Preview: discloses Manafort’s 2014 interview with the FBI where he told them he received $27 million in foreign income.
Starting out, we see a theme for their case: Manafort didn’t “willfully or intentionally deceive or mislead the IRS about his income or about any foreign bank accounts”.
How does Manafort explain the offshore accounts in Cyprus? And how he didn’t control those accounts? This was how the Ukrainians wanted it to be done.
Counsel for Manafort then points the finger at the IRS/DOJ: “In the Government’s rush to judgment in this case you’re going to learn that Mr. Manafort was never audited by the IRS, nor were any of his companies.”
The great Ron Coleman says this isn’t a strong argument by team Manafort re: never being audited. Agree 100%. Manafort’s lawyer then states his client met with the FBI in 2014 and “voluntarily agreed to go talk to these FBI agents and to Department of Justice attorneys.” Hold up.. Paul Manafort was a source?

Manafort told the FBI/DOJ the following:

1) His $27 mill in Ukraine income
2) Why the funds were sent to Cyprus accounts
3) Why the Ukrainians wanted it that way
4) The names of the entities that held the accounts

These discussions with the FBI/DOJ are important because they cut into the government’s argument that Manafort tried to mislead the government.
HOWEVER, I’m betting that the FBI used the inquiry to Manafort about the Ukrainian government as a pretext to ask him about his finances. To answer my own question, Manafort wasn’t a source. He was a target.Now Manafort attacks Rick Gates, stating he is lying to save himself from prison time, from criminal fines, from having to pay back taxes.
The juiciest accusation against Rick Gates: that he embezzled millions of dollars from Paul Manafort.
They allege that it was Rick Gates who was running the day-to-day operations and financial matters of the company. It was Gates who was in contact with the accountants.
What did Gates do? He allegedly misled the accountants so that his embezzlement wouldn’t be discovered.
How did the embezzlement occur? “Gates was lining his own pockets by . . . claiming fake bonuses and business expenditures in order to pay himself.”

How will they refute the government’s bank fraud accusations?

1) The witnesses will refute allegations of fraud
2) The banks got the necessary loan info
3) Look to Manafort’s assets.

Doubtful that flies.

I hope all that helped give a full preview of what the trial will show.

To conclude, Manafort is in serious trouble. Highly likely he’s convicted of most charges. Even with issues with government witnesses, the paper trail is too long and too damning.






Regardless of where you stand with Mueller, everyone should absorb these words. Those who relish the Manafort trial should not lose sight of the precedent it sets. Are we dealing with “people of virtue, sensitivity and courage not affected by the winds of public opinion” ?
Those involved should be sensitive to the danger unleashed when political disagreements are transformed into partisan prosecutions. #JudeEllis #ManafortTrial
He also offered a solution, how come the Justice Dept didn’t think of that? Perhaps that is the answer President Donald Trump. #WitchHunt

Source: Judge Ellis ruling denying Manafort denying Special Counsel authority 6/26/18 for those following these cases the argument is fascinating because he seems to elude to the credibility of Concords filing.

Manafort case update: 8/2/18: The Special Counsel has filed a motion to exclude evidence on how the IRS never audited Paul Manafort. The audit is “irrelevant to the jury’s consideration of whether the evidence proves the elements of the tax.. & bank fraud offenses at issue here”
This is in response to the opening statement of Manafort’s attorney, in which he informed the jury that Manafort was never audited. See here:
The SC’s concern? This could prejudice the government, mislead the jury, and invite jury nullification. There’s a good chance the judge grants this motion. Whether Manafort had an IRS audit doesn’t have anything to do with whether he filed false returns.

8/3/2018: Manafort responds.

1) The cases cited by the SC don’t apply
2) Manafort spoke to FBI officials yet “his matter was not referred for IRS examination”

And the Special Counsel responds right back. Their concern is that Manafort will ask FBI/IRS agents about the lack of an audit, and they ask the Court to preclude the defense “from asking such questions or eliciting such testimony on cross examination of government witnesses”.

Order denying Paul Manafort’s challenge to Mueller authority U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III rejected ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s challenge to special counsel Robert Mueller’s authority.