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By: Praying Medic  @prayingmedic[1]


Many people have given up hope that corrupt government officials will ever be prosecuted. We’ve been programmed by years of experience to believe they’ve rigged the system in a way that will forever allow them to evade prosecution.

There is no disappointment without expectation. Many of us have unrealistic expectations of what the prosecution of corruption looks like. We want arrests and we want them yesterday and until the crooks are in jail, we won’t be satisfied. The corruption in government is cleverly disguised crime syndicate. The arrest of America’s most notorious crime syndicate leader, Al Capone, provides a blueprint for the way our own corrupt government officials will be taken down.

In the film, “Untouchables” Elliot Ness had a problem. Most of the cops he worked with were corrupt. He was advised by an older, wiser cop to find some new blood—cops who were untainted by the system’s corruption.
Ness assembled a team of men with integrity—law enforcement officers who could be trusted to go after a very dangerous crime syndicate. With his team assembled, Ness went after Capone.


Although Capone was a ruthless criminal, it wasn’t blackmail, extortion or murder that put him behind bars. It was tax evasion. Evidence provided by Capone’s bookkeeper proved to be his Achilles heel.


Even though Ness had the evidence needed to convict, Capone nearly went free by bribing the jury. At the last minute, Ness confronted the judge and forced him to switch juries with another courtroom. That move sealed Capone’s doom.

There’s no denying that these people are as corrupt as they come and they’ve put measures in place to prevent their own prosecution. This thread will look at evidence suggesting that they’re actively being tracked down, removed from power and prosecuted.

In the same way that Capone wasn’t prosecuted for murder but tax evasion, government officials will likely be prosecuted for boring crimes. Rather than pedophilia or murder, they’ll likely be charged with illegal activities involving government surveillance.

I’ll do my best to piece together the sometimes confusing issues, people, and dates that when assembled, shine a light on the clear trail of evidence exposing one of the biggest crime syndicates in modern times. The trail begins by understanding FISA surveillance. I’d to thank Jeff @themarketswork and Sundance @TheLastRefuge2 for the tens of thousands of hours of research they’ve done and the information they’ve shared on FISA and the intelligence community. Sundance has been telling us for more than 6 months that the criminal activity of government officials always leads back to the illegal way in which they gained intelligence and used it in court for political purposes.

When the mainstream media talks about FISA abuse they only discuss it when forced to and never connect the dots. Reporting is minimal and done in a way that obfuscates its importance and confuses the public. There’s a reason for that. Coming soon is an Inspector General’s report on alleged abuse of the intelligence apparatus and FISA. If we take time now to learn about FISA, we’ll be ahead of the game when the next IG report is made public.If the last Inspector General report left you disappointed, remember, it’s not Horowitz’s job to prosecute. His work is considered internal affairs. His publicly available reports make recommendations for more efficient operations inside the department. What the media overlooks—and therefore what most people don’t see—are the criminal referrals that come out of Horowitz’s investigations which are being funneled through the office of John Huber. (An office that has been sealed up airtight to prevent information leaks.)

Why would Qanon be tasked with signaling to Trump supporters a message telling us we can trust certain people inside of government? Is it because an operation involving deception is underway that might make us think we can’t trust them?

Let’s have a look at the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) and the FISA process. America’s most secret court was established to provide judicial oversight of surveillance when used for National Security purposes. This site has a good (though somewhat technical) explanation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. [2] Jeff @themarketswork wrote a less technical article that breaks down the terms related to FISA and the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).
FISA Surveillance – Title I & III and Section 702 There are two primary types of electronic surveillance – Title III and FISA. Title III of The Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 (Wiretap Act) is directed towards U.S. Citizens. [3]

The aspect of FISA that we’re interested in is the one that was used to spy on former Trump campaign member Carter Page— FISA Title I.

FISA Title I is the most extreme form of surveillance. It allows the surveillance, not just of the targeted individual, but anyone they come in contact with. The justification?

FISA Title I is used when the target is believed to be a foreign power or the agent of a foreign power and when the target represents a threat to national security. If a political campaign wanted to spy on their opposition, it would be handy if they could get the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court to authorize Title I surveillance on an opponent. It would allow them to spy on virtually everyone in the opposing campaign.

We know that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) authorized FISA Title I surveillance of Carter Page. The question is whether it arose organically out of routine FBI operations or whether it was the objective of a political campaign. If the TItle I surveillance on Carter Page arose organically—if it was the result of the FBI doing routine work—then there would be no trail of evidence pointing to an intentional plan. If there is evidence of a plan—and especially if there is evidence of an attempt to conceal a plan—it would be hard to argue that the surveillance arose organically. In 2010, Attorney General Eric Holder without an official change of policy or change of law, suddenly decided not to allow the DOJ Inspector General access to the DOJ’s National Security Division records. Prior to that time, the DOJ Inspector General had full access.

In 2014, Michael Horowitz approached Congress and asked them to pass legislation requiring the DOJ to allow him access to the National Security Division—the branch responsible for managing FISA Title I and III surveillance. In 2015, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates responded with a 58-page letter, effectively telling the Inspector General to buzz off. He was not getting access to the National Security Division and that was that. Horowitz pushed Congress to pass the Inspector General Empowerment Act and ultimately won his battle to get access to the National Security Division but only as Obama was leaving office. It was signed into law on December 16, 2016.
Bypassing the Inspector General – Sally Yates and the DOJ’s… The New York Times recently disclosed that National Security Letters were used in surveillance of the Trump Campaign. It appears there was a specific reason for their use. [4] The relevance: Obama’s DOJ took extreme steps to avoid the sunlight provided by the oversight of an Inspector General but only in the division responsible for management of FISA surveillance.Why? Did they have something to hide? Here’s where things get interesting. At this time (2013-2016) the heads of all the intelligence agencies were more or less on board with Obama’s plans. The two exceptions were Admiral Rogers, head of NSA and General Flynn, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

General Flynn was forced into retirement. Admiral Rogers maintained his position through Obama’s Presidency and was the only intelligence department head to be kept on by President Trump.
At the same time that some intelligence agencies were attempting to do damage control against allegations of improper use of the government’s spying apparatus, one agency seemed to be working covertly to expose illegal activities. Most people know that ten days after the election, Admiral Rogers made a trip to Trump Tower to speak with the President-elect. Rogers’ two bosses, Ash Carter and James Clapper demanded Rogers be fired for not telling them about the meeting. But the efforts by good people to expose illegality in the Obama intelligence community go far deeper. The FBI and DOJ when they need to gather FISA-related intelligence on a target, access a database that is maintained by the NSA. From November 2015, through March 2016, a sharp uptick in queries into the FISA database prompted Admiral Rogers to order an audit. The audit revealed that the FBI had been allowing contractors to access the database who were not trained in minimization procedures and may not have had a legitimate need for access. (The non-compliance rate was 85%.)
The findings of the audit were presented to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Judge Collyer produced a 99-page response, which not long afterward was declassified and made public. Link to full report: [5] Until just a few years ago, the existence of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was not publicly acknowledged. There are no pictures available of the inside of the court. The activities are kept classified.
Yet Dan Coates, Director of National Intelligence, thought it would be helpful to declassify a memo exposing misuse and potential abuse of the FISA process by the FBI. Why?

When the abuse of the FISA database by the FBI and their contractors was discovered, Admiral Rogers immediately prohibited further access by contractors. We don’t know with certainty who the contractors were but Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike are the two main suspects. Both have a long history of working with the FBI.

The FBI’s Outside Contractors, DNC Servers & Crowdstrike The DNC lawsuit against Russia and the Trump Campaign provides for a new timeline of events. And raises new questions. Recall, the DNC famously refused to allow the FBI to examine their servers. [6] The director of the DOJ National Security Division is required to report irregularities in FISA requests and is required to certify annually FISA compliance. In 2016, John P. Carlin was the head of DOJ National Security Division. In January of 2016, the NSA Inspector General filed a report outlining numerous FISA compliance violations. [7]

On September 26, 2016, Carlin filed his annual certifications with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The following day, Carlin announced he was stepping down from his position at DOJ effective October 15th. Why?
Head of Justice National Security Division to step down Assistant Attorney General John Carlin will step down next month after than seven years, officials said. [8] I suspect that Carlin knew the jig was up. The illegal surveillance activities were being exposed and if he stuck around, he’d take the fall. (QAnon said Carlin forced to step down.)

What purpose would the FBI have for allowing private contractors to access the NSA database? Simple. If you need information on an opponent, the database has everything you need. It seems the FBI allowed Fusion GPS to access the database to obtain information for their private “research.” Our theory: Fusion GPS was allowed by the FBI to obtain information from the NSA database. They then turned around and gave the same information to the FBI, who took it to court to get a FISA approval for surveillance on a target. The process is a bit more complicated & involves handing off the information to multiple intermediaries. Each adds information then passes it to someone else. The end game is to manufacture evidence for a FISA application. (Sundance calls it the Intelligence Laundry.)


On April 18th, 2016, Admiral Rogers ended private contractor access to the FISA database. On April 19th, Mary Jacoby (wife of Glenn Simpson – the founder of Fusion GPS) paid a visit to the White House. Why?

Our theory is that she needed to update President Obama on their progress and advise him of the new roadblock put in place by the Admiral. It seems the team found a workaround. Bruce Ohr was # 4 at the DOJ and had access to the FISA database. Bruce could use his credentials to get access for his wife Nellie Ohr [follow the wives].

From May 2016 through Sep 2016 this was how they gathered intelligence. In May of 2016, Nellie Ohr began using a HAM Radio to try to evade NSA’s watchful eye. [They failed] [9] October 2016: Compliance Officer reports to Admiral Rogers: FBI gave raw FISA information to a private entity that was not a federal agency and whose personnel were not sufficiently supervised by a federal agency for compliance minimization procedures. The violations pertained to FISA “About” queries. On October 26th. 2016, Admiral Rogers shuts down all FISA “About Queries”, and never allows them to restart again.) By October of 2016, the surveillance project was complete. Bruce Ohr met secretly with Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. (A meeting that once exposed, cost Ohr his job and security clearance.)

Top DOJ official demoted amid probe of contacts with Trump dossier firm A senior Justice Department official was demoted this week amid an ongoing investigation into his contacts with the opposition research firm responsible for the anti-Trump “dossier.” [10]

Funny, it was never disclosed which white hat in the intelligence community released the information to the press about Ohr’s secret meeting with Simpson. The gathering of intelligence from the NSA database by Fusion GPS and Nellie Ohr had a specific purpose. They needed to connect someone on the Trump team with Russia. They found their connection with Carter Page.

The DOJ applied at least once, (perhaps twice) in the summer of 2016 for FISA authorization but the requests were denied. An October request was granted.

Trump ‘compromising’ claims: How and why did we get here? Paul Wood examines the background and fallout concerning the allegations about the president-elect. [11]

Rather than Russian banks, we now know (because the application was released) that the FISA application was a request to surveil Carter Page.

A Review of the DOJ/FBI FISA Application Release… Having read, re-read and re-re-read, the recent FISA application release, here’s my take at both the 30,000 ft and granular level. First, the elevated review is actually more interesting. [12]

FOIA requests cannot compel a FISA application to be made public. Isn’t it curious that once again, information from the nation’s most secret court that would never ordinarily be made public would be declassified and published? Why?

Because the FBI/DOJ team assumed Hillary would win the election, they never thought their activities would be publicly exposed. When the FISA application was made public, it was revealed that the dossier was the main supporting evidence.

FISA Applications Confirm: The FBI Relied on the Unverified Steele Dossier | National Review It turns out that the crazies were right and I was wrong. [13]

The dossier on Trump and people connected to him was reported to be damning and full of verified reports from trusted sources. (Much of the information came from the NSA database.) Link to full text of dossier. [14] James Comey said that the information in the dossier had never been verified. That’s understandable because he never thought the application would be made public. (It’s a felony to knowingly present false information to a Federal Court.)

James Comey Signed FISA Applications Utilizing Same Dossier He Publically Called ‘Salacious and Unverified’ A four-page House Intelligence Committee memo alleging abuse of surveillance authority raises immediate questions. [15]
Under normal circumstances, a Special Counsel investigation is supposed to be airtight. No information is supposed to be leaked to the press. Yet, mysteriously, the Mueller investigation has had one leak after another and few people have bothered to ask why.

In December of last year, it was disclosed that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were removed from Mueller’s team for inappropriate texting.

Mueller dismisses top FBI agent in Russia probe over possible anti-Trump texts Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading the Justice Department’s Russia collusion investigation, removed an FBI agent from the case over possible anti-Trump tweets, Fox News confirmed Saturday. [16]

Someone (we don’t know who) released documents from the Justice Department showing that Mueller’s ‘bulldog’ Andrew Weissman secretly met with 4 AP reporters and may have illegally leaked Grand Jury information to them related to Paul Manafort.


Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Arranged Meeting With Reporters To Discuss Manafort Investigation Andrew Weissman set up April 2017 meeting with AP journos. [17]

Why did someone from the intelligence community let us know that Peter Strzok changed the wording in Jim Comey’s letter exonerating Hillary from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless?”


FBI agent dismissed from Mueller probe changed Comey description of Clinton A former top counterintelligence expert at the FBI, now at the center of a political uproar for exchanging private messages that appeared to mock President Donald Trump. [18]
Consider this: Reporters who inquired about the Strzok/Page scandal were referred to the DOJ Public Information Officer. The DOJ Public Information Officer pointed them to the Office of Inspector General and specifically to an announcement that the IG had launched an investigation into Page and Strzok’s behavior.
FBI agent removed from Mueller investigation Special counsel Robert Mueller removed one of the FBI’s top Russian counterintelligence experts from his team of investigators after an internal investigation. [19]

Further inquiries to the Inspector General’s office reveal that the IG has been investigating James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Kadzik, James Baker and other top officials over various allegations. [19]

The June Inspector General’s report disclosed the fact that many FBI agents were engaged in behavior with the media that amounts to bribery. That activity is being investigated and may result in criminal referrals. IG Report: FBI Officials Accepted Bribes From Media… On Page Xii of the IG report the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General (DOJ-OIG) highlights numerous FBI officials who accepted bribes from multiple media outlets including: “tick tock.” [20]


Consider this: In late January, it was leaked to the press that FBI Director Chris Wray was considering resigning.


Scoop: FBI director threatened to resign amid Trump, Sessions pressure Wray has been pressured for months to fire Andrew McCabe. [21] That story was a setup. False information intended to expose a leaker. The leaker, it turns out was Wray’s Chief of Staff, James Rybicki, an Obama era holdover who was fired the next day. FBI Director Chris Wray replaces James Rybicki, Comey-era chief of staff FBI Director Chris Wray said Tuesday that his chief of staff, James Rybicki, is leaving the bureau, a development that follows President Trump taking aim at other senior FBI officials. [22]
A similar tactic was used to get a leaked document into the hands of CNN reporter Manu Raju (most likely via Adam Schiff). Raju reported that Don Trump Jr was given access to Wikileaks docs before they were made public. But it seems there was a mix up on the date of the email. Email pointed Trump campaign to WikiLeaks documents Donald Trump, his son and others received an email in September 2016 offering a decryption key and website address for hacked WikiLeaks documents, according to an email provided to congress. [23]

The most likely explanation is that the leaker inside Congress was given an altered document, knowing they would leak it to the media. Once the fake story was published, the real document was made public and the leaker was exposed. Remember the leaked story (again from Mueller’s team) that Trump-related records had been subpoenaed from Deutsche Bank? Deutsche Bank Records Said to Be Subpoenaed by Mueller Deutsche Bank AG provided records to special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation after receiving a subpoena several weeks ago, according to a person briefed on the matter. [24] Funny… that scoop also turned out to be a setup, no doubt, to expose another leaker within the Mueller team. Bloomberg corrects Trump subpoena story Bloomberg has corrected its bombshell report that special counsel Robert Mueller had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank (DB) records pertaining to President Trump. [25]

Brian Ross of ABC was probably set up with bad intel in the same way.

ABC News Says So Long To Brian Ross Months After Botched Report On Michael Flynn ABC News’ Brian Ross said he and fellow investigative reporter Rhonda Schwartz are leaving the news operation after a quarter of a century. [26]
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