Hello all. We are getting continuous reports of issues spreading British Fight‘s information, from all globalist platforms, Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube/Google.

“It wont share” “The screen’s all blank”

So I thought it time (with kindness) to bring a bucket of cold-water clarity to this situation, and share these thoughts:


These platforms are freedom, and patriotisms, ENEMY.

Many of you know this. Many of you have suffered bans and restrictions and deletions and all sorts of abuses of your Article 19 Human Rights: simply for seeking to freely share your lawful opinions.

Ghost-ban rates are running at up to 90%! While the programmed hateful cultists of globalism are given carte blanche and free reign.

No its not fair. Its not just. Its INFO-WAR.

Once upon a time, there were no “share” buttons, not even “like” buttons, and if you agreed or disagreed with something, you needed to comment to say so.

Simple functions like left click, drag and hold, right click, copy, left click tab change, right click paste, were what sharing on the internet were all about.

But like pavolvian dogs, Social Media has programmed the masses with seductive dopamine level tweaking convenience…

SHARE buttons! So satisfying! So easy!

So simple for THEM to sabotage!

And when they stop their convenience working for us, many stand around dumb-founded unsure what to do.

They are counting on this. They are counting on people giving up, forgetting about it, not being bothered, walking away.

Effective Infowarriors do no act like that.

They recognise, that what the enemy wants to supress, the enemy is afraid of: that information they don’t want us to know: is info we NEED to hear.

Certainly in these extra-ordinary times when we have the incredible information from British Fight, and his plan, knowledge and help we have NEVER had before.

Oh they hate it! They hate it so very much! They are petrified this information will spread, will be taken seriously, and that every patriot in the land will hear the name British Fight and understand his message!


If that happens: for them: its GAME OVER.

So we should know what we have to achieve!

My appeal to you, is to challenge yourselves to try harder to do more. When they try and repress you: push back! Wont let you share from a button? Then copy paste it x10 times!

Memes can be captured with the PRT SCN button, pasted into a simple program like Paint, then selected, resaved, which changes its file name. Then instead of repressing one file they have to repress hundreds.

Globalists HATE memes the power of truth in a simple idea has damaged their grip on the world. Emperors with no clothes loathe to have their todgers pointed and laughed at.


Tryants love fear, but flee from ridicule

We need the attitude where we really take on:

We are fighters: this is a fight!

British Fight knows this: that’s why he chose his name

Just as I named this group Aslan to invoke the power of the spirit lion, to put fire and courage in our hearts, to take this fight to the foe and WIN THIS:


And I want you to take all of this messing about, by these globalist social media technocrats, and shove it straight back at them with all you have got!

NOTICE: GROUP FILES contain PDFS of all British Fight drops, and JPEGS, are all ready to download and put on your PC, from the group files on Aslan’s Army. We are doing all we can to give you what we need: and our advice.

Learn why we say these words: [ARCHIVE OFFLINE].

Know that we are in for a wild summer bringing the TRUTH and a CHOICE for the solution, to the people of our beloved land:

We WILL be successful!

Britain WILL be free!

Because YOU are not going to take it anymore, and together, we will beat these deluded “masters of the internet” and show them the power of our Free Minds, Free Spirits, and Patriotic hearts!

The fight is on: BELIEVE IT!

Read ALL British Fight drops here: and download those JPEGS!

Aslan’s ARMY

Love to all

John White

*Of course there are those who already know and do everything in their power to keep sticking what Gobalists don’t want to hear right back at them!

They are called ANON’s: and they are LEGION. By #wwg1wga they are known:

And all Anons, especially British ones, have a place in OpREC:
See HERE to join….

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