California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Ted Lieu, Kamala Harris, and Senator Feinstein – you need to focus. Why the hell does UCLA lease a baseball field on property donated to Department of Veteran Affairs? Your big solution is to let them sleep in their cars there? Hell no.


By: Rosie Memos@almostjingo [1]

You have 388 acres DONATED and the $16.5 million dollar deal with UCLA is supposed to include facilities for Veterans but it’s stuck in limbo over an environmental study? GTFO  California Attorney General Xavier Becerra needs to file a lawsuit against someone other than President Donald Trump and fix this.
Why did the VA pay $11 million for parking fees with Westside Services?  You are all ABSENT and Ted Lieu you can talk about your service all damn day but you never mention this travesty. #VoteDemsOUT
A Brentwood School, an oil well, a parking lot, a dog run and a parrot sanctuary all have homes on land meant for Veterans.  SHAMEFUL  We have almost 5,000 homeless vets #FIXTHIS cc: @BaileyForAG @RealOmarNavarro @drwright4congr1
Judge Steven Bailey, a retired judge of California’s Superior Court, is running for Attorney General of California.
Omar Navarro, candidate for Congress running against Maxine Waters.
Dr. Kenneth Wright, Republican Running for Congress against Ted Lieu.
Can you see the homeless now California Democrats? #KeeptheChildrenSafe



Nadia mother of three with her son Sebastian deserve the same attention you’re giving to illegal immigrants. She escaped from an abusive marriage and is now homeless but no one talks about her. #KeepFamilesTogether #KeeptheChildrenSafe


The homeless in L.A. are not who you think they are High rents, few vacancies, stagnant incomes and a patchy government safety net — this is why Los Angeles is the facing an unprecedented homeless crisis. [2]



[1] Rosie Memos Twitter

[2] LA Times

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