This election looks pretty important to Jeff Flake, an election held in a country not many know about:


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Isn’t this meddling in other country’s election?
James Hasson [2] thinks Flake is sabotaging President Trump ‘s judicial nominees so they can’t be confirmed, very possible, since Flake is a Never Trumper, a vengeful POS never missed a chance to attack Trump.  But..
Jeff Flake is going to retire from US Senate at the end of his term, what’s he going to do next? Let’s see what he was doing before he became the Senator: Oh, he worked as lobbyists in an Uranium firm with ties to Iran!

Jeff Flake attacks President Trump, says Trump’s decision to pull the U.S out of the Iran Nuclear Deal is not a wise move.


Sen. Flake: Iran deal decision not a wise move – CNN Video Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) says that he does not think President Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Iran nuclear deal is “a wise move,” and that the country may be less safe. [3]  Since Jeff Flake is in Zimbabwe & pretty concerned the result of its election.
Let’s see what Zimbabwe has to attract Jeff Flake: OH, URANIUM !!
Zimbabwe seeks investors for uranium mine – The Financial Gazette ZIMBABWE Mining Development Corporation, (ZMDC) the state-owned mining company, is seeking a partner to explore and develop an uranium deposit in the northern region of the country. [4] In 2013, Zimbabwe signed Secret Deal to supply Iran with Uranium to build a nuclear bomb.
Zimbabwe signs secret deal to supply Iran with uranium to build a nuclear bomb Negotiations between the two countries, which would see thousands of tonnes of the ‘yellow-cake’ raw material shipped to Tehran, have allegedly been going on for two years. [5]
Before elected U.S Senator, Jeff Flake worked for Rossing Uranium in Namibia, a country ranked the 4th largest production volume of uranium in 2016.
Rossing Uranium Mine Ownership:
69% by the Rio Tinto Group
15% by the Government of Iran
3% by the Gov. of Namibia
3% by individual shareholders.
What is Jeff Flake up to ?
Is Jeff Flake doing regime change/ starting a civil war in Zimbabwe ?
Jeff Flake
Is there enough Uranium in Zimbabwe to start a civil war?

Jeff Flake WTF ?!
Jeff Flake “Zimbabwe”
Jeff Flake you and Songbird McCain are evil twins.
So Jeff Flake did get involved in a COUP in Zimbabwe!
In 2015, A battle over land sacred for Apache & lucrative for a mining company. McCain & Flake Have both received campaign $ from Rin Tinto,a mining Corp that co-own Namibia’s Rossing Uranium Mine with Iran,Flake is a former Rin Tinto lobbyist.
A battle over land sacred for Apache and lucrative for a mining company The last American-Indian wars ended more than a century ago. But descendants of the San Carlos Apache have been waging a new federal battle. [6]
Nov 2017:
Jeff Flake’s Wikipedia: Nothing about Zimbabwe, Rossing Uranium Mine, nor Rin Tinto.
Great article here : Jeff Flake Exposed as Uranium Lobbyist That Cut Deals with Iran [7]
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