Judge Sullivan starts by explaining his desire to actually meet General Flynn before sentencing took place. (Remember, it was Judge Contreras – since recused – who accepted the plea.)

Flynn’s lawyer explains the delays: “The government came to us, indicating that they were not yet prepared to proceed with sentencing.”

He also notes that Flynn is ready to proceed; they’re just waiting on the Special Counsel per the plea agreement.

The government had proposed for the presentence investigation to begin so the court could schedule sentencing sooner.

Judge Sullivan expresses his willingness to work towards a date “to offer some finality in this proceeding to Mr. Flynn and his family.”

Sullivan also expresses his desire for a memo “that addresses the scope of [Flynn’s] cooperation.”
Not sure if there will be a cooperation memo – Sullivan says “Forget I asked that question” immediately after.

Judge Sullivan: “If August 24 comes and you want more time, that’s fine with me, you’re not going to get any argument from me about that.”

August 24 is the date of the next status report, after which the Court may accelerate sentencing (which would occur around 10/24/2018).

Finally, Judge Sullivan notes that he was deprived of engaging with Flynn at the plea hearing in December of 2017.

Sullivan remarks to Flynn: “We’ll have discussions on the sentencing date, and I’m sure I’ll have some questions for you or your attorney.”

And that’s it.

No questions on progress of Special Counsel investigation, Flynn cooperation, or whether Special Counsel has complied with Judge Sullivan’s discovery order. (Not unexpected.)