Sneaky Dianne and Dick’s partners with Coral Growth (each worth a deeper look):
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Offshore accounts Sneaky Dianne – Coral Growth Parallel Interim Statement 2016 V4 Clean [2]
Sep 30, 2016 – CORAL GROWTH INVESTMENTS (PARALLEL) LIMITED ….. Germany initially signed in 2014 to fund infrastructure, SMEs, and agriculture …. of Amoun

Ma Hayzzzz45 @MaxHayzz [3]


Further, Sep 2016 House Oversight dropped this report while everyone was caught up in the election, and it is D E V A S T A T I N G. [4]

The report says “lax”, I say willful.

Will Hurd is an ex-CIA open borders globalist. Fox guarding the hen house.

I always liked Hurd On The Hill until he ran to the failing NYT to cry #RussiaRussiaRussia. Certainly Hurd knew when Brennan disclosed working for Henry K. at the MAY 2017 hearing what that meant. Brennan now works for Putin’s BFF Asked about? NOPE. [5]

How does Henry being Putin’s BFF, John Brennan working for Henry and the Clinton-Kissinger annual vacations in Dominican Republic square with #RussiaRussiaRussia? [6]

Next is Kingdom Holdings – board of directors welcome Back KHC Chairman HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.. Remember that Saudi Prince got hanged upside down? [7] They have him on a leash. He is running a muck in NYC though with his friends from Qatar. [8]

WHOA did not see this! The Board has Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, John Doerr, Ray Dalio, Vinod Khosla, Jack Ma (Alibaba)….  [9]

E.C.Everett @ECEverett1  [10]

Sneaky Dianne connection Dopey Prince via Dick.

Olayan linked to Kingdom Holdings via Citibank who selected 44’s cabinet in 2008. See attachments. [13]

Kingdom Holdings end for the hotels. [14] – (annual report)
Financial Statements for Egyptian Direct, Coral Growth & the hotels  [15] – (financial statements)
Egyptian Direct Investment Fund Sneaky Dianne ❤️Arab Spring.
Sneaky Dianne‘s finances filed with the Senate clerk. [16]