This is horrible. U.S Gymnastics reached out to FBI about Larry Nassar sexual abuse in 2015, were given video evidence that disgusted them but somehow investigation didn’t start until May 2016. During that gap 40 girls were assaulted. Wonder what Comey and company were distracted with?

By: Rosie Perpetually Potentially Sensitive ‏ @almostjingo [1]
Oh that’s right, they were consumed with covering up felonies for the 150 former employees of Hillary Clinton’s State Department and getting their backup plan ready aka #RussiaGate Thank you for looking into this Sen. Chuck Grassley. [2]
Sen. Chuck Grassley, please consider looking into why exactly famed lawyer Gloria Allred forced her client into a settlement and gag order, how many more girls were victimized? Why did Gloria not pursue class action? Seems odd for her.
Gymnast Maroney says in court filing she was forced to sign agreement Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney sued USA Gymnastics (USAG) on Wednesday alleging that the organization forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement about sexual abuse she endured. [3]
It’s not often that your own attorney requests a gag order when it’s not your fault? Why silence the victim?
[3] Reuters