BRITISH FIGHT meets the public:

Q & A with the UK inside source…

Organized by John White : Jun 25 at 7:37pm
British Fight became known to me from June 3rd 2018. I’ve been following his information since. Read all British Fight drops so far, from 0001 to 0039, here:

On 25th June 2018 the insider source Identity “British Fight” conducted a Q&A session.

British Fight was speaking from a secure group location and his answers were relayed to questioners on the Public Facebook group “Aslan’s Army”.

You can view the results here, as British Fight’s answers were relayed by JPEG screen cap.

This article is now going to showcase some of the questions and their answers.

British Fight: Good evening one and all.


Anon: So do we get to know who you are?

British Fight: My background and information etc will be dropped this week, you have my word on that.

Anon: Although I’m fairly convinced I know the answer would be nice to have confirmation. Are the BF group responsible for the recent spout of British MSN articles focusing on the fraud that is NAMA in Ireland?

British Fight: Not directly, we may have given a nudge.

Anon: What is the plan for the Royals? they seem to have been getting away with all sorts while the masses think they are amazing. When is their part in all of this going to come out?

British Fight: Sooner than you think, we guarantee it, they are evil.

Anon: Are we likely to see military-style courts with swift justice?

British Fight: We can’t have the ‘normal’ courts dragging things out endlessly with appeals human rights laws, etc, etc. We can’t even be sure which judges are white or black hats. – 7 words = YOU CAN TAKE IT TO THE BANK.

Anon: How do you know that the majority sleeping Brits will believe all that you say?

British Fight: We have studied mass psychology, sociology, media relations, we have watched, learnt and know how to approach the public, TP will be joined by a female shortly. (ying & yang) broad appeal, plus the manifesto appeals even to the millennials on many levels but is rooted in common sense centre-right tried and trusted ideology.

Anon: Will we ever free ourselves from the Babylonian monetary slave system?

British Fight: A global currency revaluation is soon to occur after that happens several countries atm (likely more by then) will adopt a gold backed currency, where is most of the worlds gold held? A prevalent currency backed by gold will do what to fiat currencies? Trust the plan.

Anon: How do we know what plans are in place to ensure the law of the land is applicable to everybody irrespective of one’s belief?

British Fight: The true nature of what we have now is that certain people are exempted from certain laws, thereby getting away with ‘murder’ so to say. – equal justice under the law is an absolute must and is the first thing we will enact. No more of the 2-tier justice system, once their crimes are exposed the people will demand it is torn down, we serve you, the party is yours, we will ensure this is done.

Anon: Who are you?

British Fight: I am the current party leader and face of British Fight you will find my name in the party registration details, I will make myself known this week, it is time.

Anon: Will there be any leaks on the politicians in Westminster namely Bercow?

British Fight: Check the video posted last night, I doubt he will last much longer if so we will finish him off.

(See here: British Fight 0039 A message for John Bercow )

Anon: Will we get transparency with all the undisclosed info?

British Fight: Not everything will be disclosed, the public will not accept everything and it will lead to societal breakdown, much will be released and overall picture certainly, specific details regards torture and killing of innocent children etc will not be shared only briefs.

Anon: What about 5G?

British Fight: Drop coming.

Anon: Brilliant!

Anon: Is the Mainstream Media becoming more truthful to the public eye recently? Seeing more truth lately.

British Fight: You cannot stop truth coming out completely, eyes are being opened and they are being forced to report more and more. Damn will break very soon.

Anon: Do you work in gov now?

British Fight: Three of us do.

(*Note: British Fight is a group. Equally, depending on who is communicating, British Fight is an individual)

Anon: Do they actually eat kids?

British Fight: Very small group, names are known – Q has intel, some has been shared and it makes our collective stomach’s churn.

Anon: Will we hear more about the tunnels/network around UK? Will we the people find out where they are?

British Fight: 100%.

Anon: Hampstead Kids story, fact, fiction or something in-between?

British Fight: In-between, many are worse in fact. stay tuned.

Anon: Are you aligned or joined with any other parties? Would you say your politics/ideals are left leaning, right, middle or somewhere else? Why did you start your campaign in this way?

British Fight: In the works, discussions have been held with 3, centrist/right but much appeals to left also, ultimately the people will decide, we are just providing popular common-sense solutions to dealing with the many problems we face. The will of the people will be enacted. NO COMPROMISE!

Anon: Will smart meters be banned?

British Fight: 1,000,000% yes.

Anon: So happy!

Anon: Will Tommy be involved in this?

British Fight: That will be up to him, we suspect he will.

Anon: When will info be released and how can we get involved?

British Fight: Watch for announcement in 48 hours and info will be dropped according to plan, if an opportunity presents itself it will be dropped earlier. There is logic and reason behind everything, we cannot drop everything at once as most will be missed by the public.

Anon: A while ago Q said, “May [is] neutralised, MI6 undergoing House Cleaning.” Does that have any relevance for us?

British Fight: MASSIVE relevance – keep watching the news.

Anon: How do you know all this, are you a spy, or high up in Gov?

British Fight: (BF) are in military, intelligence, government and civilians – information is our bread and butter, cannot say anymore for obvious reasons.

Anon: Are the connections between Trump and Tesla relevant?

Anon: No, aside from if your suggesting POTUS knows about Tesla work why wouldn’t he? What he has access to far surpasses what Tesla achieved, was an incredible inventor though, man before his time.



Anon2: Yeah thanks for the time!


Anon4: Thanks, that was ace!

British Fight: You are all welcome, I hope I answered everyone’s questions (at least almost all of them) will do again, was fun.



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