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Most everyone in the baby boomer generation remembers Hootenanny which was the revival of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. This TV show of the 1960’s prepared future hippies for the protests and bombings that would infect America at the end of that decade.

Guthrie and Seeger were actually harkening back to the Little Red Song Book of the radical INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE WORLD. An umbrella international for socialists and anarchists founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1905. In America, IWW experienced more success in the northwest. They sought to organize the workers of the lumber industry and in turn, received great push-back from the lumber and timber companies.

The founding convention of the IWW occurred in June of 1905 and was attended by about 200 members of the Socialist Party of America and the Socialist Labor Party who were primarily members of the Western Federation of Miners (marxists, anarchists and socialists).

The American Federation of Labor “AFL” had refused to include unskilled workers in craft unions. The IWW (and the radicals who formed it) were seeking to organize the worker in the manner of the Bolsheviks in Russia. Chicago had a very large population of Russian jews who had escaped Czarist purges and ultimately settled in the United States.

Workers solidarity was a tool to produce revolution, and overthrow capitalists. IWW was all about industrial unionism, not craft unionism. Its emphasis was on rank and file organization.

Noam Chomsky, a one-time member of the Industrial Workers of the World? Guess John F. Kennedy Wasn’t a Good “Democrat” Noam is not a nice GNOME!

Louis “Studs” Turkel — (May 16, 1912 – October 31, 2008) was the son of a Russian tailor and his jewish wife, Anna Finkel (a seamstress). They moved from New York City to Chicago when Studs was eight.

It appears Studs cut his teeth on progressivism (i.e., socialism), as his parents ran a rooming house which doubled as a meeting place for organizers. In the late 1940’s — STUDS’ PLACE graced the screens of Chicago’s televisions. For the kids, they had Kukla Fran and Ollie – STUDS’ PLACE was an unscripted drama of a Chicago diner which included a steady stream of famous persons.

Kukla, Fran and Ollie was unscripted as well, making use of Frances Helen Allison — a well-known Chicago radio personality (the show was a “Punch and Judy” puppeteer operation, without the violence of Punch and Judy). The underlying current was the transformation of young minds.

Soviet intelligence operators had already wormed their way into Paramount Studios (and Hollywood) and the music business and TV was a “golden field.” The little screen was a big time set up by the Frankfurt School. Liberals were trained at Columbia, by displaced German psychologists from the Frankfurt School, who had weathered the war on our shores… unimpeded.

STUDS’ PLACE was an extension of the idol worship that had been developed in Hollywood. This idol worship then gets tied to Studs who was inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame. It was purported that Studs was agnostic, so he may not have worshipped at the LGBTQ altar but at least, he was a “friend of the community.”

Buddy Hawker’s “Don’t Want Your Millions mister”

The Little Red Song Book was published in Spokane, Washington in 1909. Among the notable songwriters were Matti Valentinpolka Huhta who went by his hobo name “T-Bone Slim” (isn’t it quaint Cory Booker used the name T-Bone in one of his famous lies?) and Ralph Hosea Chaplin who had been present at the Pullman strike in Chicago, IL when he was 7-years-old.

Another well-known songwriter was Joel Emannuel Hagglund aka Joseph Hillstrom – a native of Sweden, he went by the name “Joe Hill.”

Woodstock New York (1969) The Counter Culture Would Never Think To Boo This Asinine Performance of a Truly Dated Socialist Melody. They Had Experienced The Frankfurt School’s Training and were Given over to P.C. which would have made any boo – Taboo. Mass Hypnosis!

During WW I — many sons of Centralia and Chehalis, Washington volunteered for military service. After military training they were placed under the command of General William S. Graves. They arrived in Siberia to ensure that the Siberian Railroad and associated timber and lumber industries (as well as precious metals and minerals) would remain available for commerce (during the Russian Revolution where the Bolsheviks eventually took power). This force known as American Expeditionary Force Siberia stood guard duty in the midst of a revolution.

They returned to find there had been civil unrest in their home town between patriotic Americans and these radical socialists of the IWW who masqueraded as pacifists.

On Armistice Day 1919 (which we today call Veterans Day) the socialists shot up an American Legion parade. It was known as the Centralia massacre or the Armistice Day Riot.

The IWW had more than one soldier in its Union — Nathan Wesley Everest, had served in the Spruce Production Division. Spruce was critical in the production of aircraft at that time. Everest was known to have spent time in the stockade for refusing to salute the American flag. In the cause of socialist revolution, Everest took a mighty toll on the American Legion marchers and they were to pay him back.

In the evening a mob formed and Everest was turned over and taken to a bridge over the Chehalis River where he was lynched. The body was abused and then returned to the jail the following night. His body was dumped in front of the IWW members who were locked up, awaiting their fate.

The left has been dividing us since we allowed them to come here. They seek to divide us everyday and especially on Sunday, at NFL games.

The end of last month – June 2018, 16-year-old Ben Eastman from Chahalis, Washington, was invited to go camping. In this tale, it seems every family involved is broken, one way or another. There are two brothers involved – Jonathan Adamson (21) and his brother Benny Marquez (16) who will be tried as an adult. The two brothers lured 16-year-old Ben Eastman to a violent death. They buried his body on family property.

Ben was reported missing on July 1st by his father, Benjamin Eastman, who would eventually be informed, (while in the courtroom) of the full measure of barbaric treatment his son endured. Before being beaten to death and buried, he was beaten and raped by these two monsters.

Socialists and communists in America during its early years, seem to have elevated the dregs of society (and closed ranks with them). Even in Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, the head of his brown shirts was a homosexual pedophile, Ernst Rohm.

At the height of the Great Depression, Amtorg [2], which facilitated import/export trade with the Soviet Union, flooded America with cheap lumber with what amounted to slave labor from the gulag Archipelago. This furthered the misery of the rabid, socialist timber men in the northwest United States.

Occidental Petroleum Corporation and its Libyan operation figure prominently in Hillary Clinton’s debacle in Libya. These socialists from Chicago “Saul Alinsky” acolytes, seek to run the world in an international soviet. This is what Uranium One was about; cornering the market, cheap labor and a guaranteed profit for the Commissars. (Obama went to Occidental College before Columbia and Harvard but his records are sealed because he was a foreign student on a Fulbright Scholarship. Al Gore Sr. left the senate in 1971 and went to work for Occidental’s Coal Division at an annual salary of $500,000.00 and a seat on the Board. Today’s money that $500K would be $3.097 Million annually.)

The Real Al Gore Sr.

Published: 12/11/1998 at 1:00 AM  by: Joseph Farah

Some people will no doubt object to this column. After all, you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead — especially the recent dead. But with all the flowery tributes to Al Gore Sr. in the last few days, I figure somebody has to speak the truth about this man who, in his lifetime, collaborated with and profited handsomely from evil.

Vice President Al Gore eulogized his father Tuesday as a politician driven by “conscience” who never forgot his humble upbringing and always tried to help others.

“Dad, your whole life has been an inspiration,” Gore said, his voice cracking slightly.
I believe Al Jr. when he says that. And it scares the hell out of me.

To appreciate what I’m about to tell you with regard to Al Gore Sr., you first must familiarize yourself with a man by the name of Armand Hammer — worth more than a few columns himself.

Hammer was a personal friend of V.I. Lenin. He was known as Lenin’s “path” to America’s financial resources — in other words, the guy who would sell us the rope with which we would be hanged. Hammer was the first Western businessman to participate in KGB-controlled joint ventures in the Soviet Union. The son of Julius Hammer, a founder of the Socialist Labor Party and later the Communist Party USA who served time in Sing Sing for performing illegal abortions, Armand was called the “Capitalist Prince” by the KGB. Hammer dutifully served the Soviets for seven decades and became the first — and only — American capitalist to be awarded the Order of Lenin.

Edward J. Epstein’s “Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer” is must reading for anyone who wants to understand how so-called “capitalists” like Hammer can serve as willing and able tools of revolutionary Marxists and global socialists.

Lenin told Stalin about Hammer: “This is a small path leading to the American ‘business’ world, and this path should be made use of in every way.” To the Soviet Union in his day, Hammer was a figure with much in common with the contemporary spy-cum-billionaire Mochtar Riady — doing the bidding of socialist tyrants — and making a bundle in the process.

Hammer was part-time spy, part-time money-launderer, part-time industrialist — but a full-time traitor to the United States of America.

But I digress. The story for today is how Hammer’s corrupt, evil career was aided in numerous ways by Vice President Al Gore’s Daddy, who was a partner in various Hammer enterprises for more than four decades. As Epstein documents in “Dossier,” the elder Gore helped Hammer make connections with a series of U.S. presidents and used his influence to help Hammer’s Occidental Petroleum company gain access to foreign political leaders. But, most importantly, it was Gore who helped stop the FBI from pursuing an investigation of the industrialist as a Soviet agent of influence.

It seems Al Gore Sr. knew something about “controlling legal authorities” and obstruction of justice himself. Like father, like son. [3]

Do you remember… Hillary wanted to fund a Woodstock Museum. What were they gonna do? Sell a hit of acid at the door?



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