Scott Schools provided all evidence to Horowitz re: Clinton Email he’s also deeply tied to some real jerks.




Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Bradley Weinsheimer to Replace Departing Associate Deputy Attorney General Scott Schools Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he will be appointing Bradley Weinsheimer as Acting Associate Deputy Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice. [1]

This is a pretty big deal actually.
Scott Schools authorized Mueller.
Schools also provided Strzok/Page texts to Robert Storch on Horowitz team.
He also spoke with attorneys for Strzok and Page.

Appointed by Yates and hailed as the most important unknown in the Russia investigation.


The DOJ’s Scott Schools Is the Most Important Unknown Person in Washington Two of the most consequential figures in the Trump legal soap opera have been a pair of Justice Department officials [2]
Prepare for the spin. Maybe he’s slinking away before it gets embarrassing.
Key phrase.
VERY interesting follow especially because he only followed 32 people.
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Page 392 and 393 of IG Report mention that Schools, Toscas and Axelrod provided comments and edits for the November 6th letter.
November 6th letter would be the one ultimately clearing Clinton (again) rather short for that many people to be involved in the edit. Has anyone seen the original or drafts? @JusticeOIG
Page 474 Schools also made curious decision to not document Kadzik after he sent “heads up” email? While he stated to OIG it was based on nuance, one must question if recusal actually ever happened and if it did why were they trying to avoid scrutiny?#again
March 2, 2017 very strange day. Sessions has interview prep could’ve been for Tucker Carlson show? 5:15-6:15pm meets with Schools and company to discuss recusal issues, either before or after he has press conference announcing recusal but that isn’t on his schedule? #WhatHappened
[2] Slate