Flanagan Cox IN READY !!!!

There was a chain of command that was followed in the Air to Air attack on the Chinook(s) that was Except one. He wrote the book saying “He shot Bin Laden”. Odd

Leon Panetta
4star General/exJoint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey
Naval pilot with the call sign OPIE.
Lt. General (Army) Thomas Rickard

Guys so nice… he even described how he got his call sign.
Image may contain: text   Image may contain: text

GE Drops Out of the Dow After More Than a Century   WSJ.COM


Hmm wonder why. 2 main reasons.
1. Jeffrey Immelt just stepped down not too long ago. Bad? Yep. Before 9/11….. Jeffrey took out the largest cash payout available corporate life insurance policy. If he lives past 9/12/2001. He was to be paid 274 million dollars. Guess what. Luck has it… he did.
BUT remember a while ago.. there was a pic of a United plane with a woman in the front seat. That woman was none other than Gina Haspel. That flight had Jeffrey Immelt on it. (Clues in previous posts)
2) GE made the Uninterruptible Auto pilot switch that was installed in the 4 planes of 9/11
That by account makes Jeffrey Immelt a domestic terrorist.
Assets seized (every dime)
200+million off one person and bust….
we may have a 19 trillion dollar Surplus by next year.

You are about to learn all about Operation Mockingbird there Raymond. Lol

Ready to get real fired up???

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   Image may contain: text
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   Image may contain: text
   No automatic alt text available.
Looks like General Dempsey had 4 more to add on.
Ever fight with a kid over Santa Claus?
They will be cleaned out. Trash day coming up. Best thing was Wray’s press conference. No finger pointing. Accepting accountability on behalf of the FBI, apologizing, asking for forgiveness, plan to never happen again. Simple.
6/20/18 on Rabbi Kerry Owens post
7.7 months span in time from the October drops to today.
Ok so on June 18 the WH sent out a little change of date for a pick up
Instead of June 19. It said October 28
Image may contain: text
Rhoda Sage Marr Is she wearing a back brace? You can see it in pix….
James Matlock These posts from late 2017; what is their relevance to today? What is current expectation; appears to me that HRC is still making the rounds on speaking gigs? Has she been under house arrest or something similar or was this much to do about nothing? Thanks!

First Q drop. Full circle.

Image may contain: text
Today Rod and Mueller will be outed in the Uranium one deal.
Operation Mockingbird. CNN said they saw Strzok. He’s fictional. Fake. News. Boom
Image may contain: text

National guard deployed to help round up the rest of the 34,000 sealed indictments

Image may contain: 1 person, text
Image may contain: text
Guys. Hate to tell ya. The Iran Nuclear Deal was never about nuclear weapons.
It was all child trafficking
The pallets of cash.
No automatic alt text available.
No automatic alt text available.
Here’s a list of the Military Tribunals. Checked the deleted date with the Unix Epoch time method and these are real.
The Q drops about Strzok’s wife and everything. Hacked. But needed to stay in play
27-1. Military Tribunals. US Army. Fort Gordon
4 carriers and escorts? What’s a carrier good for…. helicopter extractions.
The parade….. it has a military symbolism with it
Rabbi-Kerry Owens The ones still alive.
They realized that the children were being kept in Iran and Saudi
Arabia was the money
Iran was pissed because they weren’t getting a cut
Pallets of cash
Nope. Not enough.
Now Obama had a deal with Centennial Energy in Bangkok Thailand
James Matlock Looking at Centennial Energy’s website, my first thought is that they are all about international MONEY. Everywhere in their description of services offered, it was gobbledygook; same words over and over on each tab. Shady. But they did NOT specifically mention their authorization to print USD? I suppose that would be a bit too overt?

Printed 3 TRILLION dollars. All in 100’s.

No one really looked into it.
Rabbi-Kerry Owens Jason Q Janiszewski Because the Deep State controlled every single area that could have done anything about it.

Want to know where that went?

You have to pay your help. In comes the invasion of Muslims in Europe
All false flags to keep the child trafficking money coming in. They would double dip. The kids that weren’t anything. Their organs were harvested and shipped BACK to the US in KATE SPADE HANDBAGS!

Rabbi-Kerry Owens WTF!

It’s all blackmail!

Gonna talk. Symbolic deaths. Doorknobs

Rabbi-Kerry Owens Jason Q Janiszewski And red scarfs, and rat masks.

Rabbi-Kerry Owens So did Kate Spade talk?



She was about to

Once Bourdain saw the mouse mask. He

Bourdain is afraid of Clowns. And rats.

Well was.

Robin Ashby Jason Q Janiszewski How do you know Kate talked??
Bobby Parrs DJT birthday>Gemini ( The Twins)

Bobby Parrs Trying to get my brain around this “Movie Script”. Fascinating👀

Rabbi-Kerry Owens It’s a lot!

Bobby Parrs Rabbi-Kerry Owens smoke coming out of my ears😜

Rabbi-Kerry Owens Bobby Parrs I know, right?! Very few people would be willing to post this because they’d be afraid of the public reaction. LOL!
Rabbi-Kerry Owens When I say “Here” I mean the thread. I don’t know exactly what you want other than help in figuring out the math. It’s UNIX EPOCH math, which when you do the calculations (excluding Leap years) will pinpoint a date IN THE FUTURE. There’s so much information here and on the other posts. You just have to sort through. I can’t escort you and explain everything point by point. Nobody has the luxury of that kind of time.
Rabbi-Kerry Owens Instructions for UNIX EPOCH math can be found on Google.

James Matlock Rabbi-Kerry Owens > I fully understand, please allow me to revert back to reading and less inquiring. Until you pointed it out, I had never heard of EPOCH time concept. I went to the converter page and that is cool. However, I am not clear on how the post you shared with me led us to June 21, as I may have overlooked it, but I saw no reference to that EPOCH date on the thread. Please forgive me for being a pest. Out here! Best regards, Ms. Owens



NOTE:  All comments, images and links are by Jason Q Janiszewski except those in red italic which are others comments in thread.  
TO BE CONTINUED………………………………….