Its speculation time, friends. You know, I was thinking about something last night after the John Solomon Reports article broke RE: Robert Mueller and Oleg Deripsaska. (rev 2)

By: Mitch Rapp@shadowfax_82 [1]

Did you read it? I’m sure you caught this line about the FBI asking Deripaska, in 2009, for assistance with a mission to rescue a retired FBI agent named, Robert Levinson. From the article: “Agents persuaded the aluminum industry magnate to underwrite the mission.”Not just any ole FBI agents, but one in particular that I thought was very interesting.”One agent who helped court Deripaska was Andrew McCabe, the recently fired FBI deputy director who played a seminal role starting the Trump-Russia case, multiple sources confirmed.”

Well, I’ll be doggone. It seems Mr. Deripaska, according to his lawyer, Adam Waldman (whom we will get to in a minute) said, “the Russian ultimately spent $25 million assembling a private search and rescue team that worked with Iranian contacts under the FBI’s watchful eye.”Dang! That’s a lot of duckets to help the FBI. Now, you don’t suppose, just for arguments sake, that our ole pal, Andy McCabe had a wild idea in 2016 to go back to the well, do you? Nah, you say. But if it worked once, right, why not try ‘er again? What if….just what if ole Andy had an off-the-books-mission that could not be run through normal channels. As in “no official intelligence” type channels. And he asked Mr. Deripaska to fund a new operation. Maybe one involving a retired British spy named, Christopher Steele.

Again from John Solomon Report’s article:

“Two months before Trump was elected president, Deripaska was in New York as part of Russia’s United Nations delegation when three FBI agents awakened him in his home;…” “ least one agent had worked with Deripaska on the aborted effort to rescue Levinson. During an hour-long visit, the agents posited a theory that Trump’s campaign was secretly colluding with Russia to hijack the U.S. election..”I wonder who that agent was who had worked with Deripasak before was, and what those agents were *really* asking for? Positing a theory for Russian collusion and/or could it have been to ask for funding for the Trump take-down operation? Hmmm. Sounds plausible.

John Solomon Report’s article [2]

Mueller may have a conflict — and it leads directly to a Russian oligarch The FBI, under Mueller’s leadership, in 2009 asked Oleg Deripaska to fund a rescue mission for an ex-agent captured in Iran, and rewarded the Russian businessman for his help.
Now that would really be something explosive. Remember Deripaska’s lawyer, Adam Waldman? Where have we heard that name before? Oh yeah, I remember now. Fox News published some text messages “between Senator Warner and lobbyist Adam Waldman,..””.. whose firm reportedly has ties to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Warner was seeking to establish contact with Christopher Steele, the author of the controversial dossier linking President Trump to Russia,…”” part of the Senate panel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. “

“The Virginia Democrat exchanged text messages with Waldman, who did work as a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch [Oleg Deripaska].” I wonder what they could talk about?


Senate Intel says House GOP leaked senator’s texts to Fox News: report The Senate Intelligence Committee has found that a Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee leaked to Fox News text messages sent by Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), according to a new report. [3]
Shortly after that revelation, in the Global Threats and National Security hearing, Senator Cotton asks FBI director Wray, about Oleg Deripaska. the clip is only 5 minutes. Watch it for yourself. Note Wray’s expression when he answers Cotton. Did you see that little smirk on Wray’s face? This back-and-forth was purely for public consumption. They both know, that they both know, who Oleg Deripaska is and what he as done for the FBI in the past. This is like a “hey, we think we know what’s going on here question.”
So, to summarize, that is a lot of speculation to be sure, but with all that we’ve examined just now, and with what we think we know about the attempted setup of the Trump campaign, would anyone doubt that the scenario I have just laid out just *might* be true? The dossier was already in existence in some form or another when they approached Deripaska in 2016, 2 months before the election, but they likely needed more funding to continue the operation to complete the Trump Take-down. What implications will this have RE: FISA warrant?