“Soon thereafter, Marco Lopez became Carlos Slim’s “Senior Advisor” and “Senior Advisor” to Grupo Carso, Carlos Slim’s Mexican global business conglomerate.”

By: Jeffrey Peterson‏@realJeffreyP [1], Deep Diver KAG‏@RyanOlah2 [2], and Frank Parlato Jr. [3]

Just so we’re on the same page. The head of US Customs Border Protection is the same guy who is Senior Advisor to Carlos Slim and his global business conglomerate.
And let’s just go even furthur…(how is that possible at this point?) “Lopez also serves as an advisor to Carlos Salinas de Gortari, the former President of Mexico, and is a close friend of his son, Emiliano Salinas.”
 “5. John Sandweg – Former criminal defense attorney who “represented accused and convicted murderers, sex offenders and pedophiles and fought for the release of violent convicted offenders.” He is a political ally who raised campaign money for Napolitano from 2002-2008 in AZ.
“Became General Counsel of the entire Department of Homeland Security under Napolitano. Resigned from DHS after six months on the job.” To become… (Are you ready for it?)
“Was then named acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under Napolitano.”He had almost NO law enforcement experience! His appointment was widely criticized. He would resign within six months.
Acting ICE Director Sandweg resigns after five months on the job The acting head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, whose appointment to the post raised eyebrows because of his scant law enforcement experience, told agency employees he will resign Friday. [5]
He is currently seen on the Clown News Networks as an “expert” who bashes President Trump’s policies nonstop.
#ArizonaMafia – “6. Suzanne Barr – Daughter of formerly powerful Arizona Republican war hero, Burton Barr. “Suzie” formerly an aide to Napolitano in AZ. She was named as Chief of Staff of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when Napolitano became DHS Secretary.” You remember her from earlier in our story, where she “used her office at Homeland Security to intimidate and sexually abuse her emasculated male underlings.”Before I go furthur… One more time…
She wasChief of Staff of ICE.
“She resigned from ICE in Sept ’12 after being accused of creating a sexualized office culture that was hostile to men. Barr’s resignation was covered by the national media. A discrimination suit was filed against Barr and Napolitano.”
“Barr’s resignation was covered by national media. A discrimination suit filed against Barr and Napolitano. “ICE chief of staff Suzanne Barr, “…[C]reated a frat-house type atmosphere that is targeted to humiliate and intimidate male employees.” [But It’s more than that…]
From the affidavit: A small sampling: Halloween 2009
Man Colombia 2009 was liiiiiiiiiiiiiit! 🔥🍻🍾🍺🍷🍸 Sext me later!
Ray Parmer
“Little Suzie” gets DOWN! (She is Chief of Staff of ICE)
“No thank you”

She resigns. Here is coverage from the time.


ICE chief of staff on leave after new allegations of lewd conduct surface The top Homeland Security official accused of cultivating a frat-house-style work environment has voluntarily placed herself on leave amid an internal review, the department told FoxNews.com late Tuesday [6]
#ArizonaMafia – “7. Dora Schriro – Cut from the same cloth as Napolitano – ruthless, viscous and corrupt. Beware – little Clare!Previously director of Arizona’s State Department of Corrections under Napolitano. Brutally corrupt and tough.” #NXIVM
“Involved in scandals in AZ & everywhere she has worked. Called “pound for pound. . .the most unflinching ramrod that has ever run Arizona’s troubled prison system.” Appointed Special Advisor on ICE and Detention & Removal at ICE under JN at DHS.”
“Was sued – named with Suzie Barr in ICE Lawsuit. Currently the Connecticut State police commissioner. Formerly commissioner for New York City’s corrections department. Said to be corrupt in every position she has held.”

Let me repeat – She is CURRENTLY Connecticut State Police Commissioner. #Qanon #NXIVM


NYC Prison Scandal Continues; Times Editorial Cites ‘Outrageous Behavior’ By Dora Schriro, Now CT Public Safety Commissioner Connecticut’s public safety commissioner, Dora Schriro, was criticized in a New York Times editorial Tuesday for “outrageous behavior” in the performance of her pre-2014 job as New York City corrections. [8]
“8. Mark Sullivan – A non-Arizona member of the “Arizona Mafia.” Was Director of the United States Secret Service while Napolitano was DHS Secretary. Involved in a prostitution scandal while he was the Secret Service director.”
“April 2012, a scandal involving President’s security detail. Involved 11 agents & more military personnel from all four branches who engaged prostitutes while assigned to protect Pres. Obama at 6th Summit of Americas in Colombia.”
“As of April 24, nine employees had resigned or retired. A Senate subcommittee found that the DHS inspector general was influenced in his review of the Secret Service prostitution scandal.”
Departure adds to concerns about Secret Service probe The former head of the Department of Homeland Security’s advanced research unit is the latest high-profile DHS official to join a contracting supergroup co-founded by the former director of the Secret Service. [9]
“Also significant is that this is the SAME Mark Sullivan who appeared in court last month – at the request of Keith Raniere’s attorneys- as the man who would supervise the Home Detention of Raniere on the Bronfman funded bail package” [!] #NXIVM #Qanon
Mark Sullivan was HEAD. Of. the. SECRET. SERVICE. And he’s now repping the cult leader of #NXIVM !!!!!
Oh you KNOW they’re on the SAME TEAM!
“Why a member of the Arizona Mafia would be selected by Bronfman-Raniere legal team to be in charge of supervising the guarding of Raniere opens a whole new world of possibilities.”
“9. Victor Flores – Previously the President of the Arizona-Mexico Commission under Napolitano. Has been in Senior management at Arizona’s two largest public utilities (electric companies).”
“Was Director of Executive Projects and Support in the Community Development Department at Arizona Public Service (APS). Previously Senior Government and Community Relations Representative at Salt River Project (SRP).”
“Declined moving to Washington, D.C. under Napolitano, as his wife had been appointed as a Superior Court Judge in Arizona by Napolitano. A fiercely loyal member of the Arizona Mafia.”
“10. Luis Borbón Holguín – A Mexican citizen from the state of Sonora, Mexico. Previously the bag (luggage) carrier and errand boy for Sonoran Governor Eduardo Bours who used to be a friend of Janet Napolitano.”
“Holguín is now the top assistant/aide and 24/7 companion to Marco Lopez who is now the top representative of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and former Mexican President Carlos Salinas.” Just to bring it back full circle.
“For that reason, Borbon can sometimes be seen in social media pictures with world leaders and celebrities. A fiercely loyal member of the Arizona Mafia. His nickname is “gordito” (little fat boy).”
“Somehow this group of highly suspect and dangerous individuals are involved in the Bronfman-Raniere-Salinas #NXIVM federal investigation.”
And are invested in protecting the entire organization.