Is now a good time to bring up LeBron James being a major investor in Blaze Pizza?⛹️🍕

Just a little pizza franchise not #PizzaGate or…

It’s just a little pizza chain from California where he will now be losing NBA championships for the Lakers every year.

Let’s just see where this goes…

Okay, Blaze is pretty big so I will just take a look at a few other notable investors.

The Govenator’s wife & Kennedy Royalty Maria Shriver.

Bill Cosby & Roseanne’s former producer Thomas Werner.

We could go on all day with Shriver & her connections. It’s another bunny tunnel in and of itself.

Let’s look at Werner a bit closer since most are not familiar with him. Today I get to irritate Boston and L.A. sports fans a little bit so I’m already winning.

Roseanne Barr likely has a story on him.

Who is Marcy Carsey though? 🤔

Marcy Carsey and Werner have a production company together. Notables include Roseanne, Cosby, Whoopi, and the 70’s Show.
Marcy is also a director at Common Sense Media (sounds familiar..) and close to Mary Pat Bonner of the Bonner Group.


Common Sense Media is the (failing) kids media watchdog that is funded by the Bezos family, Clinton Family, and the Gates among others.

Look it’s Chelsea Clinton again!

Common Sense Media Founder & CEO is James Steyer. James and his brother are MAJOR funders of the DNC.


James really enjoys working with kids & climate change.

What is the “Center for the Next Generation” though?

Some repeating names with Common Sense Media and other notables like Steve Job’s widow.

I’m going to look at Kate Gordon who is their VP.

Kate is a busy one. Contributer to WSJ, worked for a Steyer bro, fellow at John Podesta’s CAP, and friends with Tony Podesta. I wonder if she likes pizza related maps?

Btw I mentioned Bonner Group above. Take a look at Mary and her relationship with David Brock of the James Alefantis love triangle. 🍕

She’s a close friend & client.
/The End (for now)

Here’s the MAP I worked on when I found some of these connections. As you can see it gets deeper/wider. You can decide how relevant these connections are on your own.

IAC, Diller, Bronfman, NXIVM, & more.


Going to link this here because if you look deeper you will see these two threads converge.

These people are sick. Well…Hello there Blaze Pizza.



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