The Trump campaign couldn’t have known Paul Manafort had already been charge as a felon since 2012. Charges were hidden and not made public. Says a lot. 2012 Process Served For Manafort. [1]



Motion to dismiss with prejudice filed on behalf of Manafort and other listed defendants. [2]



The only reason these forty four pages are accessible by the public is they are part of a hacked document release. Otherwise the information may well have remained hidden. [3]



6/23/18 –

Manafort’s attorney asks judge to bar mention of Trump ties in trial

Manafort's attorney asks judge to bar mention of Trump ties in trial
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Attorneys for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort asked a judge to bar any mention of President Trump from Manafort’s upcoming trial, according to new court filings. According to court filings obtained by CBS News, Manafort’s lawyers argue that his alleged crimes occurred before joining the Trump campaign, meaning any mention of the president would be irrelevant. The lawyers wrote that mention of Trump during Manafort’s trial could taint jurors’ perception of him, influencing their decision in his case. “[T]here is a very real risk that the jurors in this case – most of whom likely have strong views about President Trump, or have likely formed strong opinions as to the well-publicized allegations that the campaign colluded with Russian officials – will be unable to separate their opinions and beliefs about those matters from the tax and bank fraud matters to be tried before them in this case,” they wrote. [4]



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