Anyone ever do any digging into “The Save the Children Alliance (International)” by any chance?

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Found some interesting links today…

Lots of smoke…

Jonathan Powell
Christopher James
Kieran Pendergrast
Kofi Annan
Clinton Foundation
Inter Mediate
Save the Children
Macro Advisory Partners


This is going to take me a while to map out.

Just to get the gears turning…

Pakistan shuts down Save the Children offices in Islamabad Authorities padlock gate of charity’s compound as official claims staff members had been working ‘against Pakistan’s interest’. [2]

Little more primer on where this is headed.



Oxfam was told of aid workers raping and sexually exploiting children in Haiti in 2008 Aid agencies including Oxfam were warned that aid workers were sexually abusing children in Haiti a decade ago, The Independent can reveal. Children as young as six were being coerced into sex. [3]
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My ridiculously talented digging pals have done much of the work already… [4]

HELLE THORNING-SCHMIDT – CEO of Save The Children International. Remember her?



She loves selfies and she knows George Soros well: International Crisis Group, Member of the Board of Trustees (since 2016).


Here she is with Sir Branson as well. Wonder if he helps “Save the Children” by taking them to Necker Island?
She is a member of the European CFR which is also funded by Soros.

She married into a British political family. The Kinnocks.


Husband Stephen Kinnock.
Father in law Neil.
Helle has multiple links to Nils Bildt former Swiss prime minister. Another globalist member of the Soros International Crisis Group & ECFR. Look into Lundin if you haven’t yet.. @Cynacin or @The_War_Economy likely have something more on them.



Ben Stiller
Robert Di Niro
Bill Clinton

For a reference to Digicel in Haiti please check out this thread. [5]

It’s kind of a 💥BOOM💥

Link to the Stiller article I forgot to add above.

Ben Stiller Rebuilds Schools in Haiti | Architectural Digest Through his foundation, actor Ben Stiller is helping to rebuild schools in Haiti—and reshape the country’s future. [6]
HAITI – Save the Children originally called for $9.8 million in donations. When they reached that figure in a matter of weeks they raised their need to $20 million. By the end of the year they had collected $87 million, almost 10x their original request.
How Haitian Earthquake Relief Efforts Pulled Off a Huge Con Job, with the Help of Mainstream Media | Black Agenda Report In the space of a year, donors contributed $13.1 billion to Haitian earthquake victims – enough money to finance the national budget for 13 years. But the Haitian government got only 1% of it. [7]

What happens when you place undercover CIA agents onto NGOs? Four gunmen stormed an office of the Save the Children agency in the Afghan city of Jalalabad and battled security forces who surrounded the building, killing at least one and wounding eleven.


Militants Launch Deadly Attack On Save The Children Office In Afghanistan Although ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, it did not provide immediate evidence for the claim. [8]

Here’s the kicker. Oxfam, IRC, and Save the Children are all under fire for COVERING UP ABUSE.


Save the Children and IRC dragged into Oxfam abuse scandal A report leaked this week showed a charity headed by David Miliband had its funding suspended over allegations. [9]

Miliband is a Soros Trilateral Podesta pal. Macro Advisory Partners (MAP)



Rotten to the core. Who is going to “Save the Children?”


Save the Children apologizes after former CEO accused of inappropriate texting Save the Children has apologized for the past inappropriate behavior of its former chief executive towards female staff, promising a fresh review into the charity’s “organizational culture.” [10]

I have to say I’ve never been a big “crisis actor” guy. I understand false flags but generally I assume real victims. Well I have to seriously question how far the CIA will push propaganda.


SAVE THE CHILDREN – FRONT FOR CIA? – The Goodly Lawful Society Many charities are fronts for the CIA and its friends. 1. In early September 2012, Pakistan ordered foreigners working for Save the Children to leave Pakistan. Pakistan stated that Save the Children. [11]

Need to get some sleep. If you are interested in learning more on Miliband and the other Clowns he works with here’s a start. They are all connected… [12]





Well..glad someone tweeted this. Remember the pedophile Peter Dalglish? He’s also connected to Save The Children. These people are evil. [13]