🔥Dayum. If you’re ever in trouble find an attorney that fights for you as hard as Reed Smith LLP. Honestly they destroy the appointment of Mueller.

By: Rosie Memos‏ @almostjingo [1]

Goes on to mention that the order of Special Counsel fails to mention any criminality and zeroes in on Rosentein’s obvious conflict of interest.
The footnote is brutal, stating that the memorandum (issued by) Rosenstein is still a secret to everyone and rightfully says they should have access to the entire document consistent with due process. 😅
It’s 85 pages but clearly there’s a reason Mueller is ditching this case, his team is getting scorched.
Dismiss Case Dismiss Case, USA v. INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY LLC et al, No. 1:18-cr-00032-2 (D.D.C. Jun 25, 2018). [1]
Per the sage collaborative thinking of @_ImperatorRex_ @Techno_Fog @hfinch61 @Nick_Falco @JohnWHuber it looks like “13 Russians” is Mueller’s hot potato and he’s throwing it to Miss Liu with haste.