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Part 2: From Pandas to Pizza to Pig Farms to Tunnels and

How EO’s Ties them ALL Together

By Nick Reeder and Patriot Force [1]

Have you ever read anything that was so sick and disgusting that just totally makes you lose hope in society and lose faith in humanity? I warn you… Most of you know how deep into this I’ve gone and this shit messed with me for a long time after reading.
Only read this if you’re prepared for an absolutely sick and disturbing account from a victim of this kind of shit. (Panda eyes)
These sick fucks get off on this and laugh about while they’re abusing these poor children and then posting about it.
How does a pizza shop owner become a top 50 most powerful person in DC and gets to visit the white house?
Oh and he owns comet ping pong… You know, the epicenter for pizzagate? Those are pictures from his personal Instagram account also. (jimmycomet)
Thinking trafficking and pedophilia is just an odd occurrence by the weird dude in the white van? Think again… This is a business ran by the elites in this country and this world.


And they record this shit and I’m sure sit back and watch it and laugh about it. Like it’s a badge of honor…. This is the sick shit our president in fighting…. This is why I fight this shit so hard. I can’t even imagine 😭


Yeah I saw all those James Alefantis did u do research on the workinonmyniteshift instagrams who comments on James Alefantis? Child coffin maker. Titus frost went to the Pegasus museum in D.C. At night.

The kill room is chilling. At the time I clicked on video and it looked like a little kid in a bouncy walker or swing in the kill room with an older man & I freaked out and clicked off. I never saw the video again or know what it was about…

And that freezer looking room .. OMG .. the comment “hose it out”


No, I’ve tried to stay away from this… All while knowing it’s real and would pick up bits and pieces here and there… But, now this is where we are in the movement

And to think these evil fu&*s are everywhere all over the world! Thank God for President Trump for doing what it takes to seek them out and destroy them financially and hopefully with their sick lives!

The man that helped me beget my daughter confessed to doing some parts in porn.. he said the once he saw what he believed was a snuff film .. of course, I needed to ask him what a snuff film was … My Parents had warned me about “monsters”, but not even the monsters that I created in my brain come close to what I’ve learned over the years sense I first heard of the phrase “snuff film”

I just watched a video of a person who was still alive and they were harvesting their organs… Mind you, this wasn’t at a hospital. This was murder.

That one with the 2 mexicans carving out a boy’s organs, you don’t need to see, okay. The boy is still alive & moving …they have him propped up on his dad who is a cop, but they had already decapitated him. Just be careful. Trust me, we haven’t seen the worst yet … ya know, of the baby torture/raping/butchering. It’s coming.

That’s the story behind it?

Yes… Sadly, this panda thing is “tame”… I know it’s coming, won’t be public, I don’t think… But it’ll make its rounds I’m sure.

I think communist soviet and Eastern Europe were ways to thrive ratlines, total terror and control of people. Kicked out Rothchilds (Steve Pieczenik was part of it with psych warfare through rock music etc. he said recently Reagan didn’t participate in this) — had to move them to Kosovo. Add organ harvesting.
Someone in messenger group said they hold kids on Iran and before in NK. Communism enables ratlines, it’s the Rothchilds in charge.
Now U.K. Uses Muslims to traffic kids to elites. Mexico traffics kids through border, they claim it’s humanitarian reasons. BS.
CIA are compromised and frequent sick Comet Pizza with pedo art all over walls and sick band names. Sexually suggestive. All ages. The frames in band videos will turn your stomach. Random rants of Ryan has lots of reports on Pizzagate and I love his sarcasm, gets you through it.


Ever hear of Albert Fish? I once had a book written by a woman that escaped a compound in Hollyweird. It was a place of satan worship and sacrifice of the babies born out of “rituals” .. I wouldn’t doubt that somewhere out there.. some rich person is shopping for tonights dinner .. and maybe she/he will have blond hair and blue eyes.. a bit of “fun” before the child is turned into a main course .. yeah .. I’ll go there because I’ve read too much after my 5 yr old was molested by a man that had been a assistant youth pastor … NAMBLA meeting in the San Francisco public library..

George Webb reported that the ratlines were moved from old Soviet Union to Kosovo. Madeline Albright and Hillary just added the organ harvesting to the menu of sex trafficking, brownstoning key officials drugs arms, etc. General Petraus was a mastermind in overthrowing governments with $10,000



To them, we’re not worthy of life and are less than them… They value our life, like we value the life of an ant… Actually even less than that.
They find joy in this. All about power and control.
I think that they hunt humans in Juarez
Most definitely. And they’ve been holding hunting parties for centuries in the UK
And the black forest ranch, I think the name was that the Rothschild’s owned

There’s some weird indie movies on net flix .. necrophilia .. some guy falls in love with a woman that works at a mortuary .. he kills himself so she will finally have sex with him and while I’m babbling about unrelated things .. how about the movies hostel
Damn near every movie is real… Just think about that.
Exactly! Almost all, whether it’s horror or geo weather, it’s predictive programming.
So when we “conspiracy nuts” bring it up… Everyone is like, “oh, you watch too many movies.”
Hollywood and media… And DC…. tunnels all over to channel the kids…. Sick!!
Tunnels under most cities

The tunnel systems they have set up around the World are staggering my Friend. There’s a tunnel under the UN that travels everywhere. Kushners 666 property gave the White Hats access to it all that’s one of the reasons the UN is basically finished for good

I first hand have been in them in los angeles when I was 18. My friend had dated a guy that had a key to a private entrance and he took us down there and showed us. Its whole cities down there with tunnels made of cement with red lights going in every direction. The red lights are lit and about every 50 feet

James Alefantis also owns a pig farm
Now, they mainly use cement and such to dispose of the bodies. Pigs are too slow.
That’s why AZ was so important a couple weeks ago
They use acid in Californian.. the Standard Hotel
Pigs are too slow, we had hogs on the ranch .. I don’t know .. I imagine that it would depend on the hunger of the hogs and the amount of “food” tossed at them .. I do know that they will eat everything but the skull

Great job putting this together in one post.

A thought that just came to mind – I remember that while researching Seth Rich, he loved Pandas. I also vaguely remember social media posts mentioning pandas but connecting it to Seth. There was also an article in some mag (maybe vogue) that, if I remember correctly, looked like a call for a hit on him.

I wish I remembered the details better. Dealing with a family emergency and dont have time to dig (just taking a quick breather now) but I’m sure someone here remembers.

What do you make of that?

He had a panda with him at DNC at all times. His parents when interviewed about his death had a stuffed panda there.

James Alefantis is co-publisher of “Panda Head” magazine


He also owns a social media outlet for kids and another ping pong place or two in Germany…

What is Pizzagate?
These days Pizzagate means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. “Pizzagate” as a meme originated from the release of John Podesta’s emails pertaining to the restaurant Comet Ping Pong, but it has since evolved into a full-blown activist movement. The mainstream media and those implicated are bombarding the subject with speculation, divisiveness, and most importantly, pure disinformation. In spite of all this, there are still serious scholars, researchers, journalists, law enforcement agencies, and governments courageously pursuing the subject. Why? Why not.
At its core, Pizzagate is a joint investigation between citizens, law enforcement, and governments into the pervasiveness of sex trafficking, ritual abuse, and cyber crime in global political powers around the world. These investigations, some in the making for decades, continue to exist on their own momentum because they are based on real facts, data, and observations. Some famous examples include:
The fact that around 800,000 children are reported missing and 300,000 children are at risk of sexual exploitation in United States alone every year . For context, the number of people murdered in the United States in a given year is only around 16,000.
Former Congressman Anthony Weiner – At the very least texted graphic, sexual messages to three women and is now on trial for doing so with a 15-year old girl
Shortly after Weiner’s laptop was seized, the largest pedophile raid in the U.S. was conducted
Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert – Admitted “serial child molester” who has now been convicted
Billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein – Trafficker and child molester who not only had a private island where he abused and imprisoned children, but also took other notable figures there like Bill and Hillary Clinton
Presidio Army Base – still under FBI investigation for molestation and Satanic ritual abuse at the base’s daycare center. Many other bases have been implicated and are under investigation as well, including Fort Meade.
Lt. Col. Michael Aquino – current Army officer, leader of the Church of Set, author of several significant Army doctrines (U.S. Army Chaplain’s Handbook), and known child abuser who worked at Presidio Army Base
Norwegian pedophile network busted after tip off from FBI
Belgian pedophile network which involves major political figures and coverups
Jimmy Savile (deceased) – Major British celebrity and politico who is being investigated for sexually abusing around 450 children
To look at these deeply intertwined facts and reject any sort of correlation between them is pure ignorance. To sit idly by and do nothing is facilitating crime through complacence. The victims of these crimes have no means to defend themselves, no means of getting justice, and, thanks to world full of sheep people, are largely forgotten and uncared for entirely.
Pizzagate is a real phenomenon, children are in danger, and no single article, The New York Times or otherwise, will end the mission of the ultimate moral imperative. So, brave reader, what will you do?
For those who are silent, never stop seeking the truth,
The Pizzagate Wiki team (formerly The #Pizzagate Review) [2]

A statue of justin Trudeau holding baby pandas made of butter on display


Is it true Trump signed an execution order for pedophiles?

Immediate execution. They forfeit their right to exist on this planet.

Absolutely everything that POTUS has done, every Executive Order he has signed….every announcement he has made, has ALL been in an effort, along with our Military Inteligence to GEAR UP for the take-down. Step one was to make sure we were aware that we could not trust the MSM….There was an absolute reason he denigrated them, and continues to do so. This is a great copy and paste…and all of it is true….
Please feel free to share!!

I asked my friend who has doubts these questions. Am I missing any?

These are honest questions. I’m NOT trying to bait you. I’m just curious if these big developments reach the left. Has MSM covered ANY of these MAJOR ITEMS?!?!?

1. Are you aware that on December 21st at midnight POTUS declared a state of emergency? Trump signed an executive order declaring a national emergency related to “serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world” – basically invoking Martial Law? Also, allowing people to be transported IMMEDIATELY to GTMO should they pose a threat?

2. Are you aware that he signed an EO demanding all assets of those involved in severe human rights abuses and/or corruption sedition, treason, etc. be immediately seized?

3. Are you aware that the list of assets seized is over 1100 pages long chock full of names?

4. Are you aware that GTMO has undergone and huge expansion? Including padded cells. A 5 bed hospital. Wheelchair access.

5. Are you aware that 2 months ago the Arizona National Guard was deployed to GTMO?

6. Are you aware that the new Omnibus Bill includes sections regarding $$ for Military TRIBUNALS?

7. Are you aware that the new Omnibus Bill includes $270 Million just for WITNESS Protection program

8. Are you aware that over 1500 notable people including CEOs of MAJOR CORPORATIONS such as, Planned Parenthood, Google, etc. Have resigned in the last 5 months.

9. Are you aware that the new Omnibus Bill started out as a bill to combat Human Sex Trafficking which is now signed into law.

10. Are you aware that over 200 notable politicians have decided to either step down or NOT seek re-election since these EOs were signed?

11. Are you aware that there are now over 18,000 37,000 sealed indictments since these EOs? And that the most seen in one year is around 1,000

12. Are you aware that heads of state and previous heads of states, presidents, prime ministers, royals, etc. Have been arrested in the past few months!!!! Some from NATO countries! Something that has rarely happened in the history of the world.

13. Are you aware that a bill has been introduced last week H.R.5404 – To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold!!!

14. Are you aware that POTUS recently made changes regarding COURT MARSHALLS – By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including chapter 47 of title 10, United States Code (Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), 10 U.S.C. 801-946), and in order to prescribe amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States, prescribed by Executive Order 12473 of April 13, 1984, as amended, it is hereby ordered as follows:

15. Are you aware that POTUS recently added an Annex that Civilians Can be Arrested by the Military and Tried by Military Tribunal During Martial Law and Treason is still punishable by death (hanging or firing squad) under military tribunal; a whole different set of rules than US civil courts.

16. Are you aware that on March 6, 2018 POTUS added even MORE U.S. Marshals? Today, President Donald J. Trump announced his intent to nominate a fifth wave of United States Marshals. The United States Marshal performs essential functions of protecting the Federal judiciary by apprehending fugitives, transporting prisoners, and protecting witnesses.

List names…. By states… By months…. This is big time  This is unsealed names listed. [3]


Petey the Sexual Harassment Panda from South Park

“Sexual Harassment Panda” South Park episode Season 3 Episode 6 [4]
Directed by Eric Stough   Written by Trey Parker
Production code 306    Original air date  July 7, 1999
“Sexual Harassment Panda” is the 37th episode of Comedy Central’s adult animated series South Park. It originally aired on July 7, 1999.
This was the first episode to air after the release of the theatrical film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. According to the DVD commentary of the episode, Parker and Stone were so exhausted and hungover from doing the South Park film, that they have no memory of making this episode.

PERSONAL TESTIMONY: This is 100% truth! I was severely abused sexually as a child. I suffer from permanent dark circles under my eyes. I’ve been wearing undereye concealed to hide them, since I was 12. I was sodomized and also forced into child pornography, as you are probably aware..When my American father brought me and my sister to America from Tokyo, Japan, we both had to wear Panda masks at the airport. I never knew why…..It’s hard for many to believe but it’s true.

I was actually sexually abused by both my parents and my much older half brother starting at age 5

Dark circles around eyes … drained of life force. It’s Time people.


THREADS that UNRAVEL Series: Part 1 covers from NXIVM to Roths to Senators to Podesta to Powerful Elites to Pig Farms to Silsby’s Amber Alert. These threads tie a lot of missing pieces together.


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