Russian Hoax

It’d be nice if ONE reporter stopped focusing on Carter Page FISA and paid more attn to Paul Manafort FISA surveillance (due to lobbying) started 2014 but “stopped” early spring 2016 because THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE TO CONTINUE. Manafort lived in Trump Tower.

By: ɭ๏ɭค @DropTha_Mic25 [1]
There was NO reason to continue surveilling Manafort and no information to renew the FISA on him. Coincidentally that’s the SAME exact time he started working on the Trump campaign. Either feds are lying (because it would prove Trump campaign was spied on) and it did continue… OR it did stop and there was no evidence of wrongdoing to bring charges in Spring 2016 (which makes no sense because now all the sudden Mueller only charged him for exact reason feds had been surveilling, but had no evidence to continue and did NOT charge him with anything).
During the time period March-July 2016, Brennan was colluding with British and Estonian spies passing around phony information on Trump campaign and Russian ties. Were foreign intel services surveilling Trump team members? Here’s why I ask… There was a failed June 2016 FISA attempt on four Trump team members. Information collected from Brennan and foreign spies, phony bullsh*t of Kremlin bank ties (Alfa) to Trump Tower server. Keep in mind – from around March 2016 – August, feds “say” legal surveillance on Manafort stopped.
This is also the time period FusionGPS/Steele was working on dossier (don’t forget Nellie Ohr and that Russian lawyer working with Fusion sent into the Trump Tower June 9th meeting that became the BIGGEST deal). How did Alfa Bank end up in Steeles dossier as Alpha Bank unless….
Brennan, or his contacts at GCHQ or Estonia, were also feeding Steele same info. Phony foreign intel running thru CIA Director on American citizen, presidential candidate and campaign team. ALSO going to DNC/HRC hired British spy (also is tied to Skirpal – who was with Estonian spies June 2016). Combine this with DNC operative Chalupa colluding with Ukrainian government officials who also used Isikoff as media outlet on Manafort and Page. Chalupa also communicated with someone in Obama’s DOJ. Who? Ohr? Weissman? Bank ledger story broke with The NY Times. Wasn’t Weissman working with them?
Back to Manafort and Trump Tower. Everyone says the counter-intel op started July 31, 2016. Perhaps that’s when they they want us to think it started because the CIA isn’t supposed to be spying on U.S. citizens – passing phony intel around pressuring FBI to open a case. Stay with me.Manafort started in March and became campaign chairman 5/19 (few weeks before 6/9 meeting FusionGPS setup).
6/10 gross negligence became extremely careless
6/14 Crowdstrike release phony DNC hack dossier to WaPo pointing at Russia
6/15 Guccifer2
6/20 1st draft Steele dossier written
6/27 Tarmac meeting. Right after this meeting a June FISA app was denied (Very rare. Where are the details of this app? We need them)
July 5 Steele meets w/ FBI
July 5 Comey lays out a criminal case against Clinton but “no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case”
July 19-21: RNC. Right after this questions started popping up due to “news” reports about Russian ties
7/31 Meet the Press questions Manafort on RNC change in platform (also part of dossier & fake news included in Page FISA)
8/14 NYT Bank ledger story (Ukraine interference in election, again)
8/19 Manafort resigns
Miraculously after this the feds say another FISA was started on Manafort based on what???? Think about it. I guarantee that FISA looks like Carter Page’s FISA.  Know what else is odd? It’s stated that FISA was opened based on assumptions he was colluding with Russians to interfere in election. HOWEVER… NO charges Mueller brought against Manafort have ANYTHING to do with his time on the campaign. You know what they do have to do with? All the information he was surveilled for starting in 2014 which the feds state there was no evidence to continue surveillance and NO charges were brought by DOJ. (All the sudden Mueller has different evidence than the feds were able to find after 2.5 years of surveillance???
Manafort nor Page were never charged with ANYTHING having to do with Trump or the campaign. Page was never even was charged with anything at all. How did feds have new evidence to obtain a new FISA on Manafort and what info was used? Dossier? News reports? Leaks? CIA or Brennan’s phony intel?
The reason for the FISA on Manafort was probably to legitimize evidence or surveillance done without a warrant or to cover up foreign spying being used as a covert way to buck our system. Trump “wires tapped” thru Manafort case? FBI or CIA did have a spy in campaign… an unwitting one. The failed June, 2016 FISA on the Trump campaign is IMPERATIVE. I want to know what’s in it and what info from that is also in Manafort’s August FISA and also in Carter Page’s FISA. These FISA’S were 100 percent used to target Trump on the campaign and then to try to delegitimize him AFTER he won.THINK about Comey’s statement: He thought Clinton was going to be President. He announced all investigations on her BUT quickly cleared her to make sure she was a “legitimate” president with NO scandal hanging over her head.
Compare that to the Russia/Trump “investigation.” THIS was the INSURANCE POLICY. No public announcement was made because if he lost, Russia didn’t matter. JUST IN CASE he won, the Russia hoax could be used to try to de-legitimize his Presidency. There was so much spying on Trump and the collusion between DNC/Hillary, Obama administration, weaponized intel and law enforcement agencies, foreign governments and our propaganda fake news media. This was an ALL OUT deep state targeted attempt to interfere and control the outcome of the presidential election and thereafter.
Maybe James Clapper can help explain?
“Is it possible Trump was picked up on Manafort surveillance?”
Clapper: “Its possible.”
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Mueller: cleanup guy to coverup FACT we have government abuse of power and weaponized against U.S. citizens to control outcome of elections, coverup FISA abuse, NSA raw database sharing, warrant-less surveillance, foreign interference and collusion (not Russia), and coverup of Obama era corruption.”No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against Clinton” even though Comey listed the laws she broke. Compare that with everyone who knew about and signed off on FISA’s based on phony dossiers & fake news. WHO was involved in Mid-Year Event, FISA’s, and “Russia”? [6]
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Who do you think the private parties were that Comey admitted FBI illegally shared raw spy data with?


Declassified memos show FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties WATCH: Circa’s Sara Carter explains the extensive nature in which raw intelligence was shared by the FBI. [8]

What else? October 2016 Comey testified that FBI DOES conduct warrant-less surveillance… “but not on electronics.” Yeahhhhh sure Comey. Liar and leaker. Ya ever conduct warrant-less surveillance on anyone involved in Trump campaign?

Director Comey Admits FBI does Conduct Surveillance without a Warrant The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) top official admitted this week that his agency sometimes bypasses the courts and pries into personal communications without a warrant. [9]

Oh yeah…
I forgot to mention who was hanging out together March 2016.
-John Carlin
-Former member GCHQ
-Clinton State Dept fan boy
-Ash Carter (didn’t he and Clapper want NSA Mike Roger’s fired?)
I’m surprised no one from Perkins Coie or FusionGPS was there.

Just re-reading this article on Brennan’s role in the Russia collusion hoax, spying on Trump campaign, foreign interference by UK, phony intel, media lies and propaganda, and CIA/Brennan abuse of power while pressuring FBI to legitimize their FISA.
News of the News: How CIA Director John Brennan Targeted the FBI With Russiagate Former CIA director John Brennan is having trouble keeping his Trump-Russia stories straight. [10]
Yep. Re-read this thread from the top. I can almost guarantee Hannigan was passing off information.  “Summer 2016” is NOT when the counterintel op started. That was just a way to take CIA covert, illegal surveillance and phony intel already shared and put an official stamp on it to “validate” for FBI.
Question – What do John Brennan, Estonia, GCHQ, Christopher Steele, Skirpal, FusionGPS, Nellie Ohr, dossier, FBI, FISA, Trump Tower, spying, fakenews, Clinton, counterintel ops all have in common? Russia hoax #POTUS #Trump collusion. [11]
Too much emphasis on FBI-not enough on CIA. [12]
Brennan started “Russia”
Brennan “worked” for Clinton campaign
Brennan pressured FBI to open counterintel op (cause CIA “legally” cant)
Brennan CIA ties wrote dossier
Brennan leaking to Harry Reid to pressure FBI [13]