Podesta Email from Wikileaks showing discussions on the preliminary agreement for the Iran Nuclear Deal/Disaster.

They knew it was a horrible deal.

By: Lycaon @Cynacin


Enriched uranium will stay in Iran for dilution, rather than be sent to Russia or France for reprocessing.


Military sites (Parchin) are likely to be off the table for inspections. Iran will likely be able to do research on advanced centrifuges. Iran will have an industrial size nuclear program, and will be left as a “nuclear capable state”.
Nothing in the agreement will limit its support for terrorism.
Sanctions will not be phased-out commensurate with compliance. This will transfer billions to Iran and enhance its 💰funding for 💣 terrorism 💥 and its efforts to gain hegemony in the region. Plus access to our US banking system. 💳💸💰🙄