Nothing made James Clapper more furious than leaks to the press, in July 2012 he implemented new lie detector procedures, citing the need for aggressive action and insisted these new strict policies would help root out “would be leakers”. John Brennan you should take one.

By: Rosie Perpetually Potentially Sensitive  @almostjingo [1]
“Deterring” sure sounds like bullying doesn’t it? Ask Sharyl Attkisson and James Rosen, etc., while the liberals scream FREEDOM OF PRESS. Like the previous administration was rainbows and butterflies. [1]
ALL MEDIA LEAKS MUST CEASE said General Mike Hayden. He created a special program with ODNI to root out and identify all leakers. They must’ve missed James Wolfe.
2009 – Obama Admin vigorously investigating leaks with FBI. Those found to have leaked may LOSE RETIREMENT BENEFITS. Oh? Andrew McCabe, James Wolfe, James Comey, etc. What do you say Justice Department??
2010 – Investigate the information appearing in media to see if it may contain unauthorized disclosures 👁‍🗨 leaks impair U.S capabilities and must be confronted. Weird thought President Trump and AG Jeff Sessions were “evil” towards the press? #leakers
In other words, add this to the long list of reasons McCabe lost his retirement even though The Democrats found it SHOCKING🤣
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