Not only does govt waste billions per year on 700,000+ VACANT buildings BUT, we have high security agencies like FBI leasing their office space in foreign-owned property from countries like Canada, CHINA, Israel, Japan & South Korea.


By: ɭ๏ɭค @DropTha_Mic25 [1]



Federal Real Property: GSA Should Inform Tenant Agencies When Leasing High-Security Space from Foreign Owners TBD [2]
Why is the federal govt spending BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars every year on VACANT buildings all over the country while at the same time federal agencies are spending $$$ leasing space from foreign-owned properties? China doesn’t spy or anything….


Government’s Empty Buildings Are Costing Taxpayers Billions Taxpayers are footing the bill for the upkeep of 77,000 empty or underutilized federally owned buildings. And a faulty database means the government doesn’t know just how many properties it owns. [4]

Government spends $8 BILLION PER YEAR (that’s taxpayer $) on empty buildings. Considering we have a real estate mogul for President, I’d expect he’d LOVE to assign a team to do something about this. Perhaps sell some and Build The Wall Now!

Federal government spends $8 billion — on empty buildings The federal government’s collection of unused and vacant properties is killing taxpayers. Watchdog groups say maintenance and bureaucratic red tape related to the U.S. government’s 55,000-to-77,000 v… [5]
The Government can’t find money (they actually just don’t want to) to protect our borders but by golly we’ve got billions to spend on empty buildings. We quickly build new detention centers & tent cities for illegals- why not throw ’em in what we already have? [6]
We have the dumbest people running our country. “Act of war” “threat to democracy.” Hmmm let’s put FBI, DEA & Secret Service agencies in properties own by China. Yeah, great idea.
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